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Commercial carpet: Transformation to green, modular segment continues

Despite the impact of the recession on the commercial sector, contract’s largest flooring category has not only maintained its leadership position in the green movement, its product mix has continued to be driven more by modular styles as opposed to broadloom.

Financially, the category has been hit as hard as any other. The good news is the declines appear to be slowing; when 2010 is in the books, sales are expected to be off high single digits—a vast improvement over the 25% to 30% drop most saw in 2009. In terms of overall sales, some are estimating the segment could fall below the $3 billion mark by year’s end—and closer to $2 billion when Main Street is taken out of the picture—thus giving back virtually everything it had gained in the decade leading up to the recession.

This feeling that the light at the end of the tunnel can be seen is not something just being touted by the mills. At the recent Starnet and ReSource conventions, many of the industry’s largest flooring contractors sported the sentiment, “If we can hold on over the summer, the fall is starting to look decent. And, if we can get through this year, things are looking up in the long run.” Continue reading Commercial carpet: Transformation to green, modular segment continues