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Shaw's Tuftex division named Recycled Water Customer of the Year

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 12.00.32 PMSanta Fe Springs, Calif. — Shaw’s Tuftex division received the Recycled Water Customer of the Year Award from the WateReuse Associationʼs California Section during the organizationʼs annual Awards of Excellence ceremony earlier this month.

The award recognizes a recycled water user that has advanced the acceptance of water reuse through unique applications and/or innovative marketing, demonstrating how recycled water benefits the public and contributes to its business services.

Nominated by the Los Angeles County Sanitation District, Tuftexʼs efforts increased its use of recycled water from an average of 25.9% (out of total water consumption) in 2012 to 59.4% in 2013, a savings of more than 63 million gallons of fresh water during the calendar year. Tuftex has continued to make strides in recent months, currently using nearly 80% reclaimed water. Shaw’s aggressive performance goals include water reuse to help drive the company toward an even lower-impact future.

According to Shaw, the company is working to reduce its water intensity 50% companywide by 2030.

“Shaw is honored to receive the Recycled Water Customer of the Year Award and once again be recognized for our groundbreaking efforts to manage resources efficiently across our divisions and our physical operations,” said Paul Murray, Shaw vice president of sustainability and environmental affairs.

The WateReuse awards ceremony was held during the WateReuse California Annual Conference, the premier statewide conference devoted to sustaining supplies through water recycling and desalination. The conference was designed for individuals, organizations and agencies that are associated with or interested in the design, management, operation and use of water recycling and desalination facilities and projects in California.

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Spring intros go beyond Surfaces exhibitors

Volume 27/Number 23; March 17/24, 2014

By Louis Iannaco

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 11.00.33 AMWhile Surfaces 2014 featured the rollout of many new products, some companies choose alternate means to show off their latest goods. Here are just a few of those that fall into the latter category.


The latest collections of LVT and sheet vinyl products include Seascapes and Sands of Time, which are fabricated with elements of nature. according to Michael Freedman, CEO. “Seascapes features a coastal marine landscape, while Sands of Time is fashioned to resemble a grainy visual of sand and rock sediment.” Each is available in six colors.

In addition, Nature’s Way, FloorFolio’s newest commercial addition, is being offered in two wood grain patterns that feature numerous color options. Nature’s Way comes with a urethane topcoat for ease of maintenance while offering a heavy emphasis on texture. “This sheet vinyl product is created to deliver the best of both worlds,” he explained. “Just enough texture to offer reduced maintenance, but not too heavy to distract from its pattern.” All products will launch by month’s end.


Pure Expression, the company’s new oiled finish, launches into the high-end hardwood market this spring. Part of the Emotion series that includes six shades in ½-inch engineered, the finish is designed to be maintenance-free and 10 times more resistant than traditional oil finishes and, as such, is offered with a 10-year residential warranty. According to Michel Collin, director of marketing, no manufacturer has ever been able to guarantee an oil finish. “Pure Expression is the oil finish of tomorrow.”

Karyne Tremblay, director of product development/quality, added, “Now we offer consumers a product that not only meets their design needs, but also simplifies their lives.”


Metroflor will introduce products across all of its brands. Engage will add between 25 and 30 new SKUs. Among the intros is Engage Premier, a gauged down 4mm product that offers a virgin vinyl, fiberglass wearlayer and Unilin locking system. Another intro within the Engage platform is an oversized 8.5 x 60-inch plank. Finally, the company is enhancing the locking technology within Engage by transitioning into a drop and lock system dubbed UniFit. Eventually, all Engage products will be equipped with this locking system with the exception of the 4mm Premier.

Metroflor is also adding new colors and designs to its Konecto Project and Konecto Prestige collections. The new SKUs reflect current trends, such as European flair in light and dark grays, and taupe, sandy colors.

Aspire will introduce a 12 x 24 all-slate design with eight colors in the 5.0 platform and 12 mil wearlayer, and will feature Metroflor’s Crescent Edge technology. Consumers can choose between groutable or non-groutable tile. Due to its gripScreen Shot 2014-03-25 at 11.00.56 AM strip installation, Aspire doesn’t have to be glued to the subfloor.

Adding to the Aspire line is a new 5 x 36-inch plank, available in wood looks or a travertine design (linear stone look). The new planks have a 20 mil wearlayer and 5.0 gauge, suitable for commercial environments.


The company has launched 91 SKUs, including textured floors in its Imagine collection. Designed for active families and those who own pets, Mirage’s new textured floors present an aged appearance. “What differentiates them from others are the random distressed marks that make each plank unique without any repetitive pattern,” said Luc Robitaille, vice president of marketing at Boa-Franc, makers of the Mirage brand. Offered in three colors, the floors are available in solid (4 1⁄4-inch width in old red oak) and engineered (5- and 6 1⁄2-inch widths in old red oak and old hickory) with Cashmere finish.

A new addition to the company’s Sweet Memories collection is Hopscotch, featuring a rich gray colorway. Hopscotch is available in solid (3 1⁄4- and 4-1⁄4-inch widths in handcrafted red oak with Cashmere finish) and engineered (5- and 6-1⁄2-inch widths in handcrafted white oak and handcrafted red oak with Cashmere finish).

“The Imagine Collection’s new, distressed-look floors are featured on the Mirage display through wood samples, room scene pictures, posters, samples and oversized floor sticker that emphasizes the aged appearance of the floors and their ability to hide the marks caused by routine use.”

Shaw Floors

Clearly Chic is a collection featuring chic and stylish color palettes. “Beige is no longer the only choice in PET,” noted Brad Christensen, PET residential marketing manager. “This collection not only brings bold colors to ‘super soft’ PET carpet, but it also offers durability as it’s constructed using a high-twist yarn resulting in softness and performance.”

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 11.01.24 AMManufactured with Shaw’s ClearTouch Platinum PET with R2X and patented Softbac Platinum backing, Clearly Chic is designed to bring added comfort and enhanced protection against spills and stains. “Homeowners can have peace of mind thanks to a 15-year warranty for texture retention, abrasive wear and quality assurance,” Christensen said, “in addition to a lifetime warranty for stain (including certain pet stains) and soil.” The fiber is certified to contain an average of 50% post-consumer recycled content.

With its own display, Clearly Chic offers a sophisticated look, with a “color palette accented by chic graphics and information to complete the entire experience,” he added.

On the nylon side, the Anso Originals collection features Shaw’s patented R2X stain and soil resistance treatment to help preserve the carpet’s original look and feel. Additionally, each carpet is Cradle to Cradle Silver Certified as they can be recycled back into new carpet multiple times.

“With Anso Originals, we wanted to produce an attractive color palette with high style and an aggressive price point,” noted Mike Sanderson, nylon residential marketing manager. “We feel Anso Originals fills a void in the market for a comprehensive, high-quality collection of Anso nylon products at an affordable price without sacrificing softness or durability.”

The hard surface highlight for 2014 is 5th & Main, a Main Street collection with visuals that realistically recreate wood and stone tile, making it easy to marry beauty with affordability, noted Natalie Cady, director, hard surfaces marketing. “The embossed texture on these resilient offerings features the feel of hardwood or stone.”

Installation is easy and quick, thanks to Shaw’s no-glue option—VersaLock technology, she noted. “In VersaLock styles, planks are laid directly over the subfloor with minimal floor prep and no adhesives. And our Armorbead has a premium scratch-resistant technology that make the floors look younger for much longer.”

The beauty of 5th & Main is that it is its own display, Cady said. “Because we focused on chic visuals and modern flair, we designed an elegant display for 5th & Main. We wanted to have one location where commercial and residential could co-exist.”


The division of Shaw Floors introduced The Naturals in three patterns that incorporate the natural color variations of striated yarns, providing depth in a Moroccan quatrefoil design, an interlaced trellis motif and a classic herringbone pattern, said Suzanne Zurfluh, product marketing manager. Inspired by natural materials, the designs are constructed of Stainmaster nylon and available in 18 colors. All are available in broadloom as well as standard and custom area rugs.

In addition to The Naturals, Tuftex will launch Impressions, inspired by high-end, woven carpets that utilize multiple colors. All six patterns are made of Anso solution-dyed nylon and includes 24 custom-blended colors. Ovation mimics a mosaic tile, Applause features random lines, Arbor is a contemporary botanical, Paragon is a basket weave, Prime Time is a gridwork pattern, and Rave Review is a floral damask.Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 11.02.06 AM

The Naturals will be included in Tuftex’s Stainmaster Slam promotion, which will run through April 25. This promotion will offer triple rewards plus other incentives on 35 of Tuftex’s qualifying Stainmaster products. Impressions patterns will launch in May and be included in a promotion later that month.

Naturals and Impressions include the opportunity for dealers to select a new merchandising system that corresponds with—but isn’t required—for these collections, Zurfluh noted. The display includes four modules and one cabinet to house large samples.

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Shaw: New collections, refreshed classics

Feb. 17/24 2014, Volume 27/number 21

By Jenna Lippin

For most companies, the upturn of the economy in 2013 has served as justification for creating fresh opportunities in the new year, and Shaw Floors is no exception. The company has refreshed much of its product lines and display systems to optimize money-making potential for its dealers and provide top choices in style and design—at affordable price points—for the consumer.

According to Trey Thames, vice president of residential marketing and product management, the majority of Shaw’s 2014 carpet introductions play to the soft trend. Building upon 2013’s successful launch of Caress, Shaw’s product portfolio now includes more options in that line along with the introduction of Anso Originals and Clearly Chic. “These collections offer consumers soft carpeting in an explosion of colors at a variety of price points,” he said.

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 4.17.30 PMClearly Chic is a new collection within the Clear Touch Platinum brand; the updates create a premium collection with a new 15-year warranty for texture retention, abrasive wear and quality assurance. “If I had 20 seconds to tell you about Clearly Chic, I’d say you have 18 products, 240 SKUs and it’s all about softness, color, style and performance,” said Brad Christensen, Shaw’s PET residential carpet marketing manager.

“One of the analogies we use to explain why it’s important to show these bright, bold colors is [akin] to buying a car,” he said. “Eighty percent of people buying a Ford F150 today will buy it in either white or black. But even if you go to a dealership where there is a truck in every possible color, you’ll probably still go for black or white. However, it’s human nature to want choices.”

And, these days, more consumers just may want to have more adventurous colors in their homes. According to Christensen, more people are breaking up the colors in their homes as opposed to several years ago when the entire house would be monotone. “The consumer can take a chance and do a brighter color or something unique in just one room.”

The attractive colors along with Clearly Chic’s efficient display help grab the attention of both the consumer and retail associate. Measuring 5’ 2”, the new display system was designed so all samples and product information are at eye level with the average female shopper. An island display that ships in two pieces, Clearly Chic’s merchandising allows for different constructions to be displayed in coordinating colors.

In the nylon arena, Shaw took the wraps off Anso Originals, which builds upon the company’s Anso fiber brand. “Our territory managers had a very hard time finding price-sensitive, entry-level nylon products to offer our customers,” said Mike Sanderson, product marketing manager. “Now we have different colors, looks and styles in one footprint at one price point.”

According to Sanderson, the “teeth” of the program are three tonal LCLs that feature a striated, tea-washed look. The majority of Anso Originals products are constructed between 25 and 30-ounce weights.

The Caress update includes five new styles. “This style and design is unlike anything we’ve introduced or currently offer in residential, especially in nylon,” Sanderson explained. “Today’s sophisticated extrusion technology and improved fiber chemistry and consistency allow us to make a softer fiber that also stands up to the demands of residential performance.”


Shaw’s Tuftex brand brought high fashion back to its collection with updated patterns and a focus on stylish gray hues. A new display system allows for what the company calls “proper presentation” of Tuftex products on the showroom floor.

“Over the last five years we’ve done a series of rebranding where we’ve established style, color and fashion,” explained Tanner Fanello, Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 4.18.51 PMTuftex brand manager. “We’re stepping back into that. After what we’ve seen over the last few years with the economy, we’ve been forced to create some more value-driven products. As the economy returns and more people are coming back with confidence to redecorate with more expensive goods, we feel more comfortable making high-end products.”

With that in mind, Tuftex has unveiled the Impressions Collection, which features 21 new carpet styles, including six Impressions patterns, three Naturals styles and a diversity of other additions providing varied color, texture and pattern options.

Constructed of Anso solution-dyed nylon, the Impressions patterns were inspired by high-end, woven carpets that utilize multiple colors to achieve an elegant design. Naturals is offered in 18 colors featuring the natural color variations of striated yarns, which create a handcrafted look and feel. Their loop texture combines performance with style.

Hard surface intros

Shaw is also unveiling a number of offerings on the hard surface side, highlighting its laminate, LVT and Main Street commercial lines.

With laminate under pressure from alternative products such as LVT as well as aggressive channels like the big box, the industry as a whole is seeking ways to help retailers regain their profit margins on laminate. According to Shaw, the visuals the company has created in its 2014 intros just may help solve the problem of laminate’s declining profitability.

“This is the most realistic thing we’ve ever done in laminate,” said Drew Hash, manager, hard surface. “[Our product] emulates real sawn face wood as 7mm laminate. We really think this is an opportunity for us.”

Specifically, Shaw’s laminate intros include:

•Ancestry, a lined oak visual at 5 inches wide with 10mm thickness offered in four colors;

•Boulevard, designed to replicate one of Shaw’s best-selling maple products with planks measuring approximately 5 x 47, and

•Reclaimed, a 2-strip visual at 8 inches wide, available in three distinct patterns with a subtle scrape and low gloss level for enhanced realism.

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 4.23.17 PMThe popular wood look also manifests itself in Shaw’s tile introductions. Highlights in porcelain include Lucca, Rockwood and Fossil, which are available in a 12 x 24 rectangular size, while Phoenix, with the look of reclaimed wood, is offered in a 6 x 36 to emulate wide-plank wood. Lastly, Fired Hickory in 6 x 24 planks mimics scraped, rustic hickory.

Ceramic tiles have been refreshed as well, with Continental offered in four colors with slate and travertine visuals in 13 x 13 and 18 x 18; Elegance, available in a 3 x 6 wall tile and a new 4 x 16 size for floors; Madagascar, an interpretation of exotic wood available in three colors and a 6 x 24 size, and Sierra Madre, which comes in 6 x 6 (cut), 13 x 13 and 18 x 18 field tiles, along with accent tile and corresponding trim in a palette of five neutral tones.

On the resilient side, Shaw is rolling out a Main Street collection called 5th and Main, which features a new display system. “There weren’t any display mechanisms for those who needed commercial but a residential application if necessary,” explained Natalie Cady, hard surface marketing director. The collection is comprised of 14 styles and more than 100 looks of marble, concrete and wood.

“LVT itself just fits so well,” Hash said. “The installation methods are there that weren’t in the past. A big part of our story is the resources and assets we have from a quality perspective, and we’re designing all our own product. We were in China a half dozen times or more last year. That’s all going to change with our announcement [of the new LVT facility] and how we manage the category going forward. That shows our commitment to LVT.”


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Tuftex Introduces Pro-Carpet Video Series

Santa Fe Springs, Calif–Tuftex, a subsidiary of Shaw Industries Group, Inc., recently announced the release of a pro-carpet video series to the company’s retailer partners. New installments will be provided once every two weeks on until all twelve videos have debuted. These creative, multi-use video assets can be used to develop a variety of different advertising spots, including on air, on hosted sites such as Youtube and in website promotions. Continue reading Tuftex Introduces Pro-Carpet Video Series

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Tuftex debuts Pro-Carpet video series

Santa Fe Springs, Calif.—In an effort to promote the carpet industry, Tuftex has just released a Pro-Carpet video series to its retailer partners. New installments will be provided once every two weeks on until all 12 videos have debuted.

These creative, multi-use video assets can be used to develop a variety of advertising spots, noted Stefan Hoher, director of marketing technology for Tuftex, including on air, on hosted sites such as YouTube and in website promotions. Continue reading Tuftex debuts Pro-Carpet video series

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Tuftex display wins top honors in Vegas

Las Vegas—What happens in Vegas doesn’t have to stay in Vegas, especially if you are Tuftex Carpets, which was awarded the Gold POPAI Outstanding Merchandising Achievement (OMA) Award at the 2012 annual GlobalShop Trade Show for its Color Coordinates display. Continue reading Tuftex display wins top honors in Vegas

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Shaw introduces St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway sponsorship

Dalton – During a kick-off event held recently at the International Builder Show in Orlando, Fla., Shaw Floors publicly announced the company’s national sponsorship of the St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway. Throughout 2012 Shaw will support the far-reaching fundraising campaign as the project’s exclusive flooring provider. To date, the Dream Home campaign has raised more than $220 million in 20 years to support the lifesaving mission of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Continue reading Shaw introduces St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway sponsorship

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National Floorcovering Alliance: more member involvement

NEW ORLEANS—It may not be as dramatic as the 1960s anti-establishment rallying cry “Power to the people,” but the National Floorcovering Association board of directors is taking the concept and ceding more power to the membership at large.

According to Jim Mudd, president, a faction of the NFA believed the group needed to bring more of the decision making back to the membership. This would apply to issues such as: Continue reading National Floorcovering Alliance: more member involvement

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Tuftex and Anderson introduce Color Coordinates program

Dalton— Shaw Floors has joined the company’s two premier divisions, Tuftex Carpets of California and Anderson Hardwood, to bring Shaw Design Center retailers an exclusive and powerful new display program called Color Coordinates. The Color Coordinates program offers a wide selection of carpet and hardwood styles and colors. The collection includes 14 different carpet styles in 48 common colors, resulting in 672 carpet options for consumers to consider. Additionally, the collection includes 16 beautiful hardwood styles in a variety of colors that compliment the carpet offerings. Continue reading Tuftex and Anderson introduce Color Coordinates program