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TEC Skill Set adds heating system to product line

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 4.32.54 PMAurora, Ill.—TEC Skill Set has added a new UL-approved floor heating system to its product line of tile installation materials. TEC Skill Set In-Floor Heat is an innovative solution to difficult installations concerning heating systems. With its infrared radiant heat technology, TEC Skill Set In-Floor Heat allows tile contractors to efficiently install a heating system with uniform warmth underneath tile and stone floors.

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TEC products lay foundation for victory at MSU’s Spartan Stadium

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 12.09.20 PMAurora, Ill.—Michigan State University’s football team finished 2013 undefeated in Big Ten Play and won the 2014 Rose Bowl. Its new North End Zone Complex not only celebrates the team’s previous success, but also looks toward future victories with a state-of-the-art recruiting center. The new facility features about 16,000 square feet of tile, set with TEC products.

Comprising 50,000 square feet in two levels, the new North End Zone Complex is an inspiring home base for the Spartans. The locker room alone measures 5,000 square feet, with two 500-square-foot shower areas. The renovated space also features a prominent recruiting center for all MSU athletic teams, support spaces, media rooms, concession areas and additional restrooms.

The addition hosts hard-working athletes—and hard-working tile. To make sure the tile performed at its best in a variety of spaces—including the locker room’s showers—installer Artisan Tile, Brighton, Mich., consulted with TEC technical sales professionals. A TEC representative worked with Artisan Tile to help them select an array of products suited for the demanding environment.

“Early on, we were concerned about moisture levels on the job site. Our TEC representative helped us work through those issues for a successful installation,” says Jennifer Panning, owner of Artisan Tile. “We knew we could count on TEC for support throughout the installation.”

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TEC introduces Design FX grout

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 11.15.47 AMAurora, Ill. — TEC is introducing Design FX grout, a stain-proof, ready-to-use grout inspired by the latest design trends.

Design FX grout, available in crystal, silver and bronze, has a reflective effect and accentuates the natural beauty of glass, mosaic and metal tile, while also complementing ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tile.

Approved for interior and exterior use, Design FX grout can bring a high-end aesthetic to residential and moderate commercial environments. Because it can be fully submerged, it can also provide a unique accent for water applications, including swimming pools.

Providing both form and function, Design FX grout resists mold and mildew, repels most common household stains and may be used to grout tile joints from 1/16” to ½” on floors and 1/16” to ¼” on walls. Its easy-to-use formula never requires sealing, allowing for more efficient installations.

Design FX will be available for purchase in ½ gallon containers this spring.

The TEC brand is offered by H.B. Fuller Construction Products Inc., a provider of technologically advanced construction materials and solutions to the commercial, industrial and residential construction industry. For more information, visit


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New TEC product protects flooring from moisture damage

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 10.26.30 AM Aurora, Ill.TEC announces The LiquiDAM Penetrating Moisture Vapor Barrieris now new and improved, delivering less than .1 permeability of water vapor through the membrane.

Moisture penetration through concrete slabs can cause severe problems for flooring systems. Even relatively low moisture emissions (MVER) can lead to the deterioration of flooring adhesives. The new and improved formula, available in August 2013, delivers a higher level of moisture protection than the current version while keeping the same time and labor saving benefits. The formula continues to require no shot blasting for clean, sound concrete. Continue reading New TEC product protects flooring from moisture damage

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TEC announces "Imagine Achieve" photo and video contest

Residential and Commercial Contractors to Submit Most Inspirational 

Installation Projects for $5,000 Grand Prize

Aurora, Ill.—The TEC brand announces its “Imagine Achieve” customer contest – allowing professional contractors to enter their TEC tile, wood, carpet or vinyl installation projects to win $5,000.

Contractors nationwide are encouraged to submit photos or video of residential and commercial spaces that they envisioned and brought to reality using TEC products. Projects must be 500 square feet or larger. Multiple entries (up to five entries per person) are allowed, and may include installations completed January 1, 2011 to August 31, 2013. Project entries must have two pictures or one video and a 100-word project description. Submissions are accepted at now through August 31. Continue reading TEC announces "Imagine Achieve" photo and video contest

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First ever certified sustainable tile products unveiled

After 5 years developing an all-encompassing multi-attribute sustainability standard for tile and tile installation materials, the very first certified sustainable products are being announced.

Cumulatively, eight major manufacturers of tile and installation materials have hundreds of products that are already certified or will be certified by the start of Coverings on April 17, with yet even more of their products still in the evaluation process and expected to earn certification this year. At least six additional manufacturers have started the certification process for hundreds more products that are expected to be certified within the year. Continue reading First ever certified sustainable tile products unveiled

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Today’s ceramic glues are better, more efficient than ever before

“It’s not your grandmother’s linoleum” is a line that has become quite prevalent in recent years as the offerings in resilient flooring have evolved into fashion-forward, state-of-the-art, high-performance products. It can also be applied to ceramic tile, as technology continues to play a major role in advancing the segment, as well as tile adhesives. Continue reading Today’s ceramic glues are better, more efficient than ever before