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OW Hospitality positioned for growth in MEA region

OWH_Logo_3Tag_new-greenDubai, UAE – OW Hospitality, manufacturer of Axminster and hand tufted carpets and area rugs, announced that the company is further positioned to lead the hospitality carpet industry for the entire Middle East and Africa region.  The company said it has committed to the area by further developing its management, design staff, and sales support in their Dubai office to provide additional service to the Gulf Countries.

OW Hospitality is a global player holding offices in six cities worldwide currently, including Dubai and Cairo.  OWH recently installed carpet in several hotels throughout Sochi, Russia, the site for the 2014 Winter Olympics, as well as for multiple high-end hotel brands throughout the Emirates, and multiple casinos and hotels in the USA.

With the added commitment to the region, the company is gearing up aggressively for expansion and considering a satellite production facility outside Dubai to add further service capabilities for the clients in the region.  OWH said its service advantages there include: 1) The company’s main production facility is in Cairo making them a local producer which allows for significantly shortened lead times 2) OWH has the advantage of the Arab Nations Treaty allowing shipments into the Gulf Countries, duty free. 3) OWH said it offers drastically reduced freight costs than most other source countries, 4) Design staff is positioned in both the Dubai and Cairo offices, which will provide the best possible service available.

“OW Hospitality is a global leader in high quality Axminster and hand tufted carpets,” said Michael Riley, CEO and managing director of OW Hospitality. “We as an organization are completely committed to effectively growing and serving the Middle East and Africa regions and have the support in which to do so.  As an advantage over most competitors, we have the full infrastructure already in place and now aggressive growth strategies to further penetrate this uniquely valuable and growing market.”

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Young appointed OW Hospitality's director of global sales

London — OW Hospitality today announced the appointment of Jonathan Young, formerly of Brintons Carpets as the “Director of Global Sales” for the company. Mr. Young will be tasked with leading the sales effort worldwide for OW Hospitality as they continue with their aggressive expansion plans in the hospitality carpet segment. Young’s experience in hospitality dates back 30+ years and he has worked in key positions for such successful companies as Milliken in both the USA and international markets, and most recently as CEO of Brintons US Axminster Inc. Young will be based in the company’s US office. Continue reading Young appointed OW Hospitality's director of global sales