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A look back: products that lived up to the hype

by Matthew Spieler

Volume 26/Number 21; March 4/11, 2013

(First of two parts)

Every year, thousands of products are introduced to the marketplace. Most barely make it a year before being dropped and replaced. Some may last two to three cycles before fading into memory. Then there are the ones with staying power. But before achieving that long-term contract, a product must prove itself by living up to the hype given by the manufacturer.

2012 was no different. As such, FCNews surveyed some of the industry’s top manufacturers to find out which of their introductions from last year found enough success to remain in the lineup for another year. The first of this two-part series looks at some of the hard surface products that brought sales and profits to all parts of the selling chain. Continue reading A look back: products that lived up to the hype

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Finkell elected chairman of the board of Hardwood Federation

Don Finkell

Washington, DC – Don Finkell, retiring CEO of Shaw Hardwood and Anderson Hardwood Floors, has been unanimously elected chairman of the board of the Washington, DC-based Hardwood Federation.  The Hardwood Federation is the only national trade organization representing all sectors of the hardwood business, all the way up the supply chain from the land right to consumers. Continue reading Finkell elected chairman of the board of Hardwood Federation

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Finkell announces retirement from Shaw

Dalton – Don Finkell has announced his retirement from Shaw Industries, effective February 28, to pursue several personal interests. Finkell came to Shaw Industries in 2007, as president and CEO of Anderson Hardwood, at the time of Shaw’s acquisition of Anderson.

Anderson has had a unique and storied history as a hardwood and wood flooring company since the 1940s. Finkell led Anderson as a visionary and innovator himself for more than three decades; the acquisition of Anderson and the talents of Finkell and his Anderson team played a critical role in building Shaw’s successful hardwood business.  He has helped put in place what Shaw considers to be the most talented team in the hardwood industry, from manufacturing to product development, sales, and marketing.  Continue reading Finkell announces retirement from Shaw

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Hardwood sales grow for first time since 2006

Volume remains sluggish; domestic species usage on the rise

by Emily J. Cappiello

At the end of 2010, the wood flooring industry was being dragged down by continued sluggishness in new home construction and remodeling along with the continued increase in lumber prices. But in 2011, hardwood flooring was able to bounce back a little and, according to many industry insiders, the category made some much-needed gains. Continue reading Hardwood sales grow for first time since 2006