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Bostik to acquire XL Brands

Bostik-LogoWauwatosa, Wis.—Bostik, an Arkema company, has presented an offer to acquire the assets of XL Brands, a leader in floor covering adhesives in the U.S. The proposed acquisition is expected to close end 2017 and is subject to regulatory approval by antitrust authorities.

The acquisition of XL Brands complements Bostik’s recent acquirement of CMP in May and will help position Bostik as one of the leaders in floor covering adhesives in the U.S.

XL Brands provides adhesives for resilient and soft flooring in the U.S. With a highly competitive and new production facility in Dalton, Ga., XL Brands offers innovative and environmentally friendly solutions that are fully complementary to Bostik’s product range in the U.S. (hardwood flooring adhesives, floor preparations, sealants, etc.).

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XL Brands announces the first C2C gold certified adhesive

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 9.53.59 AMDalton—XL Brands has received the first Gold Level Certification for an adhesive from the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.

XL Brands’ Stix 5405 is a luxury vinyl adhesive which contains 20% post-consumer content, is FloorScore Certified and is packaged in an EcoPure treated biodegradable pail.

In order to achieve the Gold Level Certification a product must not only pass indoor air quality standards, but also be evaluated for material reutilization, renewable energy use, carbon management, water stewardship and social fairness.

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USG and XL Brands partner for 10-year system warranty

USG_XLBRAND_LockUpDalton — USG, manufacturer of USG Durock Brand Fast Finish, a cementitious floor patch, and XL Brands, a largest private label manufacturer of floor covering adhesives, announced a strategic partnership and warranty covering a joint system application of premium floor patch and adhesive bond.

The warranty system between USG and XL Brands is aimed at providing a proven bond and RH/pH warranty when any XL Brands manufactured adhesive is used over professionally installed USG Durock Fast Finish Floor Patch for a period of 10 years.

Recently USG and XL Brands announced that they have partnered to develop technologies that focus on solutions for moisture issues, bonding requirements, installation time constraints, substrate irregularities and other top challenges facing installers.

USG and XL Brands joint product collaborations will feature systems that focus on moisture solutions, substrate issues, installation speed requirements, bonding and performance applications, and full system warranty protection.

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Emergence of spray, roll-on adhesives taking hold

by Louis Iannaco

Until recently, when it came to laying down flooring, installers had to literally get down and dirty. Down went the floor, and down went the installer with it, leading to a litany of aches, bruises and, in later years, a retirement filled with chronic pain. “There has to be a better way,” was a phrase muttered by mechanics everywhere. Well, now there is a solution. Continue reading Emergence of spray, roll-on adhesives taking hold

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ReSource Commercial Flooring Network changes name to Fuse

Aims to ‘ignite’ business moving forward

Stone Mountain, Ga.—What’s in a name? Well, if you were to ask members of the ReSource Commercial Flooring Network (RCFN), their answer would probably be, “a lot.” That’s how it seemed as members responded with applause to the announcement at the group’s Network Exchange 2012 convention here that ReSource will now be known as the Fuse Commercial Flooring Alliance. Continue reading ReSource Commercial Flooring Network changes name to Fuse

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Innovative, resilient solutions in glue are here

Back in the day, flooring adhesives were, well, were adhesives for flooring. The offerings in this segment were just as broad as the floorings available; basically, glue for carpet and the rest, with not much emphasis on the rest.

Nowadays, in the modern age of specialization—not unlike how in baseball relief pitchers have evolved into closers, seventh- and eighth-inning men, left-handed relief specialists (who usually face only one batter), and middle relief/spot starters—adhesives are produced specifically for each flooring segment on the market. Continue reading Innovative, resilient solutions in glue are here

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Adhesives adapt as wood landscape changes

Due to the proliferation of exotic hardwood species on the market today, adhesive makers have had to adapt, developing glue systems that perform consistently and effectively despite higher density product and sensitivity to moisture. Using state-of-the-art technology, they are making life easier for mechanics and, ultimately, end users. Continue reading Adhesives adapt as wood landscape changes

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Bonding breakthroughs seal the year: Using technology to advance products

Advancements in technology keep raising the bar for products in the flooring industry. Ceramic tile manufacturers can now create the look and texture of real slate floors (and others) with porcelain, while the finished product in the laminate category sometimes fools the most experienced industry veteran into thinking he or she is walking on the real thing. The same holds true for the glue that holds the flooring industry products together. Continue reading Bonding breakthroughs seal the year: Using technology to advance products

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10 tips that ensure successful installations

If an improper installation results in an unhappy customer, a callback for the retailer and a black eye for the industry, then it only stands to reason that all involved do whatever they can to get the job done right the first time. And any professional installer will attest that part of the equation involves the adhesive used.

When it comes to adhesives, three key issues must be considered: Is it the right glue for the job? How much glue should be applied for the given appliction? and Which conditions are most beneficial for success?

These questions must be answered to ensure a successful installation. With that said, industry experts weighed in with some tips that contribute to a hassle-free job. Continue reading 10 tips that ensure successful installations