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Haines Loyalty Club Summit brings bigger, bolder

April 27/May 4, 2015; Volume 29/Number 2 

By Ken Ryan

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 5.17.14 PMNational Harbor, Md.—Haines has held its annual Loyalty Club Summit for many years now but the 2015 version was different in many respects. First and foremost, the integration of CMH Space is now complete and that gives the industry’s No. 1 distributor tremendous economies of scale.

By virtue of the acquisition, Haines has added 23 new suppliers including IVC US, EarthWerks and KronotexUSA, and now boasts 393 Loyalty Club dealers, the largest contingent in its history, up 270% since 2006. From the opening comedy skit delivered by top executives to the closing, the mood here was vibrant.

“This is the first year we are all together, so I look at this as year one,” said Bruce Zwicker, president and CEO of Haines. “This is a new era.”

It was also a new venue—the sparkling Gaylord Resort & Convention Center overlooking the Potomac River, just outside of Washington, D.C. The move was fortuitous; last year the Haines Summit was held in downtown Baltimore. Had this year’s event been scheduled there, company executives said they would have canceled the Summit because of the unrest in that city.

As it was, a record 525 attendees turned out for the two-day Haines event, which included breakout sessions, product demonstrations and a five-hour vendor showcase that was packed with dealers. “Booth traffic has been phenomenal,” said Steve Wagner, director of sales and marketing for Wellmade Performance Flooring.

Luc Robitaille, vice president of marketing at Boa-Franc, makers of the Mirage brand, said dealers were particularly interested in Mirage’s new displays.

David Little, owner of Little Wood Flooring in Cornelius, N.C., said he gets a jump-start on the buying before the showcase opens. “At my rep’s suggestions I often do the purchasing before I even come to this show. Once here I am mainly looking for displays to buy; there are some great displays here.”

Haines Loyalty Club (LC) dealers are independent retailers who are not affiliated with any buying group, although some may be a Mohawk or Shaw aligned dealer. LC dealers get access to a slew of marketing, merchandising, online and financial tools as well as discounts on everything from Staples products to Enterprise rental cars. Of note, members annually receive $700 in rebates to use for purchasing displays, advertising and more.

“We’ve never had a goal to be 600 or 800 members; we want the right members,” said Scott Roy, senior vice president of the Armstrong division and customer service. “We want the majority of their businesses to be retail since the rebates are mostly on residential products. These independent dealers enjoy their independence, but when they join this group they still have their independence with the buying power of 393 members. And there are the rebates and marketing programs. We’ve come a long way but we are not even close to being satisfied. We know this program can grow even more. We want this program to be unique and differentiate the dealers, and we want to reward their loyalty.”

In 2014, Haines paid out hundreds of thousands in rebate dollars. On another note, the program offers customers $700 in merchandising funds to spend as the customer wishes on business support. Both Roy and Rosana Chaidez, senior vice president for CMH sales, urged members more than once to spend the “free” money.

Amy Kasopsky, co-owner of A&E Flooring, Collegeville, Pa., said she didn’t take advantage of the rebate the first two years she was a Loyalty Club member because she was “overwhelmed” by the sheer number of features and benefits available to her. “They just have so many perks it’s hard to wrap your head around it at first. But I make sure to spend the money now.”

So do Pam and John Kulick, co-owners of JK Carpets, Locust Grove, Va., the 2014 Loyalty Club Dealers of the Year. “I never leave the $700 on the table,” Pam Kulick said. “I usually have it spent by March. I have already bought two displays this year using the funds.”

CMH integration

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 5.17.34 PMThe integration of a $200 million distributor into the Haines fold was a long and arduous process that involved massive logistical challenges and transportation issues that invariably arise with such a merger.

“We knew it was big,” Zwicker told FCNews. “It was really hard to account for absolutely everything. It is getting better. It’s like whack-a-mole. We see a problem, we whack it.”

Several Loyalty Club retailers said the transition is becoming more seamless by the week. Bill Zeigler, owner of Charles F. Zeigler & Sons in Hanover, Pa., said the last six weeks in particular have been much smoother operationally.

Chaidez noted, “One of our best customers said to us, ‘You never stopped shipping, you never stopped billing, you never stopped operating.’”

Roy added, “We would not have record attendance like we have today if we didn’t have people behind us like we do.”

Haines operates three sales divisions: Armstrong Flooring, CMH Flooring and Flooring Supplies. Under the new Haines, former CMH Space CEO Hoy Lanning is senior vice president, CMH marketing and Haines purchasing and inventory; Chaidez is now senior vice president of CMH sales; Roy is senior vice president of the Armstrong Division and customer service, and Fred Reitz is vice president of the supplies division. Mike Barrett was recently hired as vice president of operations.

2015 outlook

Zwicker provided his 2015 industry outlook, which in some respects looks similar to 2014. “Q1 is off to a slow start and it’s not all weather related. April is showing improvement; new residential is not picking up but it’s coming. Remodel and retail pricing is up but not robust. Commercial growth is accelerating. 2015 feels like last year—good, not great.”

He said success for retailers often depends on where they are located and what the competition is like in that market. “Depending on where you are located, who your competitors are, some of you are killing it with double-digit increases.”

One of those dealers “killing it” is Little. “I literally cannot keep up with demand; our business is so good. Part of it is we have been in the Charlotte market, near Davidson, [N.C.,] for many years and we’re known there, and we just don’t have a lot of competitors.”

As for the future, “we just want to be really good at what we do,” Zwicker said. “We are not going public. We are not for sale. We are not looking to make another acquisition. We want to make it right [with CMH].”

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Haines welcomes new vice presidents

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 2.03.50 PMGlen Burnie, Md.—Mike Barrett has joined the company as the new vice president of operations, leading all Haines Flooring warehouse and delivery functions. Bill Rothenbach has joined the company as the new vice president of human resources, leading all Haines corporate human resource functions.

“We are excited to welcome these new executives, and look forward to reaping the benefits of their expertise and experience,” said Bruce Zwicker, president and CEO. “As Haines continues to grow and evolve, we need to increase our management capacity as well as bring to the company new ideas from other industries.”

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2015 expected to pick up after sluggish, underwhelming 2014

December 8/15, 2014; Volume 28/Number 12

By Ken Ryan

Some flooring executives are using the phrase “slow and steady wins the race” in reference to the improving economy with hopes that 2015 will be a victory for the flooring industry in the face of a weaker-than-expected 2014.

Ed Duncan President, Mannington Residential

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 2.09.15 PMMannington’s forecast for the industry in 2015 is for low single-digit growth of around 3% to 5%. We expect residential remodeling to maintain its current modest growth level and single-family new home starts to grow approximately 8% to 10% year over year.

We see modest growth across all key segments—not dramatic growth. Specifically, slow but steady improvement that’s driven by general demographics and economic activity. But for 2015 we don’t see there being a significant change.

Mannington’s own forecast is always to outperform the industry. We have a lot of new initiatives we think will fuel that performance, which will be introduced at Surfaces.

2015 will be a big year for Mannington. We continue the transition to domestically produced LVT as our new facility in Madison, Ga., comes online. In addition, we have a new lineup of products in every category that will be unveiled in January. And last but not least, we are gearing up for Mannington’s Centennial, which we’ll celebrate at the end of 2015 and through 2016.

Bruce Zwicker CEO, Haines

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 2.09.23 PMNo one knows what the demand for flooring will be next year. All of us were fooled last fall when the unanimous 2014 growth rate was another 7% to 8%, just like 2013. But we have been disappointed this year. In 2014 market demand grew about 3% and supply perhaps as much as 5%. Inventory in the pipeline increased but not to excessive levels, and manufacturers had to moderate production rates to accommodate slower demand.

In the first quarter of 2015 we will beat the very poor Q1 2014 comps. After that, each quarter’s demand in 2015 will be equal to or slightly above the corresponding quarter of 2014. If those assumptions are correct, then flooring demand in 2015 will increase about 4% to 5%.

For Haines, we will forecast a budget increase of about 4% to 5%, more or less market growth. We expect to gain share but think the demand forecast for next year is not certain. Therefore, we will hedge our bets against the possibility of another disappointing year and budget sales equal to market and hope to beat our budget.

We think the growth will come from all three demand segments with new residential the strongest and both commercial and residential remodeling more modest.

We are excited about the new dedicated Armstrong division. We now have a sales and marketing team that does nothing but work hard to bring to our customers the best that Armstrong has to offer.

We have also established the Haines supplies division, ranging from Pennsylvania to Florida. This is an emerging large supplies business, so we need to figure out the best way to service our customers and bring that model to all 26 supplies centers.

Tom Lape President, Mohawk Residential

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 2.09.33 PMWe see 2015 as a positive year for the floor covering industry for units and dollars. It would be fair to say 2014 did not pan out how we thought it would from an overall demand standpoint, but we’re optimistic for 2015.

The floor covering industry gets good benefit from any existing home sales. Existing home sales were up anywhere from 3.5% to 5% in 2013, and were down 3.5% in 2014. That is a major flip.

As we look forward to 2015, we see consumer confidence continuing to do well along with favorable trends on interest rates and employment. The mood is still optimistic and the fundamentals look solid.

Single-family home sales still have not reached the halfway point of where it was at its peak in 2006. We expect another positive year, but we still have a ways to go to reach the midway point. We’re seeing more demand for multi-family based on shifts in demographics, and that’s good for flooring.

On the commercial side, we’re bullish on Main Street; we see that as a net contributor to the business. We see more demand from modular carpet tile, and we have made substantial upgrades to that line, as well as the addition of a comprehensive LVT line that our Main Street reps will carry. We feel Main Street will continue to outperform residential in 2015.

In early 2014 we separated our business from a distribution standpoint. We took our multi-family and builder sales force and separated them out to drive more of our specified business. We also consolidated hard and soft surface products to our builder and multi-family segments, and that has generated a great deal of specified work.

On the product side, Continuum, our patented polyester process, continues to perform well, and we will continue to expand this offering.

SmartStrand is our coups de grâce, and we expect 2015 to be our biggest year ever for SmartStrand, with a number of styles and constructions, new fiber systems and our SmartStrand Forever Clean product, which will be the story for 2015.

Randy Merritt President, Shaw Industries

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 2.09.39 PMThe economic reports we follow indicate that 2015 construction spending will be strong and household formation is on the rise, which is a positive signal for the flooring industry.

For Shaw, the capital investments we have announced over the past two years reflect growing market demand for carpet tile, LVT and engineered hardwood.

LVT continues to be an industry growth leader, and in the commercial space carpet tile will continue to dominate. We expect continued decline in the use of broadloom in commercial settings, with the exception of the hospitality sector.

In 2015 and beyond, success will be driven by continuing to innovate to develop products that meet our customers’ preferences in terms of both value and style. We will also look for ways to be nimble in order to respond to the increased desire for customization and the increased pace of changing customer demands. We’ll continue to offer innovative products and services to meet our customers’ needs.

Next year we will see the realization of many of our manufacturing investments, including the completion of our engineered hardwood plant expansion, our new LVT manufacturing plant in Ringgold, Ga., and the opening of Evergreen Ringgold, the latest addition to our diverse recycling portfolio.

Among our array of services, we’ll continue to provide robust dealer training and services to support their success. The market will continue to evolve, and we’re committed to driving innovation into the business to ensure Shaw and its retailers continue to thrive.

Donald Maier CEO, Armstrong Flooring Products

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 2.09.46 PMWe think opportunities lie in having a fully integrated, vibrant line when remodel comes back. Having products for different construction types, different needs and different design tastes is key to winning in the market. The challenge is in educating consumers and salespeople, helping them understand the full value of their options.

Many homeowners prefer hard surface flooring because it is seen as being more durable, easier to clean and better for indoor air quality than soft surface. Vinyl flooring will continue to be popular because of its low cost, durability and minimal maintenance. We are continually focused on delivering leading edge designs and innovations to differentiate our products. However, we do believe that vinyl flooring will see below-average growth due to ongoing competition from other hard surface flooring materials.

I also think we are stacking up strong in innovation across the portfolio, whether it’s in sheet vinyl or our Alterna products, wood offerings or laminates.

Regarding 2015, business is dynamic, and it’s important we stay agile enough to respond to any change or new opportunities that present themselves. We are excited about the growth in our LVT business, both in the residential and commercial segments. We are looking forward to the opening of our LVT plant in Lancaster, Pa., next year. With an investment of over $40 million in a plant expansion and an LVT line of our own, we can serve the North American market—where industry sales for luxury vinyl tile are growing at a double-digit clip—from Lancaster.

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Haines celebrates the integration of CMH Space

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 9.26.27 AMGlen Burnie, Md.—Ten months after acquiring CMH Space, Haines announced that the integration of the two companies has been completed and the new Haines is being launched.

“We are all very excited about launching the new Haines following the integration of CMH,” said Bruce Zwicker, Haines president and CEO. “We look forward to developing ways to bring our customers the benefits of the new company. We are one company doing its best to provide the products and services that our customers need to succeed.”

Effective Monday, Nov. 24, 2014 the integration of the two companies is complete. The new Haines is now operating as one company with integrated technologies, systems, logistics and teams.

“A lot of people across Haines have put in a lot of time and effort to make the integration a success. With this step completed, we can start finding ways to add more value for our customers,” Zwicker said.

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Haines opens Wheeler Supplies Center in Orlando

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 1.03.26 PMGlen Burnie, Md. — Haines announced the grand opening of the Wheeler Supplies Center in Orlando on Aug. 22. This is Haines’ first Supplies Center opening and the beginning of Haines-Flooring Supplies Division expansion into the Florida market.

Haines began the new supplies division when it acquired Allied Products in early 2013 and then grew the division when it acquired CMH Space and Ellis Flooring in early 2014. Haines now operates 26 Supplies Centers throughout the Mid Atlantic and Southeast.

“Our goal is to become the premier flooring supplies company within our territory. This will not happen overnight,” said Bruce Zwicker, CEO. “We will achieve our goal through acquisition, organic growth, greenfield expansion of supplies centers, and building the best supplies team and business model that we can. We are new to the supplies business and have a lot to learn and do.”

The Wheeler Supplies business has employed a very knowledgeable team of four, led by Jed Collins, sales manager, Flooring Supplies, to start the Florida expansion. Collins has been a sales leader at Wheeler since the acquisition of Wheeler by Haines in 2007. The Wheeler Supplies Center is stocked with a broad array of flooring installation tools and supplies to meet the expectations of flooring contractors and flooring dealers. In addition, the current flooring supplies available to Wheeler floor covering dealers will be expanded and sold by the existing team of Wheeler account executives.

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Southern Summit: Haines creates new supplies business

July 7/14, 2014; Volume 28/Number 2

By Ken Ryan

IMG_8523Orlando, Fla.—Haines is establishing a dedicated Orlando-based supplies business. The announcement was made at its Southern Summit on June 30, as the industry’s largest distributor seeks to leverage a burgeoning business that offers its Loyalty Club dealers an opportunity to make more money. The new supplies business will be part of Haines’ Wheeler Division, which was developed after the distributor acquired Wheeler Flooring Solutions in 2007.

In making the announcement, Haines CEO Bruce Zwicker called the supplies business “separate but complementary. Supplies [business] in Florida is not well organized, and suppliers are looking for someone to be a supplies company in Florida—that’s us,” he told FCNews. “We’re staking our claim to be that supplies company.”

Zwicker said the supplies division encompasses a multitude of products, including cushion, adhesives, setting materials and moisture meters. These products provide retailers with margin opportunities and the ability to bundle products. Zwicker estimated that supplies is a $75 million business. “We will be [involved] in a big way,” he noted.

Rosana Chaidez, vice president of marketing and inventory for Haines, told FCNews that supplies “is one of the fastest growing trends—it’s already a big part of our business. This has been a long-term strategy for us.”

Jed Collins, formerly Haines’ East Coast sales manager, will head the new supplies division and will be tasked with developing new business. In related moves, Chad Adrian will take over Collins’ former position and Mike Thomas will oversee the entire state of Florida. “It speaks to their efforts and contributions in Florida,” Chaidez said of the promotions of her team members.

The new Haines

When its acquisition of CMH Space is fully integrated in the fall, Haines will comprise four sales divisions—Armstrong Flooring, Diversified Flooring, Flooring Supplies and Non-Flooring—10 warehouses and 26 supplies counters.

During his presentation to southern Loyalty Club members, Zwicker showed two images—a battleship that is a behemoth of a structure but not very flexible or versatile, and an aircraft carrier, also a huge vessel but one that is versatile enough to house squadrons of jets that can take off in a moment’s notice and helicopters that can be dispatched to “rescue retailers” in distress.

“Our mission is to be that big aircraft carrier,” he said.

Retailers in attendance—some of whom are relatively new to the Loyalty Club—praised Haines for, among other things, its responsiveness, which they said is especially impressive given the size of the $500 million-plus company. “You order something from them on Monday, it’s there on Tuesday; you order something on Thursday, it’s there the next day,” said Mark Hernandez, owner of Wilderness Furniture & Floors in Fort Myers, Fla.

David Wadsworth, owner of Wadsworth Flooring in South Daytona, Fla., worked with Wheeler for 32 years and enjoyed its familial culture. He feels the same love from Haines. “They share the same values,” he said. “I am pleased with the partnership; Haines offers exceptional service.”

Included in that service is a bevy of programs and services. For example, Loyalty Club members are provided a $600 Loyalty Fund that dealers can use on virtually anything—including merchandising, promotions and programs. To date, many retailers have not taken advantage of what Scott Roy, vice president of sales and marketing and customer service, called “free money.”

Roy also urged members to take advantage of so-called “blow out” lists that offer deep discount prices on products. “And there is nothing wrong with the material,” he said. Another advantage: Club members get a 24-hour advance notice on the blowout list.

Loyalty Club membership has grown 264% since the program was launched in 2006, with 16 new members this year. Haines’ data shows that members do better than non-Loyalty Club retailers. In 2013 in Florida, overall retail sales rose 13%, while Loyalty Club retailers showed a 23% increase.

Zwicker said Loyalty Club retailers maintain an entrepreneurial spirit while benefiting from many programs and services. “These are folks that want to be in a program like ours that doesn’t tell them what to do,” he noted.

Web services

As Haines’ plans progress, the distributor continues to fine-tune its Web services business. It is testing the idea of an interactive newsletter that offers an instant chat feature. Another program, Haines Connect, provides dealers with access to real-time inventory, as well as the ability to complete online ordering, electronic invoicing and payment, requests for credits, electronic mill claims submissions, pricing and promotions.

Haines continues to drive quality leads its members can take advantage of through its portal. Consumers who live in a certain ZIP code can enter it into the Haines website and go to the landing page for a specific Loyalty Club member whose store is also located in that area.

Additionally, Haines is continuing to promote its GE finance program and has expanded its partner programs to include offers that aren’t related to flooring, such as a Sam’s Club membership, Enterprise rental car program or a Dell computer discount.

Retailer of the Year

During the Southern Summit, Haines named International Wood Floors of Sarasota, Fla., as its Southern Retailer of the Year for 2013. The criteria for consideration is lengthy: outstanding sales performance in 2013; demonstrated success with the Loyalty Club; participation in 60-day sales events; excellent showroom appearance; support of Haines and being proactive with its Web services program, and maintaining a profile page.

International Wood Floors did all that and increased sales 45%. “We’re kind of a small store, so it is a surprise,” said owner Mick Dean, who was delighted with the recognition.

Dean’s store is noted for continually updating and upgrading displays, and actively promoting 60-day sales. Chaidez said Dean has done a great job “reinventing his business.” She added, “He has a very attractive showroom and he does a good job separating the high end goods from the lower end goods.”

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Industry expects second half to be better than first

July 7/14, 2014; Volume 28/Number 2

By Ken Ryan

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 10.40.11 AM

Despite a rocky start to the year—largely due to the unusually harsh winter that affected much of the country—2014 is still expected to be another modest growth year for the flooring industry, albeit perhaps not at the level many expected in late 2013.

“As we prepared for 2014 we anticipated that [positive] momentum would continue, expecting three or four years of steady improvement,” said Randy Merritt, president of Shaw residential. “Maybe we just hit a blip and will see a better second half.”

Neil Poland, president of Mullican Flooring, shared the sentiments of many when he said demand in 2014 has continued to grow but not at the rates of 2013 due to the colder winter. “Let’s hope the demand spike has just been delayed by the brutally cold winter,” he said. “We are optimistic the demand will accelerate in the next several months.”

Bruce Zwicker, CEO of Haines, the industry’s largest distributor, believes the overall flooring industry will grow 4.5% in 2014 driven by a 6% increase in the second half. More important, he believes the long-term fundamentals that drive the market, including housing starts, job creation, consumer confidence, etc., exist today.

Others, including Luc Robitaille, vice president of marketing at Boa-Franc, makers of the Mirage brand, agreed that a bad winter can’t derail the comeback. “The economy is definitely on the right track and we think it will continue to deliver a sustained growth over the next few years,” he noted.

Flooring retailers grind it out

Challenging times are nothing new for independent flooring dealers. They’ve been through it before with the economic struggles in the mid-2000s, and the successful ones have learned to rely on their business acumen to navigate through the rough patches.

“You just have to grind it out,” said Paul Johnson, president, Interiors One Carpet One in Tulsa, Okla. “You have to continue to improve your business fundamentals and reinvest in your company. Those who didn’t do that during the recession are behind the 8-ball and finding it is really hard to play catch-up.”

Flooring America’s fiscal year runs from October through September, and its first quarter ending in December 2013 was, according to the group, terrific. “Then things stalled, especially in the Northeast and Midwest with the terrible weather we had, and those areas are still limping along,” said Keith Spano, president.

Indeed, the general economy contracted in the first quarter by 2.9%, the worst three-month period since the Great Recession. However, recent economic data is far more encouraging for a better second half and beyond.

On July 3, the Labor Department announced U.S. employers accelerated their hiring in June, adding an encouraging 288,000 jobs to help drive the unemployment rate to 6.1%, the lowest since September 2008.

It was the fifth straight monthly job gain above 200,000—the best such stretch since the late 1990s tech boom. Over the past 12 months the economy has added nearly 2.5 million jobs—208,000 a month, the fastest year-over-year pace since May 2006.

The July 3 report from the Labor Department underscored that the U.S. economy is moving closer to full health.

Several retailers said they have already seen business activity spike, which in turn has forced them to scramble to fulfill orders. Spano said he recently visited Flooring America stores in 10 states in a two-week span, and noted that “everyone is slammed right now from a written standpoint. Everyone is busy, but we will wait to see how the delivered piece comes in.”

Nick Freadreacea, president of The Flooring Gallery in Louisville, Ky., said 2014 has been a tale of two sides. “Sales have been very good for the first half of the year but deliveries were slow due to the prolonged winter. Now the weather is great and we are doing all we can to get the huge backlog installed.”

Overall, Freadreacea said he sees business continuing to grow in the second half and expects 2014 to show marked improvement over the past several years.

July has historically been a busy month for flooring retailers, a trend that would be great if it holds true for 2014. Michael Dominique, owner of Michaels Floor Depot in Clearwater, Fla., said June was his best month of 2014, and sales in the first half were up 10% to 15% over 2013.

Bill Zeigler, owner of Zeigler & Sons, Hanover, Pa., said after an up and down first half, billings have come back strong in June, which “bodes well for a better second half.”

Scott Milligan, owner of Heartland Wood Flooring in Pompano Beach, Fla., said the first half of 2014 was his best ever, with much of that growth coming on the commercial side, as South Florida’s housing market continues to rebound.

Spano said the retail segment, while lagging at times, is showing signs of more robust activity. “We are starting to see jobs for the whole house coming through rather than one-room type jobs,” he said. “That leaves us optimistic for the second half.”

He added that data shows 22% of homes last year at this time were under water compared with 11% this year. “Still, the ones who are in positive territory are not investing in flooring just yet. But with five consecutive months of good job growth—[in excess of] 200,000 jobs created—there is reason for optimism.”

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Kent Goodman, owner and CEO of Space Flooring, retires

Kent Goodman (left) and Hoy Lanning
Kent Goodman (left) and Hoy Lanning

Glen Burnie, Md. –Haines announces the retirement of Kent B. Goodman, owner and CEO of Space Flooring. Goodman and his family operated the Atlanta-based company since its founding in 1969, and sold the company to CMH in 2008. At the time, Kent stayed on as president of Space Flooring and became a partner and shareholder of CMH Space.

Goodman’s career in flooring began at the age of 16 and he worked through many positions until he became vice president of operations in 1985, when the company’s sales were $10 million. He became president and CEO of Space Flooring, succeeding his father in 1993 when sales were $18 million. Under Goodman’s leadership, Space Flooring grew to $70 million.

Bruce Zwicker, president and CEO of Haines, and Hoy Lanning, president of CMH, join a gathering of family, friends, employees, suppliers, and customers to honor Goodman.

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Haines Loyalty Club dealers thrive

Volume 27/Number 24; March 31/April 7, 2014

By Ken Ryan

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 12.02.17 PMBaltimore—When Haines’ 2013 Loyalty Club Retailer of the Year Bill Zeigler thinks about the value of membership, he thinks about the family atmosphere and friendship that exists within the group as much as he does the products and programs Haines offers. All of these factors played a role in the success of C.F. Zeigler & Sons of Hanover, Pa., which enjoyed a 23% increase in business in 2013.

“I dedicate as much time as humanly possible to the Loyalty Club and advisory council to bring the best program we can to members,” Zeigler said during the recent Haines Loyalty Club Summit here. “Haines people are upfront, they tell the truth and they listen to their customers.” Continue reading Haines Loyalty Club dealers thrive

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Haines mourns loss of Mark Blakley, VP of operations

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 4.57.54 PMGlen Burnie, Md. — It is with great sadness that Haines announces the passing of Mark Blakley, vice president of operations, who died March 27 due to health complications.

Blakley joined the Haines executive team as vice president of operations in August 2013.

Bruce Zwicker, Haines president and CEO said, “Mark was only with us a short while, but everyone that worked with him recognized him as a very competent leader and a genuinely good person. Mark moved from Ohio to come work for Haines and found a home here. He spoke about how much he loved the company and was excited about contributing to Haines as we embark on our new future. He will be dearly missed.”

Prior to joining Haines, Blakley served as an operations manager, distribution center manager, Six Sigma leader global supply chain, and distribution general manager. Most of his career in operations was spent with Cintas Corp., a leading provider of work uniforms, safety products, and promotional items. While at Cintas he worked in various locations including Texas, Kentucky, Alabama, and Ohio.

Blakley held a BA in marketing from Miami University, Ohio. He is survived by his wife, Jennifer, and son, Will.