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Power of brands: Quality products, service stand out in a crowd

August 14/21: Volume 32, Issue 5

By Lindsay Baillie

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 3.51.42 PMA well-known brand has great influence in the mind of the consumer; it can affect her positively or negatively, research shows. According to Latham & Co., a brand consultancy, a strong brand contains incredible power—not just how it is perceived in the world, but also how it redefines the competitive landscape, connects with prospects and influencers, creates memorable experiences, builds lasting relationships and helps leaders better manage people, resources and profits.

For many flooring dealers, brands matter, especially when products and services are backed by the companies they represent. “A strong brand brings awareness of mind,” said Kevin Rose, president and owner, Carpetland Color Tile, Rockford, Ill. “This is good for all flooring retailers as we battle for the consumer’s disposable income.”

A strong brand can also draw attention to a particular flooring store. As Mary Ann Gore, office manager, Bridgeport Carpets, Alpharetta, Ga., explains: “For example, if a customer is new to an area and does an Internet search on local retailers, she is typically going to look for a product that is familiar to her.”

While name recognition holds a certain importance for flooring brands, dealers can also benefit from established name recognition. Case in point is Ted’s Abbey Carpet & Floor, with multiple locations in Alabama. “We have really tried to market our store’s names to the consumers in our market area,” said Ted Gregerson, president and owner, “We feel like we have done a really good job of it, because consumers in our market refer to us as simply ‘Abbey.’ We feel if our consumers trust us and our own Abbey brand, then they will have confidence in all the products we sell.”

The strength inside the original COREtec floors
Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 3.39.29 PMUSFloors is regarded as the originator of the WPC category—true disruptors and innovators in the industry. It is committed to providing beautiful and durable floors at an excellent value while minimizing the impact on the environment whenever possible. The COREtec brand is focused on providing an exceptional customer experience throughout the new flooring purchase.

USFloors knows today’s consumers value authenticity over perfection—from brands, experiences and daily life. They seek to engage with brands that mirror that authenticity—brands that stand up for what they believe and deliver upon it. Expectations of a brand’s intuitive nature drive their interest. When it comes to purchasing a new floor, they want to make a smart, practical choice—one that reflects their originality and can be enjoyed for years to come. USFloors addresses these consumer needs in a way that satisfies and delights them from initial inspiration to final installation. COREtec is perfect for expressing the originality and creativity that lives within them. USFloors provides an ever-evolving portfolio of waterproof floors that embody style and strength that can withstand whatever real life has in store for the consumer.

In addition to authenticity, consumers share a common driving need for simplicity in this era of ever-expanding choices. The number of flooring options has expanded dramatically, leaving today’s consumers feeling overwhelmed and under extreme pressure to make the right purchase decisions. With the average floor shopping process lasting more than five months, consumers will reward easy, simple and trustworthy brands. They seek out brands that receive high accolades on style and performance and are recommended by peers with real world experiences.

The entrepreneurial passion that lives within the core of USFloors drives the company to redefine the way consumers discover COREtec floors. Consumers are drawn to attributes that inspire them and shopping experiences that match the high standards they set for the products themselves. Today’s consumer can identify an original, and USFloors believes they applaud an approachable brand that is smart, modern and bold. They can feel the commitment of style and performance and appreciate the result of the American dream. They recognize products that are unique and sustainable and want to be loyal to the brands that deliver on a promise. As the original COREtec floors, USFloors is rewarded by their sense of style and practical purchases.

USFloors is thrilled to be at the helm of this young industry brand. The company sets no boundaries and has an endless future of solutions ahead. COREtec will erupt into 2018 with vigor to share its successful innovations and leadership with consumers nationwide. Throughout it all, USFloors will continue to create value and a healthy platform for growth for its retail partners.

USFloors and COREtec—authentic to the core.


The power in the family of brands
Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 3.39.39 PMMohawk enjoys global brand recognition as the world’s largest flooring manufacturer. With facilities and manufacturing operations across the nation, Mohawk is committed to American-made manufacturing and the communities and families it impacts on a daily basis. From product conception to the manufacturing process to the transportation of products, Mohawk employees are providing the foundations for homes and businesses around the world.
The power of brand and its attributes is vastly important for infrequent purchase categories such as flooring. Strong branding gives consumers peace of mind, allowing them to feel confident about their investment. Retailers–both large and small–leverage the power of the Mohawk brand around the world each and every day.

Mohawk and its family of brands are among the most well known in the flooring industry. These include: Aladdin, American Olean, American Rug Craftsmen, Century, Columbia, Daltile, Durkan, IVC, Karastan, Marazzi, Moduleo, Mohawk Group, Mohawk Home, Pergo, Q-Wood, Quick-Step, Ragno and SolidTech. The company’s vertically integrated manufacturing and distribution processes provide competitive advantages in the production of carpet, carpet tile, rugs, ceramic tile, laminate, hardwood, stone and luxury vinyl flooring. The enterprise-wide innovations yield products and technologies that are differentiated in the marketplace.

The organization invests heavily in the Mohawk brand by way of lead generation, advertising, digital marketing, public relations, merchandising, point-of-sale, innovative products and national promotions, just to name a few. These efforts result in high consumer recognition and increased profit margins for Mohawk’s retailers.

The primary reason Mohawk invests in its family of brands is to deliver qualified consumer leads to its valued retail partners. The current pace of change in the flooring industry requires new programs that give its retailers the inside track to stay ahead of the competition.


A brand built on service, innovation and progress
Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 3.39.44 PMHonesty, integrity and passion set the stage 50 years ago and have served as the foundation from which Shaw Floors was established. Since that time, the company’s values remain true while Shaw Floors has transformed from a single category producer to a leading, total flooring brand with a forward-focused dedication to servicing our customers and the end-user consumer. Shaw is proud of its heritage and grateful for the confidence retailers have demonstrated over the years.

The celebration of Shaw’s 50th anniversary this year is marked by its corporate vision of creating a better future: for its customers, its people and the communities it serves. As Shaw reflects on the important milestones of its past, it is reminded that progress isn’t achieved by resting on previous successes, but by looking to the future and empowering its associates to lead the company into a new era of innovation.

One thing that remains constant is the Shaw Floors brand is synonymous with flooring expertise. The company prides itself on being pioneers of design and innovation and won’t settle for anything less than exceptional service. All of these elements are trademarks of the Shaw brand, reinforced each year through the many surveys and rankings voted on by its valued retail partners. Shaw Floors feels honored that the breadth of its product portfolio earns the company the unique ability to provide consumers with flooring that makes sense for their space. Through our products and services, the consumer’s design vision comes to life.

Shaw Floors has demonstrated continuous leadership not only through its company values but also through cutting-edge innovations such as: its patent-pending Floorté PRO collection, offering the industry’s first direct-glue rigid core products; its completely redesigned EPIC Plus engineered hardwood line featuring the Extreme Nature collection, which boasts the longest, widest hardwood planks made in the USA; its revolutionary LifeGuard waterproof carpet backing technology protecting against life’s mishaps to give consumers the cleanest carpet for healthy living; and its exclusive sound-abatement research and proprietary intelligence depicting a comprehensive landscape of today’s consumer. These products and services, plus many others, provide retailers with solutions that ultimately give consumers confidence in their investment. Shaw Floors will continue heavily investing in its shared industry in an effort to drive market understanding, demand and brand preference, and it appreciate the partnership with retailers.


A name synonymous with unique style, fashion and design
Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 3.39.51 PMDealers and distributors who carry the Provenza brand attest to its association with high style and design. After all, according to Ron Sadri, president, it was Provenza who helped usher in the handscraped trend about 20 years ago. The company said it was also responsible for innovations such as custom-infused colors, oil finishes and other creative surface treatments such as reactive staining—a technique that’s common across the industry today.

“Our focus on setting the trend for fashion and design in hardwood flooring makes us truly unique,” Sadri said. “Our distributors and retail partners see us as the leader in our market while others are followers.”

That industry recognition was demonstrated at Surfaces 2017 earlier this year, when Provenza walked away with a Best of Show award in the category of style and design for its Colour Nation Lighthouse Cove collection, a line of wide-plank flooring featuring multiple stains, colors and surface treatments. “It was a confirmation from the judges and the dealers that our products stand out from everyone else,” Sadri said. “People really understand Provenza and they appreciate the creativity we put behind every line we produce.”

But for Provenza, high style and design doesn’t necessarily have to translate into products that exceed the reach of mainstream consumers. “We always try to make products that are affordable to the consumer,” Sadri said. “That makes it easier for dealers to go to our products and pick everything from good quality and moderate pricing all the way up to a designer look.”


A leader in private labeling
Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 3.39.56 PMBBOSS is a true industry leader when it comes to the specialty of private labeling. Established in 2008, this fast-growing company is intent on raising the bar for private label and providing its clients with new ways to sustain long-term growth in today’s highly competitive wood flooring market.

The BBOSS approach begins with a factory direct relationship and eliminating unnecessary costs. Dealing direct with the manufacturer and U.S. supporting offices gives clients peace of mind that they have both local and international support.

BBOSS attributes its tremendous success to providing clients with a unique partnership, which helps them drive business while reducing their costs. Additionally, BBOSS offers a full breadth of products, from entry level to multiple upgraded visuals, all from one mill, with the flexibility to mix on any order as needed.

With one of the most knowledgeable and experienced teams in the industry, BBOSS stays on top of ever-changing market trends related to engineered and solid hardwood flooring. The team partners with each private label client, guiding them through the process of developing and growing their own brand and designs products that meet consumer trends and are tailored to their specific market. BBOSS provides a high level of customer service, thanks in part to the company’s award-winning education and training programs.

But perhaps the best advantage of all is BBOSS offers differentiation in all facets of private label, which is a unique way for a retailer’s brand to stand out in an otherwise crowded market.

To learn more about private labeling, contact BBOSS at or call 855-442-2677.


Better together
Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 3.40.01 PMFor more than 130 years, Tarkett has been at the foundation of creating more beautiful spaces and unlocking the infinite possibilities that happen when people come together.

Tarkett is creating together, honoring its values of collaboration to create something worth more than the sum of its parts. The company is building brands together by uniting its family of brands—Tandus Centiva, Johnsonite and Desso—to ensure they are designed to work together.

Tarkett is designing together, working with designers inside and outside the industry to challenge the way floor coverings can be used.
It is also working together to deliver products and ideas that anticipate where the workplace is headed.

Tarkett is inspiring together, pushing the boundaries of design and using its flooring in bold new ways. More importantly, Tarkett is doing good together, leading sustainable business practices and prioritizing the health of people and the planet.

At Tarkett, together is simply better.


Providing quality, service and coordinating products for every hardwood floor
Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 3.40.06 PMPennwood continuously pursues high standards in manufacturing and marketing of flooring transitions, stair products and vents. The Pennwood staff studies and researches trends in design, color and finish.

The company currently matches 6,000 different hardwood floors, ranging in color, style and textures with standard boards all held in the Pennwood Color Library. Pennwood employees take pride in their craftsmanship and as long as the company has the color standard, it can custom produce a retailer’s stair treads or flooring transition with a normal turnaround time of two to three weeks.

Pennwood believes in partnering and can customize a program for a retailer’s specific needs. The company can produce various fixed lengths in moldings and stair treads. It also offers random length flooring transitions up to 12 feet, which is increasingly popular in the builder and multi-family market segments.

Today the Pennwood brand means uncompromising value, known for innovation and a driving force within the industry. Pennwood is synonymous with a “we can do” attitude.


A brand is best built in person
Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 3.40.10 PMA brand is a company’s biggest asset, according to Thomas Trissl, principal, HPS Schönox. Furthermore, cultivating relationships is a crucial part of building a company’s brand.

“All the advertising and marketing we do is important, but nothing replaces the value of face-to-face conversations like those we have on a daily basis on the jobsite with installers, in an office with architects/designers or in the warehouse with our distributors,” Trissl explained. “A brand mirrors the expectation of prospective customers and the experience of existing customers.”

Schönox, HPS North America has developed a promotional strategy of combining multimedia, product education and exceptional customer support while maintaining communication to strengthen existing relationships and establish new ones.

With these relationships, the Schönox brand can grow and build a legacy that presents key qualities in the market.

Exceptional quality, service and knowledge
Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 3.44.13 PMThe two factors that consistently and unequivocally set a brand apart from others in its category are quality and service, and Bamboo Hardwoods does just that.

From the company’s humble beginnings growing bamboo and innovating products from its own groves to becoming an industry powerhouse, Bamboo Hardwoods’ foundation of bamboo knowledge has always given it a competitive edge. Every product made is done so with meticulous quality and care using premium adhesives, finishes and modern technologies, while taking time to produce the perfect product. In addition, Bamboo Hardwoods has revolutionized bamboo flooring by focusing on what consumers demand most: trendsetting style and design. The emphasis on aesthetics elevated bamboo flooring from a niche product to being regarded as another attractive choice in the hardwood flooring category.

When it comes to customer service, Bamboo Hardwoods transcends the business-client relationship by focusing on establishing rapport and sincere connections with its customers. With multiple warehouse locations across the United States and fully stocked East and West coast warehouses, customers can rest assured knowing they will promptly receive the product desired.

Bamboo Hardwoods is dedicated to continuing its reigning status as a pioneer of the specialty flooring industry.


A brand with a vision
Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 3.44.20 PMThe Novalis Innovative Flooring brand was started in 1984 and began actual production of product in 1986–the first luxury vinyl flooring facility built by anyone in China.

Since that time, Novalis has accomplished a record of other “firsts”: Novalis was the first Chinese LVT manufacturer to achieve ISO 9001 certification. Novalis was the first with an ISO 14001 environmental certificate. And Novalis is the first and only Chinese LVT brand certified with OHSAS 18001. Novalis was very happy to be the first Chinese LVT manufacturer with a fully localized Environmental Product Declaration, Health Product Declaration and Declare labeling, all being introduced in 2015.

On this foundation of sustainable, quality design and engineering accomplishments, Novalis launched its NovaFloor brand in North America over five years ago. NovaFloor is made primarily for the American floor covering retail channel, and is sold through distributors and their dealers for the residential and Main Street commercial markets.

At NeoCon East 2015, Novalis officially unveiled its new commercial LVT brand for North America called “AVA.” AVA stands for Advanced Vinyl Artistry and is made for the commercial specified market. Capri Cork manages the AVA brand in the U.S. and Canada through its extensive list of dedicated commercial agents.

Always guiding the brand’s development is its “vision” that encompasses three key principles: art, quality and nature.

When it comes to LVT, Novalis views “art” as the authentic reproductions of natural elements to create imaginative, inspiring spaces.

Novalis “quality” means an investment in the research and performance to make the best LVT possible.

And the Novalis vision for “nature” is all about producing its product responsibly while conserving energy and resources.

Learn more at


Innovative brand spread its wings
Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 3.45.39 PMEngineered Floors, the third-largest carpet company in the world, has continued its singular mission to be the flooring brand of choice. This year Engineered Floors revamped its digital presence with a new website to align its family of brands under a common theme: “We have one mission. Make the best carpet in the world.” The new site ( showcases Engineered Floors’ complete family of brands and its drive to “intersect” with customers’ desires for style, durability, comfort, quality and tradition. It combines new room scene photography, links to the company’s varied social media platforms and advanced functionality to make it easier and more engaging to use.

The company’s new website, along with the new signature for its advertising, reinforces the strength of Engineered Floors in its collection of brands, each aimed at a specific flooring segment. The Engineered Floors family of brands consists of: Dream Weaver for residential replacement; Pentz Commercial Flooring Solutions for Main Street; DWellings for new home construction; and Engineered Floors Multifamily.

The company is also bringing to market new innovations including a commercial polyester fiber, advanced polyester extrusion (Apex SDP) under the Pentz Commercial Solutions brand. The offering includes the styles Revival and Revolution, which join the widely successful original Apex SDP styles Quicksilver and Fast Break.

In addition, Engineered Floors is rapidly completing a new, state-of-the-art carpet tile manufacturing facility in Dalton. The move is in response to the growing demand for modular carpet tile for Main Street applications.

The initial phase of the plant, expected to open in January 2018, will total 520,000 square feet. This will be the fourth new facility the company has built in northwest Georgia since 2009.


The power of a strong brand partnership
Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 3.45.43 PMWith more than 65 years of proven innovation, market leadership and dedication to quality, Scotchgard has the protective products and brand strength to help make our partners successful. A brand partnership with Scotchgard Protector strengthens the value of the host brand and creates opportunities that can:

•Increase edge over competition
•Build brand equity in new markets
•Increase sales
•Grow market penetration
•Expand credibility to both brands

The Scotchgard brand name has been synonymous with protection for multiple generations. Invented in the 1950s and protecting floors from their owners since the 1970s, Scotchgard Protector has become one of the leading brands of stain, spill and soil protection in markets around the world.

When companies have a history of selling products that are dependable, reliable and in line with consumer needs, consumers begin to develop trust in the product and loyalty to the brand. The real power in the Scotchgard Brand is that it represents that one last thing consumers want when they purchase a product—peace of mind. It can close the sale.


Where innovation is a way of life
Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 3.45.48 PMPhenix Flooring is more than just another manufacturer—it’s a flooring experience. From designing and developing premium products to its commitment to advancing research, development and production through the latest state-of-the-art technologies, Phenix makes innovation a way of life. Through this commitment, Phenix continues to grow and serve its customers with passion, values and an unwavering dedication to the production of quality products.

With the launch of the Cleaner Home collection, Phenix delivers on this mantra by offering a line rich in color and design with proactive technologies such as Microban, Opulance HD and Surefresh that provide optimal antimicrobial protection, stain resistance and prolonged beauty at an affordable price.

Above all, Phenix strives to deliver the highest standard of service to its clients. As a Pharr Family company, Phenix is backed by generations of manufacturing genius, flanked by supportive brands.


Powered by quality and service for more than 30 years
Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 3.45.57 PMOffering superior quality products has always been Mirage’s No. 1 priority. Maintaining this quality consistency is the daily challenge and a goal that each employee strives to attain. This commitment to excellence speaks to the dedication, devotion and knowledge of Mirage’s people—from the worker in the plant to the sales representatives in the field.

That quality extends to the service it provides. For more than 30 years the staff at Mirage has pursued a common goal: To go above and beyond customer expectations and adapt to her needs. This is what Mirage’s legacy is built on.

The numerous quality awards Mirage has received in the last decade—more than 30—is a testament to the company’s unwavering efforts. Indeed, quality has powered the Mirage brand for more than 30 years and will continue to for another 30 years. This success does not mean Mirage can rest on its laurels; quality is a journey, not a destination.


Steeped in tradition
Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 3.46.02 PMFor over 60 years, DriTac Flooring Products has manufactured premium-grade adhesives and installation solutions for the wood and resilient floor covering markets.

DriTac was established in 1956, offering one product—DriTac 6200—that continues to stand the test of time several decades later. Since then, DriTac, via its state-of-the-art laboratory and research facility in the U.S., has expanded its product line and is currently one of a few adhesive manufacturers to offer all the major technologies: urethane, MS polymer, pressure sensitive, acrylic and more. DriTac has become a leader in developing wood flooring adhesives that offer sound and moisture control with a single-component, one-step application.

A trailblazer in cultivating environmentally friendly flooring adhesives and installation products, DriTac offers a full line of zero VOC, zero solvent and independently tested products that have been certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Green Label Plus Program for Indoor Air Quality.

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Carpet: Mills up the ante in the fight against spills

Stain protection update

February 13/20, 2017: Volume 31, Number 18

By Ken Ryan


What drives carpet purchases? If ongoing research is to be believed, it’s all about stain and soil protection. So if you want customers to spend more money, the carpet products retailers offer should incorporate such treatments.

Stainmaster PetProtect from Invista was a big hit in large part because it addressed a huge consumer need, executives say.

The American Pet Products Association (APPA) estimates 70 million to 80 million dogs and 74 million to 96 million cats are owned in the U.S. Approximately 37%-47% of all households have a dog, while 30%-37% have a cat.

“Our consumer research shows pets actually influence flooring purchasing behaviors even more than children in the home,” said Brad Christensen, vice president of soft surface category for Shaw Floors.

Soil and stain protection play a pivotal role in the growing trend of healthier floors and homes. Extensive research has been done on consumer preferences toward healthy homes and how pets are incorporated into the family environment. “Consumers are looking for products that can do more for them, passively keeping their homes cleaner, healthier and looking great,” said Susan Curtis, senior vice president, product development for Phenix.

Following is a look at some recent introductions featuring stain and pet protection carpets.

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 3.18.48 PMEngineered Floors
The company’s Lifetime Pet Warranty promises “complete relief for you and your pet,” according to Will Young, residential brand manager. “That means we will stand behind our carpet when it comes to dog and cat accidents in the home for the life of the product.” The warranty is available on most DreamWeaver styles, particularly those on its new Your Retreat 65-color wall display, which was introduced at Surfaces last month.

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 3.18.56 PMLexmark
All of Lexmark’s 2017 introductions feature 100% solution-dyed PET fiber that is inherently very stain resistant. What’s more, Lexmark added Scotchgard Protector by 3M to provide greater stain and soil protection. This one-step application process treats the entire carpet fiber. As a result, spills stay on top of the surface and dirt does not adhere to the floor.

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 3.19.01 PMMohawk
SmartStrand Forever Clean, installed in more than 7 million homes and heralded for its durability, stain resistance and comfort, has become an even smarter choice for active families with pets. Mohawk enhanced this popular carpet with All Pet Protection, a warranty and protection system that covers all pets, all accidents, all the time. SmartStrand Forever Clean comes with Nanoloc, an advanced nanotechnology that encapsulates the SmartStrand fiber to create a spill and soil barrier.

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 3.19.07 PMPhenix
Phenix’s major 2017 introductions address consumer needs related to pet protection and healthier homes. Cleaner Home, which comprises 10 new carpets with antimicrobial protection, was developed in an exclusive partnership with Microban, a leading producer of antimicrobial additives. As well, Cleaner Home was developed using a highly engineered PET polyester yarn called Opulence HD and includes SureFresh, an odor capture technology to provide a smarter soft surface flooring option.

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 3.19.13 PMScotchgard by 3M
When applied during the manufacturing process, Scotchgard by 3M-branded products provide a protective treatment by surrounding each individual carpet fiber with an invisible shield, making the carpet resistant to water- and oil-based stains as well as soiling from everyday use.

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 3.19.27 PMShaw
Shaw Floors continues investing in carpets made with its exclusive LifeGuard waterproof backing system, which provides an optimal carpet for pet owners. “Thanks to this industry-exclusive system, pet accidents stay on the surface longer for easier clean up,” Christensen said. “And for those accidents not discovered immediately, consumers now have the peace of mind knowing that pet urine and other liquids will never soak through the backing, into the cushion and onto the subfloor.” New for 2017, the LifeGuard waterproof backing system was added to Shaw’s popular Anso Color Wall in a product called Titanium, which offers 150 new SKUs.

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 3.19.33 PMStainmaster PetProtect
Invista’s Stainmaster PetProtect carpet and cushion system provides a breathable moisture barrier that helps prevent accidents from penetrating the padding and subfloor, which enables more thorough cleaning. As well, PetProtect also reduces the attraction between pet hair and carpet, allowing consumers to easily remove the hair with normal vacuuming.

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 3.19.42 PMStanton
Stanton announced a new partnership with 3M Scotchgard with the introduction of 15 products treated with Scotchgard Protector by 3M. The carpet introductions are made of nylon type 6 and type 6,6. Each of the new Stanton styles is treated with Scotchgard Protector 3M and is covered under a 10-year stain and soil protection warranty.





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Retail Education: Tried-and-true practices for recruiting, hiring and training

This FCNews Retail Education series, sponsored by 3M, is designed to help specialty retailers build their business through proven merchandising and marketing strategies as well as general best practices.  

December 19/26, 2016: Volume 31, Number 14
By Reginald Tucker

screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-3-10-13-pmFor Majorie Benson, owner of Friendly Floors, the key to hiring the right salesperson lies in finding someone who is sincere. “I believe sincerely wanting to match a product and installation type to a consumer’s wants and needs is the key to a successful, full-service flooring business. I don’t hire ‘salespeople’ types; I don’t want anyone on our team who has the tendency to sell whatever is most advantageous to his or her own pocket rather than what is best for the customer.”

Billy Mahone III, Atlas Floors Carpet One in San Antonio, takes a similar approach. “Over the years we have put more of an emphasis on interpersonal skills and professionalism and less on industry-specific experience. We have found that you can teach new hires the floor covering business, but you can’t teach someone to have a customer-centric attitude.”

On the other hand, at A.J. Rose Carpets & Flooring in Burlington, Mass., experience is a non-negotiable requirement. “We look for solid selling skills and being able to connect with people. People like to buy from someone they trust, so it is essential for our salespeople to be likable and connect with people.”

Experts in the field of hiring, training and recruiting believe the onus lies on the person or people making the hiring decisions—not on the candidate. David Romano, founder of Romano Consulting Group and Benchmarkinc, advises retailers to follow a tried-and-true formula for not only hiring the right candidates but also retaining them if they turn out to be a good fit.

Step 1: Create an interview agenda; Step 2: Zero in on the candidate; and Step 3: Decide what to ask. While Step 1 is rudimentary and self explanatory, Steps 2 & 3 allow the interviewer to really drill down and get inside the interviewee’s head. “Before asking the first interview question, review the job description—especially the hiring criteria as well as everything the interviewee has submitted (i.e., résume, cover letter, online profile). This allows you to hone in on what you’re looking for in a candidate.”

This step, according to Romano, reveals information about the candidate’s background, work experience and skill level. More importantly, it gives the interviewer the chance to clarify what they learned from the résume, profile or even previous interviews. “It provides a general sense of the candidate’s overall intelligence, aptitude and enthusiasm/attitude and whether he/she fits the job. It also provides the capability to evaluate a candidate’s motivation to tackle job responsibilities, desire to join the company and the ability to integrate into the current work team.”

Above all else, Romano strongly recommends owners or hiring managers pay careful attention to the candidate’s responses. “Don’t rehearse your next question in your mind. Although you have your questions written down, don’t hesitate to veer from those if you want to reword or follow up on something, or even eliminate questions that were already covered.”

Broaden your horizons
Some experts recommend retailers take the recruiting/hiring process a step further by taking generational considerations into account. Just ask Lisbeth Calandrino, who for the past 20 years has been consulting retailers on everything from hiring, training and recruiting to marketing and designing showrooms. With respect to hiring and training, she believes it’s important to focus on millennials as potential employees as they represent the future.

“Companies used to rely on hiring salespeople who were well versed in flooring; these days, companies are looking for employees who have the skills that match the new customers, which includes computer knowledge. The problem with hiring older employees is their lack of computer skills and understanding the attitudes of the younger generation.”

Like Romano, Calandrino offers a few proven tips on how retailers can nurture (and even retain) this important demographic:

  • Provide educational opportunities as often as possible. Gen Y is well educated and believes in learning and achieving. Instead of having a boss, they are more likely to want to be part of the process and would appreciate having a coach to help them achieve.
  • Since they are team oriented, getting along with others is a priority. They want to collaborate and learn from others on their teams. They will work hard to make sure the team concept is efficient.
  • They don’t expect to stay with one job until retirement. This group is considered mobile and is willing to move to another job if possible. They aren’t as tied down as their predecessors.
  • Take advantage of their technological talent. Many companies are struggling with their social media presence. Since this is pretty much second nature to millennials, learn as much as you can from them and put the strategies to work.
  • Provide as much flexibility as possible. These employees are talented and capable of working alone. They are clear about their positions. They tend to be very home and family oriented.

Regardless of the strategy or approach, at the end of the day you have to hire based on the needs of the business and the market dynamics in your area. As Romano states: “Always focus on your business needs during your interview process, and you’ll find the best new hire time after time.”



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Marketing Online: Rock solid tips on connecting (virtually) with customers

This FCNews Marketing Online series, sponsored by 3M, is designed to help retailers build their social media presence and, by extension, strengthen the connection with consumers.

November 21/28, 2016: Volume 31, Number 12

By Leah Gross

screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-4-04-19-pmThere is no doubt that digital marketing is the new way of doing business. In order to be relevant in today’s crowded marketplace retailers must have a sound online marketing strategy. The rise of the online revolution has completely changed the way retailers run their stores and attract, connect with and maintain their customer base. How well retailers navigate the digital terrain will no doubt determine their future success.

The good news is retailers have more control than ever before over their customer relationships—thanks to the power of digital marketing. “Online marketing is part of our overall strategy for reaching new customers and staying in touch with existing ones,” said Dean Howell, owner of Moda Floors & Interiors, Atlanta. “Online marketing can be cost-effective, tailored to a specific audience and easily changed when needed. Best of all, it can be tracked.”

Moda Floors & Interiors sends periodic newsletters to three separate audiences: clients, trade partners and local real estate agents. These communications often include information about sales, the company and its employees, as well as new product introductions. “We often include online links to articles they might find helpful,” Howell added. “If Moda has been mentioned or quoted in an article, we will also include that information.”

Other business-savvy retailers are also putting more emphasis on digital marketing. Eric Langan, president and owner of Carpetland USA, Davenport, Iowa, believes digital marketing is just as important—in terms of media platforms—as traditional outlets such as radio, print and direct mail. “It’s evident that individuals shop entirely different than they did a decade ago,” he said. “You must have an online presence and a strong website to engage the consumer. More times than not, the vast majority of the window shopping is done online prior to visiting the storefront.”

screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-4-04-09-pmThat’s not to say retailers should disregard the importance of designing a storefront that has great curb appeal. On the contrary, retailers should consider their website as the digital extension of their store and showroom, experts say. “No one can deny the importance of a beautiful storefront, but that lovely store only goes so far when your customers constantly tune into tiny, powerful devices that instantaneously deliver the information they need to live their lives,” said digital marketing guru Christine Whittemore, chief simplifier, Simple Marketing Now LLC. “The content on your website is the online equivalent of your salespeople. Its purpose is to initiate and carry on the trust building process between your business and your buyer. The content on your website should virtually pull people in and provide the hand-holding service that a professional would offer in your store.”

Many experts agree today’s consumers are trained to qualify a product or business online before ever going into a store. To that end, it is vital that a retailer’s website operate as an extension of the brand. “It should offer a voice that is consistent with the overall brand image of the brick and mortar store, and the content should be presented in a clear easy to navigate, visually appealing and educational format,” Whittemore explained.

Developing a cohesive, effective digital marketing strategy is particularly important when it comes to big-ticket purchases such as home improvement projects. Advocates cite statistics showing the more expensive the product the longer the buying process takes. “Not all customers come to your website or your store ready to buy the same day,” said Whittemore, who brings 23-plus years of experience with brand building in the flooring, home furnishings and apparel industries. “Flooring decisions can take up to six months, which is why having a sound digital marketing strategy to maintain a relationship with your customer throughout the process is critical. You must ensure your business remains at the top of the customer’s mind through the whole process. If you don’t, the months of time and money you invested in the customer may very well be lost.”

Back to basics
In most cases, when retailers ask where they should spend their online marketing budgets, their first response is in a rock-solid website. Email marketing and social media are important, according to Whittemore, but it is more important to start at the most critical element of your online program—your URL—and prioritize from there. She believes a retailer’s website represents an opportunity to augment credibility and enhance customer relationships. “Your digital storefront demands every bit of the TLC that you give to your store,” she said. “Not only should your website offer engaging content that attracts customers and brings them back for more, but it also must be mobile friendly so your customer has the same experience on your site no matter what type of device they are using.”

Therein lies the challenge for many retail web sites: updating platforms to ensure URLs are more “responsive,” meaning they render seamlessly on a variety of mobile devices. This is critical, experts say, as mobile readiness is also a key element of Google’s search rank algorithm. “So if you are not mobile-ready then you’re losing an opportunity to get higher search engine rankings and more engagement with your target customers,” Whittemore explained.

One of the most important features a retailer’s website should have is the ability to capture emails from people who visit. Experts stress the value of being able to continue communicating with prospective customers and keep the relationship going. “Remember, you want to keep that relationship going throughout the entire buying process,” Whittemore stated. “Email marketing campaigns are the Holy Grail because this is [the retailer’s] direct line of communications with the customers who come to your store. As wonderful as social media is, your ultimate goal is to get people to come to or back to your property. If you connect with them via email you can continue to talk to them.”

The email address of a consumer who is actively in the market to buy product is golden. “With this you can continue the romance, as they say,” Whittemore said. “These consumers volunteered their personal information because they are interested in your business, so you owe it to them and to your company to do something compelling.”

At the end of the day, a retailer’s email campaign is all about relationship building. To ensure retailers get the most out of their digital marketing efforts, Whittemore strongly encourages a little creativity. Rather than limiting online communications to selling floors, she suggests sending birthday greetings or coupons. Offering out-of-the-box opportunities is another idea. “Find things that consistently draw consumers back into your store,” she explained. “This gives you another opportunity to strengthen the relationship while giving the buyer the chance to see how competent your professionals are.”

One idea Whittemore shared was to invite an interior designer to the store for free consultations. She also suggested hosting a ‘Girls Night Out’ themed event. Above all, she said, don’t forget to promote these special events using digital marketing campaigns.

“If you do these events make sure to amplify them through your email campaign to create buzz so the next time your store hosts a special event even more people will be talking about it and coming to check it out.”



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Marketing Online: The importance of ratings and reviews

July 4/11, 2016; Volume 30, Number 27

This special FCNews Marketing Online series, sponsored by 3M, is designed to help retailers build their social media presence and, by extension, strengthen the connection with consumers.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 4.11.13 PMNearly 90% of consumers consider ratings and reviews before making purchase decisions, recent marketing industry estimates show. In the era of Yelp, Amazon and Google, among others, shoppers are seeking credible insight and feedback from everyday people long before they hear the retail sales associate’s product pitch.

“We all know the way customers research a product or service has changed dramatically over the last several years,” said Janice Jacobs, vice president of marketing, Carpet One Floor & Home. “Customers increasingly rely on ratings and reviews to help inform their buying decisions, especially with more difficult choices such as flooring. And it’s not just products they are researching. In the flooring industry customers are also paying attention to the reputation of service providers before they walk into their local flooring stores.”

With that, flooring manufacturers and buying groups are developing their own systems for helping retailers simultaneously garner and address online feedback that will ultimately be in the public domain even if it doesn’t initially start there.

For example, Mohawk launched BuzzLocal powered by FloorForce in 2015 to provide a new ratings and reviews system. The company believes the ability to search on Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube will connect potential customers to online feedback quickly and seamlessly. BuzzLocal includes three important steps of managing a dealer’s online reputation: review, respond and reach.

In that same vein, Shaw refers to its process of organizing and addressing ratings and reviews as “reputation management.” Its Share it Forward platform allows dealers to log in and see reviews they have received on sites like Yahoo, Google, Bing and others for complete visibility of their online reputations.

“We wanted to make it easy for retailers to manage [their reputations],” said Misty Hodge, Shaw’s director of digital platforms for residential marketing. “Through Share it Forward dealers can see what consumers share about experiences both good and bad. Consumer reviews help go beyond what dealers can say about themselves; it lets potential customers know what people who have done business with [these dealers] have to say.”

More importantly, retailers could be getting ratings and reviews and not even know it, which is why management systems come in handy, experts say. To that end, both positive and negative reviews on personal websites, review sites and social media should be recognized.

What is also paramount for independent retailers’ online reviews today is proving they are better than the big box stores in town. Flooring America statistics show an average 4.6 stars out of 5 on the 20,000-plus ratings for its stores, which are based on service, installation, etc. The average home center score is 3.3 to 3.5 stars out of 5.

Frank Chiera, senior vice president, marketing and advertising, CCA Global Partners (parent company of Flooring America/Flooring Canada, The Floor Trader, International Design Guild and BizUnite), noted many salespeople have a “mental block they need to get over” when it comes to requesting reviews from customers once a job is complete. To remedy this, Flooring America continues to enhance programs to make sure RSAs are comfortable asking for reviews and helping them understand why this feedback is important.

Mollie Surratt, senior director of public relations, content and social media, Mohawk Flooring, also mentioned the importance of encouraging positive reviews. “A lot of the time positive reviews need to be asked for,” she said. “Retailers should make an effort to ask happy consumers for positive reviews. This should happen within 30 days of a purchase. There should be an ongoing conversation with the consumer.”


Responding to reviews

Responding to customers who post about a store and its service shows a retailer cares about his reputation whether the feedback is positive or negative. Many industry groups and manufacturers offer pointers to help dealers address what is said about them on the web.

Flooring America’s internal program for members alerts them to reviews and reminds them to respond. “If a customer had a less-than-favorable experience there should be an answer/response from the store owner underneath the review,” Chiera said. Without an internal system to help with reviews, “unless someone is actively going in and monitoring those reviews [on sites like Google and Facebook] they might live out there for some time. It’s not good to [ignore] customers.”

No matter how bad a review, experts stress deleting it is out of the question. “Remove ‘delete’ and ‘ignore’ from your vocabulary—it is never good to do either,” Surratt explained. “If a consumer is abusive or slanderous that’s another conversation. But if you have a person who is reaching out for help with an issue you need to respond as soon as possible. Give a [representative’s] name and direct contact information. Apologize for the inconvenience and take the conversation offline. Get the details but make sure all the frustrations come out outside of a public forum. If you reach a resolution, ask the consumer to go back to her review and talk about her positive experience.”

Shaw’s Hodge believes remaining “authentic” means you cannot manipulate the review process, which includes deleting negative feedback. “You have to be transparent. You can take a displeased customer and make her feel good about the outcome—that’s something she will never forget.”

Jacobs reminds dealers to respond to reviews as soon as possible; something “less flattering” requires “a little more involvement to make sure we are crafting an appropriate response to the customer as well as addressing the customer concerns directly wherever possible.”

The steps for addressing a negative review as recommended by Carpet One are as follows:

  1. Read the review thoroughly and then conduct research to understand the issue.
  2. If possible, address the issue offline and personally with the customer. Offer contact information in the public response to have them contact you.
  3. Be sincere, positive and concise in your response. Don’t be negative or defensive.
  4. Post the response after ensuring it is concise, clear, positive and grammatically correct.
  5. Follow up: Make good on any resolution discussed with the customer.
  6. Once and only if resolved: Ask the reviewer to follow up her review or complaint with a positive comment or edited review so others know the issue was resolved.
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What’s in a name?

Brand recognition helps dealers sell more Scotchgard

October 26/November 2; Volume 30/Number 10

By Nadia Ramlakhan

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 4.27.16 PMThe Scotchgard brand is still thriving more than 60 years after its introduction, now a household name synonymous with soil, stain and water resistance for flooring, furniture, clothes and more.

When it comes to the flooring industry, Scotchgard provides carpet treatments for major manufacturers including Beaulieu, Mohawk, Congoleum and Godfrey Hirst; the result is a superior product with a name and reputation that resonate with consumers.

“Their products are everywhere,” said Desaray Noel, director of purchasing and quality assurance at Avalon Flooring, with multiple locations throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. She added that all of the brand’s associated qualities tend to carry over into flooring when the consumer is in the market to buy.

“People know [Scotchgard] because they see it in other products, so when they see it [in floors] it’s something familiar they latch onto—something they know. Everyone knows they are a big company and they’ve been around for such a long time. People can buy Scotchgard cans at the store to spray their furniture; all of the merchandise, the POP kits and everything they have—it’s definitely a name recognition thing and that’s why customers are more likely to choose a Scotchgard product.”

Steve Lewis, president of Lewis Carpet and Home in Northbrook, Ill., said that Scotchgard’s promise of protection helps him close more sales. “We do a lot of business with Godfrey Hirst and their synthetics are treated with Scotchgard stain protection. They are at an extremely aggressive price point and the fact that they perform as well as they do allows me to sell them with confidence.”

The winning combination of a quality product backed by Scotchgard’s technology is what Lewis said differentiates his proprietary brand. “Because of the stain protection they have and the products being exceptionally valued and well-colored, they have been a huge success for me. The brand in our store is Lewis Floor and Home, but the sub-brands are really important—whether it be Karastan, Daltile, [etc.]—because they help support the brand that is Lewis Floor and Home. Anything that helps differentiate me from everyone else is a good thing. So if you couple 3M with a good carpet manufacturer and our brand, it is easy for me to sell, make money and do the things I need to do.”

From a shopping standpoint, customers don’t necessarily go into stores asking for Scotchgard; however they do automatically feel reassured after hearing a name they have come to trust over time. “Directly or indirectly, [customers] always ask, ‘Is this product protected from stains?’” Lewis said. “If we can say to them, ‘Yes it’s got Scotchgard on it,’ it eliminates that fear. And if you can eliminate that fear, that is one more buying objection that gets removed from finally making the sale. It’s not the most important part of the sale, but it certainly adds value because if [stain protection] wasn’t there we would have to dance around the issue.”

While a customer wants to make sure the flooring she is about to buy does indeed come with added stain protection, she isn’t often fooled by a generic name or brand. “3M is associated with quality products and consumer goods and therefore adds value to the finished product,” Lewis continued. “When the customer understands it has 3M protection, she believes she is getting a product that is safe; that is almost always the case, especially with our more affluent or particular customers. If she hears ‘Joe’s Stain Protection,’ she thinks, ‘What does that mean?’”

Advertising plays a key role in relaying the brand’s message to consumers in addition to letting them know which products contain Scotchgard protection. According to Randy Thornton, president and co-founder of Randy’s Carpet Plus in Conyers, Ga., dealers should display this particular feature of a floor because “it’s a name brand and people want to see those.”

He attributes years of experience to his success with Scotchgard. “Over the years, it’s been driven into everyone’s heads—it’s got to be on there, it’s the biggest name out there. And it still is the biggest name out there. When customers see the label on the back of the carpet they are confident they are getting something valuable. With 3M Scotchgard on there, it means something to them; they know they’ve got stain protection and they believe in it. If it’s not on the carpet, people don’t want it. Basically they need selling and when they see that label, it’s sold.”

Building on its successful history, 3M continues to explore new ways to evolve based on feedback from customers. “There’s a couple of ways we do this,” said Dave Cheatham, Scotchgard laboratory manager. “Because we’re in the consumer business, one of our big focuses is consumer insights so we do a lot of marketing around the consumer as well as our direct customers. We get feedback from both groups as far as trends and what they are looking for. We also understand that there are changing generations, so there are different communication channels that we are reaching out through as well. On top of that, all of that feeds into our product development cycle to develop superior products in comparison with the competition we have on a global basis.”

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Godfrey Hirst partners with 3M on easyliving@home contest

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 2.03.27 PM

Adairsville, Ga.—Godfrey Hirst recently partnered with 3M, makers of the Scotchgard brand, to offer its dealers an exclusive chance to participate in a contest featuring easyliving@home, the mill’s solution-dyed PET product.

The contest ran from Feb. 1-Aug. 15 and winners were selected based on the most sales in terms of dollar volume.

One winning dealer from each region (East, West and Canada) received a free trip for two to the Bank of America 500 race at the Charlotte motor Speedway in Charlotte, N.C., on Oct. 10 (FCNews Oct. 12/19).

Winners included Steve Lewis, president of Lewis Carpet and Home, Northbrook, Ill.; John Grimmer, site manager at ProSource, Plymouth, Minn.; and Kirk Goodman, warehouse manager at Irvine Carpet One Floor & Home in Barrie, Ontario. In addition, Deseray Noel, director of purchasing and quality assurance at Avalon Flooring in Cherry Hill, N.J., won from a drawing of names based on the most roll purchases.

Easyliving@home, introduced in 2012 and backed by Scotchgard’s stain resistance and protection, recently added 14 products to its collection and plans to unveil more at The International Surface Event (TISE) in January.

“We use Scotchgard on all of our leading products,” said Laurie Bray, marketing manager for Godfrey Hirst. “We value their support and commitment to Godfrey Hirst—they really are in our corner.”

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3M introduces innovative resilient floor protector

3M_Logo_RGB_10mmSt. Paul, Minn.—3M unveiled the next generation of its innovative Scotchgard Resilient Floor Protector, a proprietary and patented high performance floor coating with nanotechnology that protects and enhances a floor’s natural appearance. The zinc-free, low-odor formula utilizes multiple technologies to produce a hard surface that features superior gloss retention, superior black mark and hand sanitizer resistance, and easier black mark removal. The protector works with the 3M Resilient Floor Protection System, a solution approach to providing tough, durable protection and helping to keep floors clean and bright while requiring less maintenance and fewer chemicals.

“Scotchgard Resilient Floor Protector customers have been able to keep their floors looking their best while eliminating some of the traditional steps required for a typical cleaning and maintenance process,” said Paul Amos, Marketing Manager at 3M. “It won the 2014 ISSA Innovation Award in the cleaning agent category, and now we’ve made the next generation of the product even better.”

Designed for facility floor maintenance in areas such as hospitals, schools, office and retail spaces, Scotchgard Resilient Floor Protector is formulated for multiple surfaces, including sheet vinyl, linoleum, luxury vinyl, and VCT. It is available in a one-gallon bag for use with the 3M Easy Shine Applicator or a 2.5-gallon jug.

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3M Scotchgard reinforces strength in its brand

January 19/26, 2015; Volume 28/Number 15

By Ken Ryan

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 3.35.23 PMThe Scotchgard brand name and its distinguished tartan plaid logo have forged a brand identity for nearly 60 years, all in the process of becoming one of the most recognized names in consumer products.

In flooring, 3M has positioned its Scotchgard Protector as the strong, steady brand that protects carpet and other products from stain and soil. While the brand equity remains strong and consistent, the company has continued to invest in R&D in order to keep product performance state of the art. Today it provides treatments for various fiber types, including polyester, nylon, blends and polypropylene for several major mills, including Mohawk, Beaulieu, Godfrey Hirst, Royalty Carpets, Lexmark and Cherokee.

“What we [represent] is added value,” said Jim Stevens, global sales manager, 3M Protective Materials, Home Care division. “We work with the mills to apply the right product to the right carpet. As they make changes, we make changes. The outcome is always positive from a performance standpoint.”

3M has been in partnership with Mohawk for years with its Scotchgard Protector Advanced Repel technology featured in carpets such as Wear-Dated Embrace nylon in addition to hard surface products. According to a Mohawk survey, the majority of respondents chose Wear-Dated with Scotchgard Protector Advanced Repel technology as the brand of choice. “The product has changed [a few times] over the last five years but we haven’t changed the brand positioning,” Stevens said. “We are trying to keep it simple.”

The message from the Scotchgard Protector brand conveys that it is the leader in soil and stain protection. “This allows easy communication of what the protection is and does, and builds immediate trust and confidence so retail salespeople don’t have to spend time explaining the unknown to their customers,” Stevens explained. “Instead they can focus on the product’s look, feel or design—and why they should be buying from their store.”

The breadth and depth of Scotchgard products extends beyond carpet to include Mohawk wood, Congoleum vinyl, Bissell (the leading DIY carpet cleaner), cleaning formulas, professional cleaners and commercial floor maintenance products.

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 3.35.29 PMStevens said consumers have a comfort level with Scotchgard because it is backed by a trustworthy company and brand. “Then they can move onto the important part, which is the overall style and the design of the carpet [or other products].”

The original formula for Scotchgard was discovered by accident in 1952 by 3M chemists Patsy Sherman and Samuel Smith. Sales began in 1956, and in 1973 the two chemists received a patent for the formula.

As fabrics have changed over the years, so did the needs of customers. In response, 3M scientists continually look to innovate by introducing more environmentally friendly formulas that protect against dirt and stains, and have the ability to repel liquids.

“Our goal is to always be state of the art relative to performance,” Stevens said. “Otherwise, we lose that brand position. The goal is to have new products each year, but that doesn’t happen easily.”

3M recently added an 800 number (800.433.3296) to provide customers easy access to warranty and carpet care service. According to Stevens, 3M is one of the few companies that still has live customer service representatives.

“And they have knowledge, years of experience, know the various warranties and can offer guidance, including access to over 1,400 certified cleaners.”

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Mohawk provides multiple ‘Solutions’ for aligned retailers

Floorscapes, ColorCenter dealers ‘Embrace’ new nylon, Silk 

By Steven Feldman 

Volume 27/Number 15; December 3/10, 2012

Orlando—Is it possible to charge more for a product, make more money and create a more satisfied customer? In a word, yes, and Mohawk Industries showed its Floorscapes and ColorCenter aligned dealers exactly how to do this here at its recent Solutions convention.

At the forefront of selling higher-margin products are four additions to the breakthrough SmartStrand Silk franchise as well as the introduction of Wear-Dated Embrace, billed by Mohawk as the softest nylon carpet on the market today and supported by third-party testing. Continue reading Mohawk provides multiple ‘Solutions’ for aligned retailers