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Wood: Technology helps drive category to recovery

David Shaoulpour of Horizon with Laurel, one of the new lines constructed with FSC-certified wood.

By Matthew Spieler

Volume 26/Number 20; February 18/25, 2013

(Second of two parts)

Las Vegas—As illustrated in Part I of this feature (FCNews, Feb. 4/11), wood manufacturers are using technology to help the category recover from the housing collapse. This technology is allowing new ways of presenting classic species by merchandising exotic looks without the matching price tag. Following is more of what attendees witnessed last month on the Surfaces show floor. Continue reading Wood: Technology helps drive category to recovery

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Technology gives consumers more options

By Louis Iannaco

An example of its traditional bamboo offerings, Wellmade’s Cognac French Bleed, above, features a solid horizontal construction. Mohawk’s Hilea, shown at right in Natural Bamboo, is one of the mill’s strand woven collections.

In recent years, the bamboo segment has been one of the industry’s most dynamic, growing exponentially in popularity. Whether it’s the idea of bringing the outdoors inside, an increasing sense of environmental responsibility or designers using a myriad of new applications, flooring manufacturers have answered the call with more options. Continue reading Technology gives consumers more options

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Wellmade engineered bamboo at Surfaces 2012

See Wellmade’s top-selling engineered strand bamboo collection at this year’s Surfaces Expo. Available in eight popular styles and textures, colors range from natural and carbonized to mahogany, walnut and dark ebony. Choose from traditional smooth surfaces or rustic hand-scraped and distressed treatments.

Continue reading Wellmade engineered bamboo at Surfaces 2012

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Diversity day at J.J. Haines Loyalty Club convention

Are there any fans of “The Office” out there? If you are one, you’ll get the reference to Diversity Day, the second episode of the show’s first season. Today’s conference was like that J.J. Hainesin that it was all across the board–in a good way. Diversifying a store was one of the key ideas here in Baltimore to keep retailers profitable by dipping a toe in a few different spots in the industry. Commercial building is down? No problem. A retailer can still find profits in retail sales. What, now retail sales are failing, too? No worries; the retailer has his hat in the remodel segment, too. This kind of encouragement is what was heard today at the convention, even promoting do-it-yourself sales.

There were also new green products and a focus on how dealers can capture environmental sales. WeCork is the distributor’s new cork manufacturer and Wellmade is the new supplier of bamboo flooring.