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J.J. Haines rockets to new heights

by Emily J. Cappiello

Baltimore—It takes more than a challenging economic climate to slow the Haines Loyalty Club’s momentum. The retail group arm of the nation’s No. 1 flooring distributor saw its membership increase from 272 to its current 288, according to Scott Roy, vice president of sales, marketing and customer service, and those members grew their businesses a collective 4% compared to the distributor’s retailers outside the program, who saw declines of about 5% in overall business. Continue reading J.J. Haines rockets to new heights

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J.J. Haines Loyalty Club: Diversity helps members grow margins

BALTIMORE—Club member. Society fellow. VIP. Part of the crew. One of the gang. However you want to say it, it should be in reference to J.J. Haines’ Loyalty Club. With 283 members and additional prospects in attendance, this year’s convention readied retailers to maintain fiscal dominance.

Members were urged to consider diversifying into various markets to keep earning options broad. “The most successful company today has a foot in all areas,” said Bruce Zwicker, CEO and president. He explained when the recession first hit, it affected the building segment, so dealers moved into retail. Once retail was affected, store owners moved into Main Street. “It was a shift for people to diversify into new skills and areas of new technology, but it has made them stronger and they will last longer.” Continue reading J.J. Haines Loyalty Club: Diversity helps members grow margins