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Indusparquet taps new distribution partners for east coast

IndusParquet's Brazilian Oak in Charcoal.

Miami—Indusparquet USA, a manufacturer of Brazilian hardwood flooring, has added two new distribution partners for their U.S. East Coast business. Indusparquet currently partners with JJ Haines for a majority of the eastern seaboard. Haines will remain in a dual distribution role.

Derr Flooring of Willow Grove, Pa., has been granted distribution rights for Virginia, Maryland, District of Columbia, eastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey. Custom Wholesale Floors, based in Jacksonville, Fla., will assume distribution rights in North and South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and Florida. These changes become effective October 1.

According to Jodie Doyle, Indusparquet’s VP of sales and marketing, the new distribution partners are a perfect fit for what the company represents today and also the changing vision for Indusparquet in 2020 and beyond. “We are a mature company inside a mature category, so the opportunity for Indusparquet to add two high-quality distributors like Derr and Custom Wholesale Floors is a huge bonus for what we are trying to accomplish,” she said. “Both companies are highly respected in their markets and take the wood business seriously. Their expertise and passion for hardwood and the category will enable our company to tell the new Indusparquet story.”

Rick Holden, chief operating officer at Derr Flooring, added, “[Indusparquet’s] commitment to manufacturing highest-quality products complements our philosophy of offering the best to our customer base. They have a tremendous commitment to producing environmentally responsible products, a major selling point we will present to customers. Additionally, we are proud that Indusparquet and Derr Flooring are both multi-generational, family-run businesses.”

Indusparquet has been making product changes to their running line offering, all centered around developing the species, visuals and quality that today’s American consumers demand. Their “Exotics Reimagined” campaign will be geared towards ensuring that the distributor, retailer and consumer all understand the unique benefits offered by exotic hardwood flooring and developing new looks that meet the demands of today’s new consumer.

Joe DuPree Jr., chief operating officer at Custom Wholesale Floors, noted the company’s hardwood flooring commonality with Indusparquet. “In today’s flooring world of replicating wood looks using non-wood materials, we are proud to offer Indusparquet’s ‘Real Hardwood Flooring’ to knowledgeable customers who want the real thing.”

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Wood: Exotics – Latest looks, styles in changing market

January 5/12, 2015; Volume 28/Number 14

 By Ken Ryan

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 12.38.07 PMClearly the entire market for exotics has changed. It is not forgotten, but it is just not the hot category it was a decade ago. Distributors no longer go wide and deep with their inventory, preferring to carry one or two lines that have been successful. “What the market has come down to is minimizing merchandising and turning those boards

as fast as you

can,” said Bruce Hammer, sales manager at Elof Hansson, which boasts an inventory of roughly 80% exotics.

In 2008, Congress passed the Lacey Act, prohibiting the import of illegally harvested wood and wood products into the United States. This legislation set a precedent for the global trade in wood flooring and other wood-related products, ensuring that only legally logged timber for flooring is sold into the United States.

The emergence of Lacey prompted some players to leave the Brazilian market. For companies like IndusParquet, which sources its products from Brazil, this market shift was welcome news. For starters, IndusParquet does not face illegal logging issues in Brazil because of the way it harvests from managed forests; second, the thinning of the herd has allowed it to take market share.

But the company did more than just sit back, according to Jason Strong, vice president of marketing and sales. “We don’t look at ourselves as just an exotics company,” he said. “We bring today’s fashion trends from Brazil into the U.S. market.”

Those trends include soft rustics and wide planks up to 8 feet long. Several of these products were on display at the NAFCD show in November, including Dolce pecan. This best seller features a ½-inch wear layer with a 6¼-inch-wide by 8-foot-long plank. The company sells the offering to distributors for just under $4 per square foot.

In addition, Indus-Parquet is adding a gray stain—gray being one of the trendiest colors—to its Brazilian pecan collection. “We’re taking our species and putting our spin on it,” Strong said.

IndusParquet products are now distributed in every U.S. state. The last region to be filled was the Northwest; Cascade Pacific, a Denver Hardwood company, agreed to carry the exotics line in 2014. The companies forged the deal at Surfaces.

“I have to give credit to Enos Farnsworth,” Strong said of the Denver Hardwood president. “Enos was the one who drove this process, who helped us get coverage in the Northwest.”

Farnsworth said he looked at all the exotics and believed IndusParquet was the clear leader. “We’re going to have a good partnership.”

Distributors were also interested in Elof Hansson exotics during the NAFCD show. Of particular interest is acacia, its leading exotic out of Asia. It sells for $1 to $2 less a square foot than most South American exotics and has been a winner for distributors, Hammer said.

Elof Hansson sources about 85% of its exotics from Brazil, with Bolivia and Peru making up the rest.

Industry wide, Brazilian cherry remains the leading South American exotic. Santos mahogany, another popular species, is said to be in short supply, at least in Peru where Chinese companies have been buying up vast quantities, flooring executives explained.

Out of Africa

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 12.38.20 PMArk Floors’ most recent exotics introductions include unique African species such as doussie, padauk, tali, amberwood and African mahogany, which all make up Ark’s Wild Coast collection. “There are a lot of unique species from that region that are durable, stunning and work well over radiant heat, yet for some reason we don’t see a lot of them in the marketplace,” said Laurie Sanfilippo, marketing manager.

Sanfilippo is one who believes enforcement of the Lacey Act and other green standards is postitive, as it has forced exotics marketers to raise their quality standards or face the consequences. “As consumers everywhere become more concerned with the back story of the products they purchase, manufacturers need to respond in order to remain viable. This can only benefit the industry as a whole. For Ark, these regulations have not changed our mindset, as responsible forestry is something that our factory has always been concerned with.”

Despite sourcing 85% of its products from South America, Elof Hansson can lay claim to a U.S. story as well—virtually all of its exotics are finished at a facility in North Carolina. The U.S. connection can be a big deal, Hammer learned, when a customer who was purchasing 4,600 square feet of tigerwood insisted on personally visiting the North Carolina facility to ensure the finishing was done on U.S. soil. “Ninety-eight percent of what we finish is done here in the states,” Hammer said. “It’s more to manage but I like the control it gives us along with the flexibility and recourse to have the raw materials here.”

For Mirage, exotics make up a very small percentage of its hardwood flooring portfolio, but it serves a niche market. The company sources Santos mahogany from Brazil and sapele from Africa. “We like the business we have in exotics, but it’s not the fastest growing part of our business by any imagination,” said Chris Thompson, vice president of sales and marketing at Boa-Franc, makers of the Mirage brand. “I think the consumer demand has lessened; the demand isn’t like what it was a few years ago. A lot of that is due to styling and color. Red—which can be found in Brazilian cherry and other exotics species—has fallen out of favor.”

Still, for those who rely on tropical exotics as their main hardwood flooring line, there are plenty of opportunities waiting to be grabbed.

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IndusParquet names Cacade Pacific as new distributor

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 9.19.49 AMScreen Shot 2014-09-23 at 9.20.22 AMMiami — IndusParquet has announced Cascade Pacific Flooring Distributors as its newest distributor. Cascade Pacific will service IndusParquet customers in the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana while stocking product in its Portland and Seattle locations.

“Cascade Pacific is the premier distributor of hardwood flooring products in the Northwest, making them the perfect partner for our product line,” said Jason Strong, IndusParquet’s vice president of sales.

Although the entire IndusParquet line will be made available to customers in the Northwest, Cascade Pacific will be offering merchandising that focuses on the best sellers, IndusParquet added.

“Our plan is to show and stock heavily the top IndusParquet seller’s to provide the service our customers are accustomed to,” said Greg Wagner, Cascade sales manager. Cascade Pacific has branch locations in the Oregon cities of Portland, Eugene and Bend, and the Washington cities of Kirkland and Tukwila.

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IndusParquet 'kicks' off sales contest

Grand prize is trip to Brazil for soccer championship

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 3.14.35 PMHicksville, N.Y.—IndusParquet has launched a sales contest for its top dealers and distributor representatives in which three winners will receive an all-expenses paid trip to Brazil for next year’s World Soccer Championship as well as a tour of the company’s facilities.

Continue reading IndusParquet 'kicks' off sales contest

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IndusParquet adds Coltran as regional sales manager

Coltran, Chris.IndusParquet
Chris Coltran

Medley, Fla.—IndusParquet has announced the addition of Chris Coltran as eastern regional sales manager. In his new position, Coltran will be responsible for managing all business activities in the eastern region, including spearheading the management of key regional accounts and providing support to distribution partners. Continue reading IndusParquet adds Coltran as regional sales manager

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IndusParquet hosts trip to Brazil for dealers and distributors


indusparquet_logoMEDLEY, Fla.— It’s one thing to inform your valued dealers and distributors about the quality and care you put into your genuine exotic Brazilian hardwood flooring products. It’s another thing altogether to give those distributors a personal tour of your facilities in Brazil, including a taste of the country’s culture, cuisine, and hospitality. That’s exactly what IndusParquet, the worldwide leader in exotic Brazilian hardwood flooring, is doing four times a year for its valued clientele. Continue reading IndusParquet hosts trip to Brazil for dealers and distributors

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IndusParquet poised for growth

By Steven Feldman

Volume 26/Number 26; May 13/20, 2013

Pau Ferro, a unique South American wood species, looks like a mix of tigerwood and Brazilian teak, and is only offered by IndusParquet.

Miami—After a few challenging years, IndusParquet, the Brazilian hardwood manufacturer, is poised for a strong 2013 with projections of 25% to 30% growth.

Flavia Baggio, COO, told FCNews the company is starting to see a lift because the delta is changing between U.S. lumber prices and Brazilian exotics. “Brazil had its building boom over the last 10 years, which affected our lumber prices. But now this upsurge has reached a peak. For a while we were expensive compared to domestic exotics.” Continue reading IndusParquet poised for growth

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IndusParquet's Ebony Angelim now available

Medley, Fla. — The color black is synonymous with boldness.  Whether it’s the roadster rounding a corner at 60 miles an hour or that little black dress, black is often used to make a statement.  Now, the new Ebony Angelim High-Sheen flooring by IndusParquet is turning heads.

Leading designer Madeline Stuart recently selected the black IndusParquet flooring profile for this year’s 84th annual Academy Awards Architectural Digest Greenroom.  Stuart designed a space inspired by the debonair art director and production designer Cedric Gibbons, a Hollywood legend.     Continue reading IndusParquet's Ebony Angelim now available

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Manufacturers debut offerings for spring season

By Jenna Lippin

Volume 26/Number 22; March 18/25, 2013

While we are only a few months into this year, there already is a renewed sense of optimism. Surfaces has quickly come and gone, but this does not mean opportunities are over for manufacturers to showcase new goods. Some are revamping existing lines while others are unveiling brand new designs. Continue reading Manufacturers debut offerings for spring season