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Dal-Tile launches new 'Why Tile' campaign on National Tile Day

Dallas—Dal-Tile is officially launching its own “Why Tile” campaign on National Tile Day 2018. The campaign is designed to complement the Tile Council of North America’s ongoing Why Tile campaign that promotes the use of tile.

The foundational messaging of the Dal-Tile campaign is presented via a “four Ts” message:

Tough—Tile is tough. Tile is innately durable and resists decades of heavy traffic. It is stainproof, scratchproof, waterproof and fire resistant.

Timeless—Tile is timeless. Tile offers unlimited color and design selections that transcend styles, as styles come and go. It also provides a way to seamlessly connect spaces including both indoor and outdoor.

Trouble-free—Tile is trouble-free. Tile is low maintenance and easily cleaned with zero restrictions and won’t damage from cleaning services.

Trustworthy—Tile is trustworthy. It’s made from natural materials and returns to natural materials. It is green certified and completely free of any VOCs, PVCs, phthalates, formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals.

“Communicating the reasons why tile is an excellent flooring choice and how tile stacks up against other flooring categories is an important 2018 goal for our brands,” said April Wilson, director of brand marketing for Dal-Tile. “Along the lines of ‘the four Cs to look for when purchasing a diamond,’ we have created ‘the four Ts’ of tile to help in-store sales reps and consumers clearly understand why tile is such a smart choice for flooring.

“We will feature this messaging in our brands’ POP merchandising, digital endeavors, sales training, and advertising,” Wilson continued. “We want our distributors and retailers to feel equipped to engage in conversations with their customers about the benefits of tile.  During the life of our new campaign, we will educate on why tile ‘Sets the Standard’ for flooring.”

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Tile industry launches Why Tile initiative at Coverings

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 11.08.30 AMOrlando, Fla.—The tile industry has united in a marketing and education initiative designed to inspire consumers and provide information on all of tile’s benefits. The campaign, called Why Tile, is being introduced to the industry here at Coverings.

Why Tile is an industry effort with input sought from various industry organizations including the Ceramic Tile Distributors Association (CTDA), the National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA), the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation (CTEF), the Tile Contractors Association of America and the Tile Heritage Foundation (THF), in addition to manufacturers worldwide. Why Tile is coordinated by the Tile Council of North America (TCNA).

“In developing Why Tile, we’ve had the pleasure of reaffirming everything that’s so wonderful about tile,” said Eric Astrachan, executive director, TCNA. “With Why Tile, we’ll be delivering this messaging to consumers and to the A&D community as never before and in new and impactful ways—most notably, through the website,” provides extensive messaging on the benefits of tile, centering on four main tenets: design, easy care, healthy spaces and heritage. The site features an inspiration gallery, downloadable project guide, schematics and maintenance tips, and a Test Your Tile IQ feature where users can take a simple 10-question quiz for a chance to win a prize.

“As with any website, will constantly evolve and provide a means for our audiences to derive inspiration and access planning resources—we want this to be both engaging and a helpful tool,” said Kathy Meyer, marketing director, TCNA. “We’re excited to get out there with Why Tile, and this is just the beginning of what I know will be a long and colorful story.”