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Mohawk announces hardwood price increase

Dalton—Mohawk Industries announced it will raise prices by an average of 6% on select hardwood flooring and accessories in the Columbia and Century brands, effective on all orders and shipments made on or after July 5.

Mill executives attributed the raise to the continued escalation of  lumber and transportation costs. Over the last two years, U.S. economic conditions have caused saw mills to reduce capacity and lower supply to the market, as well as go out of business altogether.

“This is a classic example of supply and demand economics; there is more demand than there is supply,” said Roger Farabee, vice president of marketing for Mohawk Hard Surfaces and Unilin Flooring. “As the market starts to pick up, everyone is scrambling for raw materials. There’s just not enough out there to meet our needs, but we hope the increases stop when more players re-enter the market.”

For more information, call Mohawk at 706.629.7721 or visit online at

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Mills, suppliers advance yarns’ performance, softness and textures

Can technology be utilized in order to achieve art, or an art form, as it relates to carpet fiber? With all that fiber producers can do nowadays with the technology at their fingertips, why not?

According to Bart Rich, director of brand management for Mohawk Industries, the mill’s newest fiber innovations include both nylon and polyester advancements that focus on enhancing durability and softness. “In nylon, Mohawk introduced WearDated SoftTouch featuring our new soft fusion technology. This proprietary process combines the benefits of superior durability along with ultra-soft comfort. We market it as the softest soft nylon in carpet. This fiber gives consumers an irresistibly comfortable carpet that is tough-tested and long lasting. Continue reading Mills, suppliers advance yarns’ performance, softness and textures

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Sustainability: Stories of success range from manufacturer to dealer

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the definition of sustainability calls for “policies and strategies that meet society’s present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

While every area of the industry has made vast strides in making itself and its products more sustainable, perhaps no category has done more than carpet. From fiber makers down to the individual family business, stories of making carpet sustainable abound—from landfill diversion and using less natural resources to closed loop recycling and finding new industries that can reuse all or part of post-consumer carpet. Continue reading Sustainability: Stories of success range from manufacturer to dealer