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W.F Taylor, Spray-Lock enter strategic marketing alliance

TaylorDalton—W.F. Taylor, LLC (Taylor), an industry leader in the adhesives and coatings markets, and Chattanooga-based Spray-Lock, Inc. (Spray-Lock), a leading manufacturer of spray-based adhesives, have entered into a strategic marketing alliance through which they will better serve their customers with innovative and environmentally friendly adhesives for light construction and floor covering installations.

SprayUnder the terms of the agreement, Taylor and Spray-Lock will create an alliance through which each company will market the other’s adhesives as a complement to their conventional product lines. As a result, both companies will have the ability to present information on a broader, more diverse selection of trowel and spray applied adhesives to their customers.

For the past several decades, Taylor and Spray-Lock have led their respective segments of the adhesives industry in the development of advanced, high-performance products using safe, earth-friendly technologies. Officials with both companies said the strategic marketing alliance does not represent a merger of the two companies. Rather, both companies do expect the marketing alliance to create synergy between the two companies as they work on developing the next generation of adhesive products, ensuring both companies will continue to lead the industry in driving product innovations that address the rapidly evolving needs of the construction and floor covering industries.

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Spray-Lock receives Best of Surfaces for Technology

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 3.45.53 PMChattanooga, Tenn.—Spray-Lock recently received the Best of Surfaces award for Technology for its newest product, RugLock Non-Slip Rug Grip in a Can, at The International Surface Event (TISE). RugLock is a permanent spray-on, non-slip rug backing that secures rugs to surfaces including hardwood, tiles, vinyl and carpet.

With the introduction of RugLock, Spray-Lock has entered the consumer market with a real-world solution to the household problem of slippery rugs. The company conducted more than 50 tests over a 6-month period to develop the RugLock formula. “I am extremely proud of our R&D team for the development of this award-winning technology,” said Fred Land, president and CEO.

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Revolutionary spray adhesives making installation quicker, easier, safer

Adhesives and floor coverings go together like peanut butter and jelly, though flooring glue is considerably harder to spread. That was, until recent technological advances allowed for a viable spray application, making for a greener, safer product and installation process that contributes to healthy indoor air quality.

When one hears the term “spray adhesive” the old method of high pressure systems that distributed glue all over the floor, walls and installer comes to mind. Glue was showered with such force that, “Installers said your eyelids and hair would stick together,” mused Scott Davis, vice president of operations for Interlock Industries, maker of Spray-Lock. Continue reading Revolutionary spray adhesives making installation quicker, easier, safer

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Adhesives manufacturers developing green practices save resources, time, money, keep hazardous gasses out of air

Do you remember when air pollution was the big, environmental concern? Legislation, electric cars and clean burning energy has helped narrow that focus to the quality of air in homes, or indoor air quality (IAQ). “IAQ is going to be a big deal, maybe even bigger than global warming,” predicted John Woolsey, vice president of sales for Anderson Hardwood. As homes get tighter to improve energy efficiency and die-hard activists move to metropolitan centers to reduce their carbon footprints, the quality of air indoors has become increasingly important.

Some of the main factors affecting IAQ are volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and isocyanates, both of which are off-gasses commonly found in flooring adhesives. Today, companies can proudly advertise the absence of these compounds with third-party verifications from organizations like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI), the GreenGuard Environmental Institute, and Scientific Certification Systems. With their help, adhesive companies are going to great lengths to improve the floors we walk on and the air we breathe. Continue reading Adhesives manufacturers developing green practices save resources, time, money, keep hazardous gasses out of air