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Silence is music to the ears of underlayment producers

How they create serenity while adhering to regulations

by Lou Iannaco

In acting as the ambassador of silence in the flooring industry, reliable underlayment is crucial, especially in multi-family and office environments. Underlayment producers strengthen their reputations and help make sales by keeping things quiet.

How exactly is underlayment manufactured? What needs to be done to create the best product and reduce noise? How does technology play a role in the world of underlayment? Continue reading Silence is music to the ears of underlayment producers

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Underlayments: Making the ‘sound’ choice

By Louis Iannaco

The sound of silence was not only a hit song that propelled Simon & Garfunkel to musical prominence in the mid-1960s, it is also the ultimate goal of underlayment companies everywhere.

Whether it’s for commercial spaces where unwanted noise is considered public enemy No. 1 or for residences where attempts to make the home a fortress of solitude doesn’t quite work when you can’t hear yourself think, underlayments with effective sound deadening qualities are what end users and flooring dealers desire. Continue reading Underlayments: Making the ‘sound’ choice

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Underlayments: Educating the customer

As any successful retailer or salesperson knows, selling flooring is never only about just selling, well, flooring. There’s more to it than that. As far as underlayment executives are concerned, the buying process for today’s consumer is not the total experience it should be without what lies underneath. There is an art to adding value and underlayments can provide a critical revenue stream to dealers currently operating businesses in such a difficult economic climate. Continue reading Underlayments: Educating the customer

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Padding profits via education, transparency

As preposterous as a basement in the Alamo or a pig with wings is a floor covering installation without underlayment. Essential for noise reduction, moisture control, insulation and cushioning, retailers would do well to include underlayment in each sales pitch in the store. Continue reading Padding profits via education, transparency