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Ava by Novalis joins mindful Materials library

Toronto, Canada—Novalis Innovative Flooring’s specified commercial LVT line, AVA, will now be part of the mindful Materials. This searchable database provides a common platform for manufacturers to communicate with transparency about their products to the entire design industry.

“We are delighted for our AVA products to now be listed on this database,” said Melissa Quick, commercial product and marketing manager, North America for AVA. “Our designer customers will now be able to more easily find us and specify AVA for their Living Building Challenge, WELL or LEED projects.”

All AVA products meet or exceed worldwide certifications for sustainable manufacturing practices, as well product health and safety concerns. Earlier this month, all AVA flooring products achieved Greenguard Gold certification standards.

“Being in mindful Materials is part of our continued commitment to be the LVT brand of choice for the A&D community,” Quick said. “And we plan many more green announcements in the coming year.”

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Metroflor launches Sustainatopia conference panel video series

metroflor-newNorwalk, Conn.—Metroflor has shared a video series of the panel Rochelle Routman, the company’s chief sustainability officer, moderated at the Sustainatopia May 2017 conference in San Francisco. Titled “The Voice of New China,” the discussion features panelists Simon Xia, Metroflor’s Shanghai general manager and factory sustainability coordinator, and Jin Song, general manager of Elegant Plastics, a primary factory of Metroflor’s LVT floors. The panel covered a wide array of subjects regarding the manufacturing environment in China including sustainability and transparency, energy and water efficiencies and the factory workers’ experience, as well as an audience question-and-answer session.

The video series begins with the first of a five-part video series posted on Metroflor’s social media channels and YouTube, introducing the company’s Chinese colleagues/panelists and discussing the current relationship Metroflor has with its factory partners. In part two, Xia and Song present the environmental improvements at the factory, which enhance the sustainability of Metroflor’s products. Part three discusses product ingredient transparency and product safety, spotlighting Metroflor’s participation in the International Living Future Institute’s (ILFI) Declare label program and featuring the company’s Aspecta Ten, the first rigid core multilayer LVT floor to have a Declare label worldwide, according to Metroflor. Part four focuses on the treatment of the factory workers and the transparency provided to customers who visit and tour Metroflor’s factories. Part five concludes with questions from the audience.

“It was history in the making: the first time a Chinese factory manager, a Chinese product manager and a U.S.-based sustainability officer were speaking in the same place to demonstrate how transparency and sustainability can, and should, unfold in the global powerhouse of manufacturing that is China,” Routman said. “Unlike most manufacturers doing business in China who hide that fact, Metroflor is leading the way by being completely transparent about our relationship with our Chinese partners: revealing where and how our products are made, what is in them and how the workers are treated. We were proud to come together with them to have this important discussion.”

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Metroflor continues sustainability, transparency efforts

metroflor-newNorwalk, Conn.—Metroflor Corp. is expanding its sustainability and transparency efforts under the combined direction of Harlan Stone, Metroflor’s Group CEO, and Rochelle Routman, chief sustainability officer. Routman leads the Product Authority Team, which oversees all aspects of the product channel through a sustainability lens: product and social transparency, customer service, testing and compliance, innovation, quality and performance.

As part of its commitment to transparency in the resilient flooring industry, Metroflor has issued a Declare label, analogous to nutrition labels for building products, for its Aspecta Ten, a multi-layer flooring product that features the company’s proprietary Isocore Technology. This new label adds to the company’s existing portfolio of Declare labels for the entire Aspecta commercial range—over 200 patterns in total across the three collections.

Additionally, the company has issued Health Product Declarations (HPDs) for its full line of Aspecta products. HPDs are comprehensive transparency documents that provide health-related information for product ingredients. Declare labels and HPDs are recognized by the USGBC for credit under LEEDv4 and can also contribute toward credits under the WELL Building Standard. Metroflor is also a proud sponsor and participant of Mindful Materials, a program aimed at providing designers, architects and others with the tools needed to consider human health and environmental impacts of products in the built environment.

Metroflor has also initiated Life Cycle Assessments that will further explore the environmental impacts of its products. This will inform the company on additional improvements it needs to make to further reduce its environmental footprint in manufacturing.