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On tour with Regupol America

Recycled rubber flooring featured in several athletic settings

July 7/14, 2014; Volume 28/Number 2

By Louis Iannaco

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 11.19.06 AMLebanon, Pa.—For two days in May, the team at Regupol America showed off some high-profile installations of its Aktiv recycled rubber sports flooring, a product designed with “fitness for a purpose.” Stops included the Horsham Athletic Club, Villanova University, Lancaster Mennonite High School, Franklin & Marshall College and others, as well as the Regupol America plant itself.

Aktiv is constructed for maximum comfort underfoot and designed to absorb the shock of training impact. It can also be customized by color, measurements and marketing, is made of 65% post-consumer recycled tire rubber and 35% post-industrial ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber, features a five-year warranty, is GreenCircle third-party certified and qualifies for LEED credits.

The first stop on the tour was the Shane Victorino Nicetown Boys & Girls Club in Philadelphia. The facility, located in an impoverished area of the city, is 105 years old.

Victorino, the all-star centerfielder formerly with the Phillies, along with the support of his charitable organization, the Shane Victorino Foundation (SVF), has developed a long-term relationship with the Boys & Girls Clubs in his native Hawaii. Since 2005 he has called Philadelphia home, so he was pleased to bring his philanthropic passion to the local community.

Regupol, the inventor of recycled rubber flooring for sports and athletic surfaces, teamed with partner companies Robbins Sports Surfaces, Abacus Sports Installations and the Sika Corp. to supply a full-system flooring solution for the new facility.

“We’ve been supporting the Boys & Girls Club for years, and the fact that this facility was in nearby Philadelphia left no question,” said John Aten, vice present of sales and marketing, Regupol America. “We were happy to support them however we could.”

Regupol contributed more than 9,100 square feet of Aktiv to the facility and 2,300 square feet of Regupol Shock Padding for the cushioning under the gym floor, a total value of more than $34,000.

“It was a great project,” he said, “and a great application—a cross between sports and commercial flooring. It’s a durable, green product, so architects are interested in it also. The floor will last forever. The top is synthetic, and underneath is Regupol padding.”

The contractors did the job correctly, Aten noted, as they did their due diligence when it came to moisture mitigation, “which was a difficult task as all the trades were working simultaneously to get the job done on time.”

In the gym…Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 11.19.52 AM

As an athletic facility that caters to high-end, corporate clientele, the Horsham Athletic Club in Horsham, Pa., had a series of major decisions to make regarding its new 46,000-square-foot facility. One of the most important ones made by owner/general manager Doug Steinly was to use Regupol’s Aktiv Series in several of the most highly utilized and abused areas of his newly introduced club.

“Nobody really enjoys working out, so we do our best to make people comfortable while they are here,” Steinly said. Aktiv does just that, he noted, providing clients with a comfortable surface that absorbs the shock of training impacts and reduces the potential for stress and injury.

Steinly not only wanted a comfortable floor, but one that was versatile as well. A combination of Regupol’s Aktiv Core and Aktiv Strength Series runs seamlessly through the space, underneath cardio equipment, weight and sports training areas, and even the Kid’s Club. In total, 16,000 square feet has been installed throughout the facility.

Utilizing a handful of colors over several areas of the building allowed Steinly to provide his members with an attractive floor that not only matches the overall aesthetic of the space but is shock absorbent, problem and maintenance free, and slip resistant.

According to Aten, the Horsham job was about “fitness looking to be economical, but with color added to create visual interest. The color scheme varies by intensity and, as 20% to 25% of our flooring is custom made, it’s another way of bringing design into a space.”

At Villanova University, Regupol’s AktivPro custom rubber flooring is featured in the school’s football/Olympic sports training room, as well as its basketball training room. It is highlighted by an inlaid system utilizing the school’s colors—gray, white and blue. Both jobs comprise a total of approximately 8,000 square feet of Regupol flooring.

“We worked with the people at Villanova to get it right,” Aten said. The installation includes a solid rubber school logo laid into the floor. The AktivPro system used is new and includes a proprietary adhesive.

Apparently, after the flooring was installed in the school’s football/Olympic sports training room, Villanova basketball coach Jay Wright liked it so much he had to have it for his floor, too, Aten said. “They’re thrilled with the system, its look and the installation team we provided. The whole package together gave them the confidence to specify AktivPro on future projects.”

The multi-layered system was installed last summer and features a 3⁄8-inch underlayment. Regupol products will once again be featured at Villanova soon as the university has committed to the flooring company for its next project, a new 8,000-square-foot building the school will be adding to its athletic facilities.

Day two of the tour featured a stop at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pa., the 13th oldest institution of higher education in the U.S., which boasts a robust NCAA Division III athletic program fielding 27 teams and a new outdoor Olympic-rated racetrack. Indoors, despite the health of the athletics program, the locker rooms used by the football and lacrosse teams were hardly desirable.

Built in 1961 as part of the Mayser Physical Education Center, the rooms featured an outdated epoxy floor, less than ideal for athletes. F&M turned to Regupol, choosing Aktiv for its high performance. “Aktiv achieves color through a mixture of black recycled rubber and colored EPDM, in this case ‘Devil Blue,’” Aten said.

Though the recycled content makes up the majority of the material, the floor presents the optical illusion of appearing more blue than black. The surface covers a total of 2,100 square feet and includes a 6 x 16-foot custom cut logo displaying F&M’s team name—the Diplomats.

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Rubber flooring offers safety in commercial applications

May 26/June 2, 2014; Volume 27/Number 28

By Louis Iannaco

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 12.22.01 PMSafety flooring—rubber or slip-resistant sheet vinyl—provides peace of mind in applications where moisture and harsh conditions dominate. Whether it be at the gym, in the hospital corridor or a high-traffic commercial setting, rubber and sheet vinyl are being used more often because of the safety they provide as well as their comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Following is a look at some of the latest safety-first products available today.

Allstate Rubber

“Rubber has inherent anti-slip properties simply due to the nature of the material, but we don’t go out and sell it strictly as that,” said Ivan Stoler, president. The fashion-forward company offers a variety of colors and often works in public settings, “where people use rubber because they want a tactile surface. In healthcare, such as operating theaters and corridors, it is used a lot, as well as in public spaces, schools of higher education and corporate settings.”

Allstate is selling high quantities of sheet rubber, which features a smooth surface and non-directional patterns. “It also has fewer seams, and is stain resistant and antibacterial, so it fits in perfectly with the healthcare industry,” Stoler said.

Altro USA

Since 1947, slip-resistant sheet vinyl flooring products have been the core of Altro’s business. “We have more than 12 safety flooring products, all offering different features and benefits,” said Richard Finnegan, marketing manager. The company’s latest innovation is a loose lay sheet vinyl called Altro Xpresslay.

“The new trend has been no-adhesive, loose lay flooring,” Finnegan said. “We believe this trend will be the future of the industry. We created the world’s first adhesive-free safety sheet vinyl flooring by modifying our traditional Altro safety flooring to work in a loose lay system.”

Altro Xpresslay appears smooth on the surface but provides a high level of slip resistance when walked on, Finnegan added. “The pressure created by walking over the flooring causes slip-resistant aggregates embedded in the vinyl to push up and rub against the shoe, which creates friction. Because of this it remains slip resistant even when wet.”

American Biltrite

When the company noticed a need to improve upon rubber flooring as a whole, American Biltrite created AB Pure rubber flooring. Specifically, traditional rubber floor formulations shed a yellow haze and kept the product from holding its color. “We went into R&D for over three years to make the first color perfect rubber, great for education, institutional, retail and healthcare environments,” noted Lora Di Fabio, product manager.

AB Pure is PVC and chlorine free, Floorscore certified for indoor air quality, treated to resist the growth of fungus and mold, does not contain latex (an allergen) and meets Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) recommendations. Ingredients were also balanced for fire, smoke and wear resistance, Di Fabio noted.


According to Lori Dowling, president of Ecore commercial flooring, most people think of safety flooring as slip resistant—the type of product that will keep someone from slipping and falling. “That’s a big part of the safety floor market, but there’s also the secondary market, where our new products fit in. The question is if someone falls, how can we keep them from getting injured? So there are really two aspects to safety.”

A safety flooring that combines both rubber and vinyl is Forest RX, comprised of 5mm of Ecore’s recycled rubber backing with a vinyl surface on top. “We make surfaces for playgrounds and gyms, so the concept of making a floor with force reduction and properties that protect people is something we know a lot about,” Dowling explained.

Forest RX is constructed using Ecore’s Itstru technology, which fuses a wear layer to recycled rubber backing containing up to 97% post-consumer rubber. “Itstru allows for greater design diversity and more sustainable options for education, health and fitness, retail and healthcare spaces,” she concluded.

Regupol America

The unique property of rubber, according to John Aten, vice president of sales, is its high coefficient of friction, which makes it an inherently safe flooring option. “This gives rubber flooring high anti-slip properties that work great in dry conditions and wet. It far exceeds the ADA limit requirements of a safety floor.”

Regupol’s AktivPro rubber flooring, a 1-inch-thick tile, provides durability and slip resistance, shock absorption and is comfortable underfoot, Aten noted, “where people are going to be standing all day, such as in a commercial setting. We can customize the base of that material to provide even more shock absorption, which is going to add greater ergonomic value for the people standing on the floor.”

Because of AktivPro’s high slip coefficient, it can be installed in areas where hard surfaces were used before, Aten noted. “From a safety standpoint, it can be used in a locker room, [for example], where you have moisture coming out of the shower onto the floor.”


Rolling Traffic transitions, AlphaBase and Ribbed Rubber Inserts are three rubber options from Roppe. Rolling Traffic transitions are designed to promote minimal reaction between flooring systems where rolling loads such as wheelchairs, hospital beds or shopping carts may be present, while AlphaBase was designed to provide signage at the floor to direct traffic flow in the event of smoke/fire or where buildings require direction to promote safety or handicap accessibility. Lastly, Ribbed Rubber Inserts for Roppe’s rubber stair treads have been a popular choice where abrasive strips were the only option to promote safety for the visually impaired at the top and bottom of stairs, and at stair landings.

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What matters most: Regupol donates to the Nicetown Boys & Girls Club

LEBANON, PA.—Kids at the Nicetown Boys & Girls Club will soon enjoy a completely renovated facility, thanks to the efforts of the Shane Victorino Foundation and community partners including Regupol America, Robbins Flooring, Abacus Sports Installations, Ltd., and several others.

The Shane Victorino Foundation (SVF) is dedicated to promoting opportunities for underserved youth in Philadelphia and Hawaii, engaging in projects that provide children with educational, recreational and wellness programs. The renovation of the Nicetown Boys & Girls Club is the organization’s major endeavor in Philadelphia. The nonprofit pledged nearly $1 million to renovate the 105-year-old building. The club recently celebrated a grand reopening ceremony on Sept. 22. Continue reading What matters most: Regupol donates to the Nicetown Boys & Girls Club