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From the floor: Wrong place, wrong time

Volume 26/Number 22; March 18/25, 2013

Over the years, having visited several hundred flooring stores, one thing that always struck me is the difference a good or bad location can make. Don’t be fooled—it shows up on your financial statement year after year.

One of the wonderful blessings of the economic headwind we have been in is, now is finally an excellent time to upgrade your location or to add new locations. If you don’t own or have an opportunity to buy, your real estate (option to purchase, first right of refusal), you are missing out. Continue reading From the floor: Wrong place, wrong time

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A floor covering retailer’s letter to President Obama

Floor Covering News recently received this letter from Vinnie Virga, a well known and respected retailer and former head of Flooring America. The letter was mailed to the President of the United States, Barack Obama. The opinions expressed in this letter do not necessarily reflect the views of this publication. We are publishing this letter for the sole purpose of creating dialogue on a topic of relevance to our readers as well as the entire industry. We welcome your comments and will publish all opinions.


Dear Mr. President,

My wife and I own and run two small businesses and consider ourselves middle class people. We did not vote for you, because you scare us. We are worried that under your direction our country will become socialistic in nature and that despite our hard work and sacrifice to build a bright future for ourselves, we worry you feel we don’t deserve what we have earned and you will penalize us for our efforts. Continue reading A floor covering retailer’s letter to President Obama

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Virga to open 17 Big Bob's stores in Northeast

Kansas City, Mo.—Vinnie Virga, industry veteran, signed a 30 year franchise agreement to open a minimum of 17 new Big Bob’s flooring retail stores in New England and upstate New York.

This makes Virga the single largest franchisee in the Big Bob’s organization, which prior to this agreement had 35 stores in total. The next largest Big Bob’s franchisee has five stores.

Virga selected Big Bob’s from all of the partnership options based on his belief that the biggest potential for growth in the specialty retail flooring sector is in the value side of the market. Continue reading Virga to open 17 Big Bob's stores in Northeast