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Shaw 2013 intros focus on soft, hard innovations

By Steven Feldman

Volume 26/Number 20; February 18/25, 2013

Hicksville, N.Y.—Shaw Industries is bullish this year. Excitement has been built by virtue of everything from consumer sentiment to its plethora of product introductions for 2013, many of which set new benchmarks for the company in terms of styling and technological innovation.

“I’m most excited about the attitude we are seeing from our customer base and the excitement that seems to be building about 2013,” said Randy Merritt, president of Shaw. “For the last five years, we would come into every new year hoping for a better year. I think evidence shows this year will be better. I’m excited our customers are excited—they are seeing traffic, and they saw a good end to 2012. There are physical signs home building is increasing, and that means remodeling is going to increase. So it’s not just hope this time.” Continue reading Shaw 2013 intros focus on soft, hard innovations