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Executives see mechanical locking systems on the rise for hardwood

While mechanical locking systems have been all the rage in the laminate segment for over a decade, it is only within the last few years they have made their way into the hardwood category in earnest. And for those wood flooring manufacturers wanting to reach an audience interested in glueless installations, the timing and technology inherit in locking systems couldn’t be better.

“I personally see a growing trend in the use of mechanical locking systems for non-laminate products in North America,” said Bart Van der Stockt, managing director of Flooring Industries, the licensee of Unilin’s locking technologies. “More and more installers and end users see the installation advantages (time, cost, quality) of ‘clic engineered.’ In Europe, clic engineered [has been] the standard for several years.” Continue reading Executives see mechanical locking systems on the rise for hardwood

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Click systems help secure future position

As the information age speeds up instant gratification for everything from product information to bus schedules, flooring takes a cue. Messy, time-consuming installation processes have become as easy as clicking a remote control with mechanical lock technology.

Innovation captures market share, particularly in this economy, and companies like Välinge, Pergo, Unilin and Wilsonart are concentrating efforts to that end. From crossovers to other flooring categories to the development of commercial-grade products, laminate-minded companies are expanding on technology and performance capabilities to grow like never before.

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