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HomerWood highlights Smoked Specialties hardwood flooring

HomerWood Smoked Hickory Turmeric-1
HomerWood’s Smoked Specialties utilizes a hand-smoking technique that creates dramatic, rich and alluring visual elements. This collection includes smooth, Amish Hand-Scraped and wire brushed textures to complement any décor.

Wood is one of the most important design elements in any home.  While nature may provide the inspiration, it’s HomerWood Premium Hardwood Flooring that brings individuality to hardwood floor design.  The alluring and striking Smoked Specialties hardwoods take the natural splendor, elegance and distinction of classic hardwood floors to a new level.

Smoked Specialties flooring warms up a room in an explosion of color and texture, and conveys the look of an antique floor with a touch of contemporary elegance that can complement any décor.  Continue reading HomerWood highlights Smoked Specialties hardwood flooring

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HomerWood partners with distribution to launch training program

Titusville, Pa. – HomerWood has launched a series of workshops created to enhance the skill set of its partner sales teams. Focusing on consultative selling and presentation skills and using HomerWood as the model, the program is designed to create, build and lead dynamic sales and support organizations and enhance the overall sales power of its distribution partners. Continue reading HomerWood partners with distribution to launch training program

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Environment, safety at head of domestic production

Volume 26/Number 25; April 29/May 6, 2013

By Matthew Spieler

Flooring manufacturers such as HomerWood have been honored for their environmental activities.

Few countries, if any, have as many laws as the U.S. regarding the protection of the health and safety of its people and the environment, from the federal level to local municipalities. In addition, green building rating systems have put a greater emphasis on how far a product travels, rationalizing the closer it is to the jobsite, the less energy required to get it there.

While some may complain about the abundance of regulations, the flooring industry, in many ways, has deemed these rules advantageous to producing products in the U.S.

Randy Merritt, president of Shaw Industries, said the company’s commitment to safety, health and the environment spans past compliance. “Our sustainability practices go beyond basic federal or state requirements. We aim to be an innovation leader, producing products that minimize waste, utilize renewable energy in production when possible and safeguard our natural resources. Shaw has recycled more than 600 million pounds of post-consumer carpet from 2006 through 2011, a major milestone for the growth of carpet reclamation.” Continue reading Environment, safety at head of domestic production

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Quality control: Key advantage to local mill production

Volume 26/Number 25; April 29/May 6, 2013

By Matthew Spieler

With production in Barnwell, S.C., Kronotex is able to check for quality control, something extremely important for producing goods under the Formica brand.

Dalton—Mohawk is hitting the road this year and taking its SmartStrand with DuPont Sorona with it. The mill will continue to prove SmartStrand’s performance attributes in the coast-to-coast “License to Spill” carpet showdown tour in partnership with the nationally syndicated lifestyle television show, “The Better Show.”

The tour, which will make at least 12 stops, will showcase the cleanability and performance of SmartStrand at festivals and home show events. Attendees are invited to spill everything from ketchup and Kool-Aid to wine and coffee on SmartStrand carpet to see if it will clean with just water or mild detergent. Mohawk will promote its local Floorscapes and ColorCenter members at each tour stop and encourage consumers to visit their nearest aligned retailers to take advantage of promotional offers. Continue reading Quality control: Key advantage to local mill production

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Industry starting to tout Made in the USA message

Volume 26/Number 25; April 29/May 6, 2013

By Matthew Spieler

Marketing Made in the USA has become an important component to manufactuers’ promotional activities.

Style, performance and price are still the main drivers of consumer purchases, but as more Americans express a desire for domestically produced goods it is becoming increasingly important for companies that make their products in the U.S to market that fact.

Flooring is no different, and the industry is starting to take that message to heart with more companies making Made in the USA part of their marketing initiatives.

“Does the industry as a whole do a good job promoting Made in America? asked George Kelley, president and CEO of Kronotex, maker of Formica branded laminate floors. “No. Our job is to market this more aggressively. The Formica brand is celebrating 100 years of U.S. roots; we have to get the distribution and retail community excited and proud to emphasize Made in America as a positive when working with their customers. We strongly believe consumers are looking for reasons to buy American-made products.” Continue reading Industry starting to tout Made in the USA message

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Manufacturers debut offerings for spring season

By Jenna Lippin

Volume 26/Number 22; March 18/25, 2013

While we are only a few months into this year, there already is a renewed sense of optimism. Surfaces has quickly come and gone, but this does not mean opportunities are over for manufacturers to showcase new goods. Some are revamping existing lines while others are unveiling brand new designs. Continue reading Manufacturers debut offerings for spring season

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HomerWood names Goodfellow 2012 Distributor of the Year

Michael May, HomerWood’s regional sales manager for Canada (right) presents the award to Ed Pires, Goodfellow’s product manager (left), at Surfaces 2013.

Titusville, Pa. – HomerWood Premium Hardwood Flooring recently named Goodfellow Distributor of the Year for 2012.

Goodfellow is a major wholesaler and distributor of hardwood flooring and wood by-products with headquarters located in Delson, Québec and branch offices in Mount Pearl and Deer Lake, NL; Dartmouth, NS; Moncton, NB; Quebec City, QC; Campbellville and Ottawa, ON; Winnipeg, MB; Calgary and Edmonton, AB, and Delta, BC.  Goodfellow has been a HomerWood distribution partner since 2001 and distributes HomerWood Premium products throughout the Canadian market. Continue reading HomerWood names Goodfellow 2012 Distributor of the Year

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Wood: Innovations make category ripe for recovery

Direct print cork was all the rage this year, and leading the charge was Amorim. Michael Bennett, right, CEO, and Tim Tompkins, national marketing director, highlight the technology’s capabilities.

Highlights include digital printing, distressed, new strand woven and exotic concepts

By Matthew Spieler

Volume 26/Number 19; February 4/11, 2013

Wood flooring may have been one of the hardest hit categories when the housing and financial markets collapsed, but anyone walking this year’s Surfaces show floor would have been hard pressed to find any signs of a beaten industry. Rather, exhibitors of all sizes came out swinging for the fences with an array of styles and performance attributes to satisfy even the most demanding end users.

On the style side, mills displayed visuals that until now could not be achieved. But thanks to advances in technology, such as direct printing, cork suppliers are now able to offer products that no longer resemble cork but rather marble and tile as well as other types of traditional wood looks. Other visuals took advantage of distressed techniques to give the final product a worn, reclaimed look, such as wood salvaged from an old barn, while others simply took actual reclaimed wood and turned it into unique types of flooring. Continue reading Wood: Innovations make category ripe for recovery

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HomerWood welcomes Belknap White as a distributor partner

Warm and inviting hardwood is captured in smoked hickory from HomerWood Premium Hardwood. The charred, smoky appearance evokes a sense of depth and mystery using a technique achieved by gently flaming the wood prior to staining and finishing, for a floor that is equally appropriate in either a residential or commercial setting.

Titusville, Pa.  – HomerWood announced on Feb. 12  the addition of The Belknap White Group, a 35-year old flooring distributor operating in New England and upstate New York, as a distributor of its solid and engineered hardwood floors, effective immediately.

According to HomerWood general manager Paul Walker, the relationship with Belknap White will have a positive impact on retailers and on the business. “This is a strategic decision that makes sense for both parties – HomerWood and The Belknap White Group.  With HomerWood, Belknap can strengthen the operations of both businesses for the benefit of the customers they serve in the Northeast.  Like HomerWood, Belknap is committed to being a preferred partner by ensuring that every interaction is a positive experience.” Continue reading HomerWood welcomes Belknap White as a distributor partner

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February 2012 — Surfaces 2012: Optimism, steady traffic take center stage

Volume 26/Number 16; Dec. 17/24, 2012

Hanley Wood, Surfaces’ owner, claimed a 10% increase in attendance at the 2012 event, while participants noted steady traffic throughout the three-day event. For the first time in years, Surfaces held a feeling of renewed optimism for the flooring industry

“You could tell something is changing and the overall mood of the people was better,” said Scott Levy, executive vice president of operations for Scranton, Pa.-based Arley Wholesale, a tile distributor. Continue reading February 2012 — Surfaces 2012: Optimism, steady traffic take center stage