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Ecore enhances its Polyflor product offerings

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 9.11.20 AMLancaster, Pa.—Ecore Commercial has refined its offering of Polyflor resilient vinyl flooring products in an effort to streamline selection and facilitate faster product fulfillment. The updated portfolio includes 16 new homogenous, heterogeneous and slip resistant vinyl surfaces, as well as premium flooring from the Expona luxury vinyl tile collection.

“Polyflor is an internationally renowned flooring manufacturer with an extremely large product line,” said Bo Barber, vice president of marketing and business development, Ecore, the U.S. distributor for the UK-based company. “Ecore narrowed down our offering, in an effort to provide better focus on the products we support. This has also allowed us to bring in substantial inventory of key products and colors, something Ecore has not previously done.”

The homogenous surfaces available include: Pearlazzo PUR, a 2.0mm vinyl roll with a textured look; 2000 PUR, a 2.0mm vinyl roll or tile that has a marbleized look; and Classic Mystique PUR, a 2.0mm vinyl roll or tile with non-directional, two-tone chips.

The heterogeneous surfaces available include: Forest fx PUR, a 2.0mm vinyl roll that looks like real wood, and Bloc PUR, a 2.0mm vinyl roll available in solid colors with a textured emboss.

The slip resistant surfaces available include: Polysafe Verona PUR, a 2.0mm vinyl roll featuring a solid background with chip accents; Polysafe Modena, a 2.0mm vinyl roll with subtle micro granite decoration; Polysafe Arena PUR, a 2.0mm vinyl roll that looks like stone, concrete or textile; Polysafe Vogue Ultra PUR, a 2.0mm vinyl roll featuring a solid background with multi-chip salt and pepper accents; Polysafe Wood fx PUR, a 2.0mm vinyl roll that looks like real wood; Polysafe Hydro Evolve, a 2.0mm vinyl roll featuring solid colors with a raised emboss; and Polysafe Apex, a 2.5mm vinyl roll with a solid background and sparkling sand-like visual.

The Expona luxury vinyl tile surfaces available include: Expona Control PUR, a 2.5mm slip resistant luxury vinyl tile that looks like stone or wood; Expona Flow PUR 2.0mm heterogeneous vinyl roll that features wood, textile and stone visuals; Expona Commercial PUR, a 2.5mm luxury vinyl tile with a wood, stone and stylized look; and, Expona Design PUR, a 3.0mm vinyl tile in wood, stone and effect, which features graphic interpretations of everyday items.

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Distributors rally behind Raskin’s FloorNation

May 22/29, 2017: Volume 31, Issue 25

By Ken Ryan

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 10.49.27 AMWith the luxury vinyl tile market bursting at the seams with so many new products entering the fray, distributors are tasked with seeking out products that offer true differentiation.

In Raskin Industries’ FloorNation, wholesalers say they have found a winning combination—a line offering great style and design, coupled with a made-in-the-USA story. FloorNation is a phthalate-free, virgin vinyl flooring available in three collections: Freedom, Pride and Glory, all featuring the company’s G88 advanced coating system.

Although FloorNation has been out for more than a year, some locations are seeing it for the first time. Such is the case in the Rocky Mountain region, where Midwest Floors, a Salt Lake City-based distributor, just introduced the line. “It’s been a huge success,” said Eric Parrish, owner. “Our customer base is most excited to have a product that focuses on quality and service. We all want something unique and original, and that is what Michael Raskin has done. He has taken time to see the trends and color tones that influence our North American market and then made his own color offering to complement our wants and needs with the Raskin line. Add in the fact that it’s made in the USA and you have a story worth telling and then selling.”

Ted Rocha, director of sales for Raskin, has worked on expanding the company’s distribution network since joining the company in 2016. He was particularly impressed with Midwest Floors’ rollout. “Midwest has never launched an LVT line like ours; their eyes are wide open. They really got behind it and have gotten out of the gates very fast. They are in a small market but it is amazing how much they dominate their market.”

Gilford-Johnson Flooring, a top 20 distributor, has carried the FloorNation line for several months and reports brisk activity. “What makes FloorNation so attractive for Gilford-Johnson is you have a concise product offering in the hottest category in flooring,” said Jodie Doyle, vice president of product management. “When you add Michael’s ability to bring popular, cutting-edge decors to the product line and the made-in-the-USA story, that’s a really great combination for a distributor and a tremendous value proposition for our customers.”

Doyle said Gilford-Johnson retailers have “eaten up” the Glory product line, which boasts a 4mm thickness and 20-mil wear layer. The line also features an extra wide (9.25 x 59.25) extra long format available in five colors. “There are three great selling stories in the FloorNation line, but Glory has been an absolute home run with our customers.”

Market expertise
Distributors credited Michael Raskin and his team for their extensive LVT knowledge as well as their ability to listen to the challenges distributors face and focusing on bringing solutions to the market. “With quality, service and price you can only pick two—and we went with Raskin Industries and their call for quality and service,” Parrish said. “Too often price is the story that is sold, but as a homeowner or a business owner we would never put in the cheapest product if we were educated on what makes other products better. At the end of the day someone can disagree with my opinion, but the fact is design matters and Raskin is proving that with FloorNation.”

Parrish added that the made in America angle is a very big deal from a logistics standpoint and should not be discounted. “Managing inventory from containers is a constant juggling act and one that is never perfect. To take a 20-week lead time out of the equation is a solution that everyone is looking for.”

Scott Carson, director of products and marketing for T&L Distributing in Houston, said the domestic production of FloorNation has made a huge difference in his company’s ability to service customers on a timely basis. “The product is being built in Ohio, and they are carrying product in Ohio. I can have the product in one to two weeks as opposed to 8-10 weeks [if imported]. That is huge for my business.”

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An increase in domestic LVT plants improves logistics, service, costs

January 6/13, 2014; Volume 27/Number 18

By Ken Ryan

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 11.47.57 AMLuxury vinyl tile (LVT) is the fastest-growing category in the flooring industry across the globe and yet remains a business ripe with tremendous growth opportunity. This statement is not simply an opinion, but a belief shared among several major flooring manufacturers as expressed in 2013 with their announcements of multimillion-dollar investments in domestic LVT plants. Continue reading An increase in domestic LVT plants improves logistics, service, costs

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LVT moves beyond the kitchen

Volume 26/number 28 June 10/17, 2013

Economy, creativity allows for category expansion

by Jenna Lippin

When discussing LVT, we have all heard the same phrase uttered: “It is the fastest growing category in the industry.” The alternative product has become a game changer, bringing both promise and innovation to the flooring world even during its darkest times.

But what really made LVT the success it is today is its profile as a multi-use product. Originally, LVT became popular as a water resistant, hard surface product that was ideal for mainly kitchens and sometimes spaces such as a laundry room. In the past, LVT would not be considered for bedrooms or other larger living spaces throughout the home. But in recent years this perception has changed. Continue reading LVT moves beyond the kitchen

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Resilient: The hottest category brings the heat to this year’s Surfaces show

From left: Lofty Expectations, one of IVC’s latest introductions, features a floor display with a city skyline, seen here with co-CEOs Xavier Steyaert and Paul Murfin. Metroflor’s Aspire line helped the company’s booth gain a large amount of traffic at Surfaces according to Russ Rogg, president and CEO. Right: Michael Raskin and Dorit Sauer-Raskin show off both their T-shirts with the ‘tuff’ Raskin gorilla and the new Elevations5 line.

By Jenna Lippin

Volume 26/Number 19; February 4/11, 2013

As the industry’s fastest growing category, resilent suppliers had to bring their A game to Surfaces given the vast amount of competition. With revamped or expanded LVT and sheet vinyl offerings and fresh merchandising displays, all sought to impress existing and potential customers and garner attention not only at the show, but most importantly, for the rest of 2013.

Some of the industry’s biggest players met with FCNews at Surfaces for a detailed look at their latest offerings. Continue reading Resilient: The hottest category brings the heat to this year’s Surfaces show

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Adore Floors announces new director of commercial flooring

Barry Ferman, director of commercial flooring at Adore Floors.

Farmingdale, N.Y. — Adore Floors, the world’s leading manufacturer of Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT),  appointed Barry Ferman as director of commercial flooring.  In this role, Ferman will work closely with commercial designers and architects to provide advice, guidance and specification for flooring needs.  Continue reading Adore Floors announces new director of commercial flooring

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EarthWerks expands coverage

EarthWerks Luxury Vinyl Plank and Tile is now available in Virginia, Maryland and Delaware, thanks to distributor ABRAHAM LINC’s new expansion into those markets. Amy Sadler, National Sales Manager for EarthWerks said, “We’ve enjoyed a great relationship with Abraham Linc for many years and are very excited to have our full line represented by them in these expansion markets.” Continue reading EarthWerks expands coverage

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Price erosion continues to plague laminate

Sales still shifting toward non-specialty retail channels

by Steven Feldman

The laminate flooring market in 2011 could best be described as more of the same. Sales dollars decreased for the fifth consecutive year, albeit slightly, volume increased for the third year in a row and more business was directed toward the home center and mass merchant channel.

When the dust cleared, FCNews research puts the laminate flooring market at $1.094 billion, down 1.6% from the $1.112 billion in 2010. At the same time, units went from 1.01 billion square feet to 1.02 billion square feet sold, a 1% gain. That means the average selling price continues to erode, now standing at $1.07 a square foot, down from $1.10 last year. It was only five years ago when the average selling price of laminate flooring was $1.30. Continue reading Price erosion continues to plague laminate

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Armstrong readies itself for 2012

by Melissa McGuire

Lancaster, Pa.—Armstrong has come into 2012 loaded with significant introductions in its laminate and hardwood portfolios along with a focus on its 2011 Altera Reserve intros that are just now gaining traction in the marketplace.

With luxury vinyl tile all the rage these days, Armstrong believes Alterna and its step-up Alterna Reserve offer the best visuals on the market. As such, the company is positioning these collections not versus competing LVT but rather the real thing—the stones they emulate, according to Allen Cubell, vice president of residential resilient products. Continue reading Armstrong readies itself for 2012

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Fall product preview: Tiles and sheet vinyl goods rolling out for back-to-school

As one of the strongest categories across the flooring industry, resilient producers are introducing a number of new collections and updates this fall. Focusing on a strong value proposition, stone and wood looks are the popular visuals, while easy installation features seem to be en vogue from a technical perspective.

Many companies are also introducing goods for the commercial side, or warranting performance with light commercial guarantees. With the residential market scraping along the bottom, suppliers are providing retailers with products that can yield the greatest profit at all points along the channel. Continue reading Fall product preview: Tiles and sheet vinyl goods rolling out for back-to-school