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HPS Schönox fills two key managerial positions

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 10.40.43 AMFlorence, Ala. — HPS Schönox announced the next steps in its expansion of North American product distribution with the hiring of two key management positions.

Courtney Sturtevant is assuming the position of distributor relations and business development manager, a nationwide role to support the growth of distributors and their business interests. Rex Revard has joined the company as Western region business manager, a position that will focus on Southern California, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico with strategic business development and key customer support.

“Our clear objective at HPS Schönox is to support distributors and customers at every turn from project analysis and product specification through the subfloor preparation process,” said Thomas Trissl, HPS Schönox principal.  “Courtney and Rex bring the complementary strengths of product and industry knowledge paired with a firm desire to help customers succeed.”

Most recently, Sturtevant was the director of sales with Raskin Industries and previously held various positions with increasing reach and responsibility all within the flooring sector. She is the third generation in her family to work in the flooring industry, having grown up working in her father’s Santa Cruz, Calif.-based Rainbow Carpet One stores.  “At this point in my career, I have been fortunate to work on the retail, wholesale, and manufacturing sides of the industry allowing me to fully understand the opportunities and challenges that customers face,” Sturtevant said.  “I was eager to work with Thomas Trissl and the team at HPS Schönox when I saw the commitment level to help customers grow their businesses.”

A commercial project manager for five years in the subfloor product industry and the owner of a contractor business before that, Revard brings a wealth of valuable experience to HPS Schönox.  His focus is on helping the customer base to fully understand and implement the breadth of subfloor solutions that the company is bringing to the marketplace that are geared toward saving time and money while delivering better flooring projects with more efficient installation techniques.  “I jumped at the chance to join the entrepreneurial excitement at HPS Schönox,” Revard said.  “The company has such a fast-paced environment with a clear focus to provide better, more innovative products.”

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Adhesives: Focus on fast installation, healthier indoor environment

Feb. 17/24 2014, Volume 27/number 21

By Jenna Lippin

State-of-the-art technology not only takes floor covering products to the next level, it also advances installation methods, devices and products. With that said, adhesive companies represent a particularly important niche within the industry with new, progressive formulas that translate into faster, easier installations and also lend themselves to healthier indoor environments with low VOCs and various “green” certifications.


Advanced Adhesive Technology’s (AAT) most recent innovation is a new, thin-spread adhesive for VCT. The reformulated AAT-370 Ultra Premium Thin Spread offers a much faster drying adhesive, resulting in time saving of up to 25%. But, the most important feature of the new acrylic-enhanced formula is its ability to be used over slabs with an in situ RH of 95%. This enhancement will add a margin of safety for flooring contractors that choose AAT-370, without increasing their cost.

AAT-370 dries to a transparent film allowing layout lines to remain visible. It is also installer friendly—AAT-370 spreads easily, has an extended working time (up to 24 hours), and is water resistant and nonflammable. Furthermore, AAT-370 is protected by CleanGuard, a specifically formulated broad-spectrum, antimicrobial agent that protects AAT’s adhesives from microorganisms, such as mold or mildew, in both the wet and dry state.

The CRI Green Label Plus Adhesive Certification Program has certified AAT-370 as a low-VOC adhesive.


New from Anderson is Bear Hug, a wood flooring adhesive offered in three formulas: Green Grab, Premium Urethane and 3X Triple Option.

With low odor/low VOCs, Green Grab’s new formula provides easy troweling and is proven to be a non-slumping formula. Further, it has a spread rate of up to 70 square feet per gallon and offers up to 15% more coverage per container than other brands.

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 4.43.32 PMPremium Urethane is a one-part, one-day system with permanent bond for on-, above- or below-grade installations. It is warrantied for up to 8 pounds of moisture vapor transmission with proper trowel. Premium Urethane can be applied to multi-ply engineered plank, acrylic impregnated plank and parquet, and plain-back parquet. It offers up to 20% more coverage per container than other brands, the company claims, and has a spread rate of up to 60 square feet per gallon.

Anderson’s third new formula, 3X Triple Option, is a 3-1 application made with 100% solids, has minimal odor and a spread rate of up to 60 square feet per gallon. It  has an early quick grab and rapid strength technology in order to make the surface a true “work on” installation. Additionally, it meets the IIC and STC building code requirements for sound reduction. Triple Option is the only offering that is reusable once opened and provides up to 15% more coverage per container than other brands.

All Bear Hug adhesives can be used with any engineered or Envirocore Anderson product. The company also authorizes the use of Bear Hug on applicable engineered products from competitors.


Bostik’s adhesive introductions include Ultra-Set SingleStep2 and GreenForce, both with the company’s AXIOUS Tri-Linking Polymer Technology for exceptional long-term durability and moisture protection.

SingleStep2 contains 1% recycled rubber material, contains zero VOCs  and no water. It can be used to adhere all engineered, solid, bamboo, cork and parquet products designed and recommended by hardwood flooring manufacturers for gluedown applications. There is no restriction on plank width or length and may be used over all properly prepared substrates common to hardwood flooring installations. SingleStep2 can also be used to install plywood, ceramic tile, marble and stone inlays for light commercial or residential applications.

Offering unlimited moisture vapor protection, SingleStep2 protects hardwood flooring from damage caused by subfloor moisture in concrete slabs. It also offers sound abatement performance equivalent to ¼-inch cork underlayment.

Similar to SingleStep2, GreenForce is easier to spread and clean off prefinished flooring before and after cure, contains zero VOCs and no water. Its high-performance formulation is appropriate for the same flooring products and installations as SingleStep2.


The current highlight from DriTac is 7700 Easy Clean 4-in-1, which is a completely green, premium MS polymer sound and moisture control wood flooring adhesive for use underneath engineered hardwood, solid plank and bamboo flooring installations.

By simply changing the trowel, 7700 Easy Clean can be utilized as a 4-in-1 sound and moisture control wood flooring adhesive or as anScreen Shot 2014-02-24 at 4.44.23 PM adhesive only. This type of product versatility and the exceptional green grab it offers help to set it apart from the competition.

Containing zero VOCs, zero solvents and zero isocyanates, 7700 Easy Clean is CRI certified for indoor air quality and has been specially formulated for easy clean up off hardwood surfaces when wet or dry.  The product also spreads easily and has minimal odor.

HPS Schönox

Schönox’s current focus is on Roll and Go adhesive, catering to the growing popularity of LVT.  According to Karen Bellinger, business development, the product has been approved by about 35 manufacturers for LVT installations. Because Schönox actually tests Roll and Go with each flooring product, the company can guarantee it will work with all approved LVT offerings.

When ready to install, a thin layer of Roll and Go is applied to a prepared substrate (Bellinger recommends a Schönox self-leveling product and primer) onto which tiles and/or planks can be installed immediately.

Roll and Go allows users to save time and money, and the overall process is easier on installers as they can remain upright when rolling on the product. The nature of Roll and Go also allows for a damaged plank or tile to be easily removed and repaired.




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HPS North America set to ‘level’ the playing field

January 6/13, 2014; Volume 27/Number 18

By Steven Feldman

Schönox floor levelers alleviate the problem of deteriorated and stressed substrates. The end result is a brand new subfloor ready for any type of flooring to be installed.

As the founder and former president of Centiva, Thomas Trissl is considered an innovator in design, color and aesthics. Now, a little more than three years after selling his company to Tarkett, Trissl is back in the innovation arena, but this time on the subfloor solution side.

Trissl is now the majority owner of HPS North America, which, among other things, serves as the exclusive importer of Schönox installation products to the North American marketplace. While the Rosendahl, Germany-based manufacturer of primers, repair mortars, floor leveling compounds and adhesives may not be well known on this continent as of yet, Schönox has been a household name in Europe for 120 years. Continue reading HPS North America set to ‘level’ the playing field

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HPS Schönox opening new doors for builders

Las Vegas – lled into place saving time and resulting in a smooth, even adhesive application is presenting subfloor products at the NAHB International Builders’ Show that will allow contractors to install more diverse flooring in rooms that would normally receive broadloom carpet only.  The company’s self leveling compounds can be poured over uneven wood subfloors.

“We are seeing significant interest by builders in our Schönox leveling products allowing them to install any floor materials that require a smooth, flat substrate,” explained Thomas Trissl, HPS Schönox principal.  “We are opening doors for builders to upscale additional rooms within homes with lesser investments in time and materials.”  Technical support teams will be in the Schönox booth (S1802) to provide insights into subfloor solutions for smoother, faster, and safer flooring projects.

Schönox AP and APF are self-leveling compounds that can be poured over critical substrates, including wood subfloors, providing a smooth surface for installing a wide variety of laminate, vinyl, ceramic, and other floor coverings without the use of underlayment panels and boards.  “Our Schönox leveling compounds are great for use in new construction, but also in renovation projects where traditional demolition efforts can be costly and time consuming,” said Russell Wright, HPS Schönox Regional Business Manager Southeast.  “Our products minimize demolition tasks and provide a subfloor that is sound, smooth, and ready for flooring installation.”

Also new to the building industry is Schönox Roll and Go, a rollable acrylic adhesive, for use with luxury vinyl tile.

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HPS Schönox to demonstrate subfloor products at Surfaces

ide variety of existing flooring materials and critical substratesLas Vegas – HPS Schönox will demonstrate a wide range of innovative subfloor products on the Main Stage at Surfaces on Tuesday and Wednesday from 1:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. Primers, self leveling compounds, and adhesives will be presented that facilitate smoother, faster, and safer flooring projects.

“We consistently see that first-time users of Schönox subfloor products don’t return to the old ways of preparing subfloors, leveling them, and installing floor coverings,” said Thomas Trissl, HPS Schönox principal.  “Our objective for the demonstrations is to show how projects can be completed faster addressing tough subfloor issues with a smarter use of installation labor.”

In addition to the formal demonstrations at the Main Stage, HPS Schönox will be doing demonstrations throughout the Surfaces trade show event at its booth (B3837.)  The company will welcome flooring installers, specifiers, designers, architects, facility managers, and anyone interested in a better way to accomplish subfloor projects.  The new approach of having live product demonstrations in the booth will allow attendees to see the product benefits first hand.

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HPS Schönox debuting product-system approach

HPSOrlando, Fla.—HPS Schönox is introducing a product-system approach to address challenging subfloor issues common in healthcare facility renovation projects. Combinations of Schönox products can address diverse and challenging subfloor problems such as rough and uneven substrates, unsound wood subfloors, asbestos cutback, and significant moisture issues. Most importantly, Schönox can solve these subfloor issues with products that do not contain VOCs, have dust-reducing properties, contribute to LEED credits, and allow installers to renovate rather than demolish existing subfloors. Continue reading HPS Schönox debuting product-system approach

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HPS Schönox to exhibit at Construct

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 9.46.43 AMNashville – Exhibiting for the first time at Construct, HPS Schönox is bringing new technologies and products to the commercial building sector that will expand the ability to install more diverse floor coverings over critical subfloors. The company’s full line of primers, floor leveling compounds, repair mortars, and adhesives will be presented at the show. Product solutions that address moisture issues, damaged substrates, wood subfloors, and renovating rather than demolishing subfloors will be debuted.

“Specifying the subfloor materials that will support the overall flooring installation is so important that we wanted to come to Construct to talk directly with the professionals who make those critical decisions,” explained Enos Farnsworth, president of HPS North America. “Time after time we find that specifiers, commercial building teams and architects clearly understand the value of the innovative products that Schönox is making available to solve subfloor challenges.” Continue reading HPS Schönox to exhibit at Construct

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Fuse Alliance adds HPS Schönox as preferred supplier

fuse allianceAurora, Colo.—Fuse Alliance has announced the addition of HPS Schönox as a preferred supplier. HPS Schönox will supply the member-owned network of flooring contractors with a full line of subfloor products. The Schönox series includes primers, repair mortars, floor leveling compounds and adhesives.  “We’re thrilled to add HPS Schönox as a preferred supplier to the Fuse,” said Ron Lee, executive director, Fuse Alliance. “Its leadership understands the value of the professional flooring contractor, and how together we can provide solutions to substrates we currently don’t have available.” Continue reading Fuse Alliance adds HPS Schönox as preferred supplier

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HPS Schönox added as supplier to CCA Global membership

Roll and Go.HPS SchonoxSt. Louis—HPS Schönox has announced it will be partnering with CCA Global Partners to supply its independently owned members with a full-line of subfloor products. The Schönox product series includes primers, repair mortars, floor leveling compounds and adhesives. “The thorough vetting and due diligence process that CCA Global uses to review its vendors was welcomed by our team,” explained Enos Farnsworth, president of HPS North America. “We’re proud of our partnership with CCA and eager to get to work with its strong member network.” Continue reading HPS Schönox added as supplier to CCA Global membership

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HPS Schönox's MSP Classic debuts at NWFA Wood Flooring Expo

Dallas – HPS Schönox is bringing a new technology to the flooring industry with the launch of its new MSP Classic universal wood flooring adhesive at this week’s NWFA Wood Flooring Expo.  The new product uses silane modified polymers, the most advanced technology in adhesives.  “We are continuing to introduce strong solutions for flooring projects taking a fresh look at ways to improve installations,” remarked Enos Farnsworth, president of HPS Schönox.  “MSP Classic improves on every facet of the wood flooring adhesive process.”  Continue reading HPS Schönox's MSP Classic debuts at NWFA Wood Flooring Expo