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FirmFit granted waterproof laminate patent

Dalton—CFL Flooring’s patent application for its waterproof laminate technology, which is used in products sold under its FirmFit brand, has been granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

According to CFL, this represents a significant development in the protection of the company’s technologies and helps secure its position as a leader in bringing innovative solutions to the waterproof categories in the North American market.

“We’re extremely excited about this news,” said Thomas Baert, president of CFL Flooring & FirmFit. “Our R&D teams, together with our production units, worked very hard in making FirmFit truly unique. Even in today’s highly competitive flooring markets we’re happy to continue to be recognized for bringing innovative products. FirmFit has quickly become a leader in its category because of the quality and performance of the product, and this patent approval recognizes that.”

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Välinge successfully defends patent

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 3.42.06 PMViken, Sweden — Välinge successfully defended the European Patent No. 1 108 529 against the opposition filed by Flooring Industries Limited, SARL (the IP company of Unilin) in the oral proceedings on Oct. 14, 2014, before the Opposition Division. The patent is thereby maintained as granted after the opposition proceedings. According to Välinge, the patent was originally filed by Mannington Mills, Inc. and relates to resilient floor panels.

The Opposition Division decided in the oral proceedings to reject all grounds of the opposition filed by the opponent, and declared that claim 1 of the patent as granted is novel and involves an inventive step. The patent is thereby maintained as granted after the opposition proceedings, Välinge reported.

The “Välinge-Mannington EP529” patent relates to a thermoplastic laminate plank having a core, a print layer and a protective layer, wherein the core has a groove located on a side of the core, according to the company. Thereby, the patent is relevant for thermoplastic floorings having any kind of connection means comprising a tongue and groove.

Flooring Industries Limited, SARL, can appeal the decision of the Opposition Division.

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EPO and USPTO launch a new website for Cooperative Patent Classification

WASHINGTON—The European Patent Office (EPO) and the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) have launched a dedicated website for the Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) initiative. CPC is a joint project aimed at developing a classification scheme for inventions that will be used by both offices in the search and examination of patent applications.  The launch of the website highlights the progress of this collaborative effort over the year since the Offices agreed to work toward formation of a joint patent classification system. Continue reading EPO and USPTO launch a new website for Cooperative Patent Classification