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Improving economy gives hope

by Matthew Spieler

While every flooring category has been hit hard by the recession, perhaps none more so than wood—in the five years following its high water mark in 2006, the segment is down 40%. So it should come as no surprise as the economy shows signs of steady improvement manufacturers feel the slide is finally over. Continue reading Improving economy gives hope

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Bamboo: Where the grass is greener

With all the interest in environmental friendliness and reducing carbon footprints, bamboo continues to be one of the more popular niche products. And because bamboo is an alternative flooring “where the grass is greener” environmentally speaking, producers are ensuring retailers know how to sell the product effectively and are aware of the category’s profit potential. Continue reading Bamboo: Where the grass is greener

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Mohawk introduces bamboo collections

Dalton—Mohawk has introduced two bamboo, strand-woven styles in its hard surface collection. The mill’s bamboo features hardness at twice the strength of domestic oak and utilizes the entire stalk of the grass.

“Bamboo regenerates naturally, and can be harvested every five to seven years,” said Roger Farabee, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Mohawk.  “That makes it a LEED recognized rapidly renewable resource.  But the softness of traditional bamboo has been a limitation.  Mohawk’s new strand woven bamboo is sturdy enough to allow the species to be used in both residential and commercial applications.” Continue reading Mohawk introduces bamboo collections

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The evolution of bamboo: Strand woven comes of age

Every category of flooring starts out with the basics. Back in the day, hardwood was all about solid oak, which eventually morphed into engineered with a multitude of finishes and species. Carpet originally came off the loom as a wool product, with nylon and synthetic to follow. And bamboo is no different, with strand woven asthe latest development.

What exactly is strand woven bamboo, and what benefits does it provide over traditional bamboo flooring? According to Piet Dossche, CEO of USFloors, strand woven bamboo is much denser, making it a harder product and suitable specifically for high traffic and commercial applications. “Standard bamboo products average around 1,400 on the Janka hardness scale, while strand woven bamboo averages around 2,800,” Dossche said. Continue reading The evolution of bamboo: Strand woven comes of age

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Salesmanship: Flooring products and service

by Warren Tyler

Regular readers are well aware of my areas of expertise: sales, service, management, motivation. Rarely do I touch on actual flooring products. That’s because attitude is the foundation of all effective training.

However, this column is different. Making the rounds of industry shows, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the quality, innovation and choice of flooring products—a major reason to attend Surfaces and Coverings. Continue reading Salesmanship: Flooring products and service