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Judge confirms Congoleum’s reorganization

After more than six years, a district court has approved Congoleum’s reorganization plan, paving the way for the company to emerge from bankruptcy. In the order signed June 7, Judge Joel Pisano of the U.S. District Court in New Jersey stated that the plan was supported by more than 95% of asbestos personal injury claimants.

Now that the plan has the court’s approval, Roger Marcus, president and CEO, said Congoleum will move to implement the plan. “That includes things we have already put in motion but couldn’t complete until the judge ruled favorably on our plan, like finalizing new financing arrangements with the bank. We already have the bank’s approval, but there is a lot of paperwork. We expect to complete these remaining steps and emerge from bankruptcy shortly.” Continue reading Judge confirms Congoleum’s reorganization

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LVT differentiates, expands design, function, construction; Ease of installation grows

The surge of interest in luxury vinyl tile (LVT) has a team of newer players coming to bat on the resilient field. Companies with different backgrounds, from click systems to cork, have introduced new features and push the product envelope further than ever before.

Experienced manufacturers have also been challenged to innovate, finding ways of improvement in areas like installation, whether it aims to reduce preparation time, ease the stress of custom installation or even allow for do-overs. The common factor for all mills is the ability to offer the expensive look of stone, wood or ceramic tile at a price point that entices today’s price-savvy consumer.


Luxe Plank, the mill’s floating LVT, features Lynx technology with the ability to reposition each plank as many times as necessary. “It’s the easiest LVT floating installation on the market,” said Alan Cubell, vice president of residential resilient. “Lynx Technology starts with specially formulated super thick LVT planks combined with a manufactured film with a highly advanced, performance-oriented, pressure-sensitive adhesive.” Continue reading LVT differentiates, expands design, function, construction; Ease of installation grows

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Checking in: Random thoughts from the ivory tower

by Steven Feldman

This is an exciting month. Maybe not for you, but certainly for me. Even though I’ve been doing whatever it is I do for the better part of 16 years, I can still visit new places, cover events for the first time, and most importantly, learn new things.

I’ll illustrate. A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the Preferred Brands summit at Barnsley Gardens in Adairsville, Ga. First, if you’ve never been to this place, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Yes, it took me longer to get from the Atlanta airport to this in-the-middle-of-nowhere place in rush hour traffic than it did for me to fly from New York to Atlanta, but once I arrived I never wanted to leave. The resort, owned by former Queen and Shaw head honcho Julian Saul, is picturesque and tranquil. (Saul even made an appearance.) Continue reading Checking in: Random thoughts from the ivory tower