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Karastan launches its new collection, Simpatico

Dalton, Ga.—Karastan’s new collection, Simpatico, is inspired by the successful launch of the company’s Kismet collection. Like Kismet, Simpatico displays the compatibility of beautiful wool and SmartStrand Silk, an innovative fiber.

“Simpatico is an extension of the success we have seen with our Kismet collection,” said Erika Banks, product director at Karastan. “This marriage of New Zealand wool and our SmartStrand Silk allows for superior durability and a beautiful finished hand. Available in more than 40 stocking sizes, Simpatico rugs also can be made in custom sizes. This wide range of sizes and options makes it easy to find a size to fit in any room.”

Woven on Van de Wiele looms in the USA, Simpatico features modern transitional patterns that pair together well and are set in a palette of natural and neutral colors.

Simpatico offers the inherent durability, sustainability and performance attributes of both wool and SmartStrand to create rugs that are soft, long-lasting and contribute to a healthier home and planet.

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SmartStrand Silk: A success story

September 2/9 2013 Volume 27/number 10

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 10.55.19 AMJust over a year ago, Mohawk introduced the next generation of its successful SmartStrand fiber innovation, SmartStrand Silk. “The bar was set high with SmartStrand, so Mohawk had a lot to live up to with Silk,” said Justin Atcheson, president, Builders Floor Covering & Tile, with four stores in the Atlanta area. “The carpet is hands down the softest on the market today, and the cleanability story is simple and powerful. Silk has taken our business to the next level.” Continue reading SmartStrand Silk: A success story

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Mohawk’s focus for 2013: Soft, stylish and tough

Wear-Dated Embrace is not only soft, but offers the body that is missing from some soft nylons.

Highlights include Wear-Dated Embrace, Armormax 

By Steven Feldman

Volume 26/Number 19; February 4/11, 2013

Las Vegas—Soft is all the rage when it comes to carpet introductions across all fiber platforms, and Mohawk is at the forefront. While hosting its Western regional in conjunction with Surfaces, the world’s largest flooring manufacturer not only introduced Wear-Dated Embrace—heralded as the softest nylon carpet on the market today and backed up by third-party testing—it took the wraps off four SmartStrand Silk additions.

While much of the conversation over the past few years has surrounded triexta, nylon is still about 40% of the marketplace, according to Eric Ruppert, product director for residential nylon. “As a company we had not put the innovation toward nylon as we had with other fiber systems. So, we took what we learned with Silk and applied that technology to Wear-Dated Embrace and target [retailers] who have built their business models around nylon.” Continue reading Mohawk’s focus for 2013: Soft, stylish and tough

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January 2012: Mohawk takes soft to next level with SmartStrand Silk

Volume 26/Number 16; Dec. 17/24, 2012

Mohawk has raised the bar on soft with the introduction of SmartStrand Silk. But don’t be fooled by this wolf in sheep’s clothing: This carpet is every bit as durable and high-performing as the existing SmartStrand carpets.

“It’s all about bringing value to the consumer through innovation,” said David Duncan, senior vice president of marketing. “We already had the softest carpet in SmartStrand Sorona—competitors have been chasing its softness for years. They are just now getting close to where we already were; with Silk we leapfrogged three to five years.” Continue reading January 2012: Mohawk takes soft to next level with SmartStrand Silk

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Mohawk provides multiple ‘Solutions’ for aligned retailers

Floorscapes, ColorCenter dealers ‘Embrace’ new nylon, Silk 

By Steven Feldman 

Volume 27/Number 15; December 3/10, 2012

Orlando—Is it possible to charge more for a product, make more money and create a more satisfied customer? In a word, yes, and Mohawk Industries showed its Floorscapes and ColorCenter aligned dealers exactly how to do this here at its recent Solutions convention.

At the forefront of selling higher-margin products are four additions to the breakthrough SmartStrand Silk franchise as well as the introduction of Wear-Dated Embrace, billed by Mohawk as the softest nylon carpet on the market today and supported by third-party testing. Continue reading Mohawk provides multiple ‘Solutions’ for aligned retailers

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What happens in Vegas shouldn’t stay in Vegas

by Celia Payne

Las Vegas—Surfaces 2012 presented the opportunity to shine—even brighter than the Vegas strip. The successful protagonists at the show know you must set yourself apart among a sea of introductions. Continue reading What happens in Vegas shouldn’t stay in Vegas

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Mohawk highlights SmartStrand Silk with flash mob at Surfaces

Mohawk steals the show at Surfaces convention in Las Vegas with Mohawk’s flash mob at Surfaces 2012. At least 75 to 100 dancers in break away pants converged in the center of the Exhibitor Showroom and start dancing to MC Hammer. Wearing red, then purple pants, MC Hammer breaks it down in his signature gold Hammer Pants. The place was packed, the floor was shaking, and Mohawk Smartstrand was everywhere.