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INVISTA announces Stainmaster Carpet Road to Success Sales Competition winners

invistaKennesaw, Ga.–INVISTA has named Hiller’s Flooring America, Minnesota (first place); Giant Don’s Flooring America, Alaska (second place); and Jimmie Lyles Flooring (third place), the Stainmaster Flooring Center (SFC) retailer winners in its Stainmaster Carpet Road to Success Sales Competition.

The contest, which ran May 1-June 30, was conceived by the brand to honor the 20th anniversary of the SFC Retailer Program. Eligible SFC retailers nationwide were tasked to exceed their Stainmaster carpet sales by the highest percentage growth during the months of May/June 2016 when compared to their May/June 2015 sales. The top three performing SFC dealers were awarded a monetary cash prize ($5,000, $4,000 and $3,000, respectively), and employed Retail Sales Associates were presented gift cards ranging from $300 to $500 specific to dealer winner rankings.

“We’re excited to have been recognized by Stainmaster carpet as a champion in this competition commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the SFC Retailer Program,” stated Robert Elder, owner of Hiller’s Flooring America. “As a partner of the Stainmaster Flooring Center network for so many years, my team and I look forward to continued growth and success for many more years to come.”

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Industry icons Munzinger, Pirner inducted into WFCA Hall of Fame

Anaheim, Calif.— Fritz Munzinger and LaVone Pirner are the latest industry icons to be inducted into the World Floor Covering Association (WFCA) Hall of Fame. Each is recognized for groundbreaking achievements and has placed his indelible stamp on the industry as a whole. The formal induction for both men will take place May 9 as part of the WFCA’s Annual Meeting and Board of Directors Meeting in Asheville, N.C. Continue reading Industry icons Munzinger, Pirner inducted into WFCA Hall of Fame

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Remember when…

FCNews Volume 27/Number 12, October 22/29, 2012

Back in 1986, the fiber stain war was just getting started as yarn suppliers began introducing their versions of stain-resistant nylons to the market. But things were about to turn upside down with the start of Major League Baseball’s playoff sea
son which featured the 
New York Mets taking on
the Houston Astros in
the National League pennant and the Boston
 Red Sox playing the California Angels for the American League championship. DuPont would 
use this national stage
 to launch its historic commercial, “Landing,” which featured a cute, curly-haired boy sitting in his highchair with his dinner in a tray shaped like an airplane. Filled with chocolate milk, a bowl of cherries and other carpet staining agents, the boy happily flings the plane full of food from the highchair and onto the carpet. After showing each item splash in slow motion, the mess is quickly wiped clean by a female hand holding a sponge as the voice over eases viewers’ minds by telling them how certified Stainmaster carpets can stand up to life’s messes, “Because you never know.” The commercial fades with the kid pushing off a racing car shaped tray full of food with the sounds of engines roaring.

This commercial was part of a $40 million marketing launch by DuPont and earned Stainmaster a place in history as the commercial and campaign are regularly cited among the top 100 of all time, not to mention having been used as a case study by the prestigious Harvard Business School.