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Välinge acquires Inotec’s patent portfolio of fold down locking systems

Viken, Sweden—Välinge has purchased all Inotec’s patents regarding one-piece, fold-down systems (all side or short side), which are registered in countries such as the U.S., Canada as well as China and with many more applications worldwide including Europe. This patent portfolio also consists of several applications with some impressive specifications, which are expected to be granted shortly in Europe and other areas.

“We see the acquired patents as a good opportunity to strengthen and diversify our IP portfolio,” said Per Nygren, vice president, Välinge Innovation. “It further gives Välinge a consumer relevant product complement to the already well-known and established 2G- and 5G-systems. These IP rights also open up for an interesting patent strategy including the filing of several divisional applications in order to protect all aspects of the inventions disclosed in the acquired patents.”

The integrated double locking in both horizontal and vertical dimensions has shown confirmed manufacturability and demonstrated suitability for different flooring materials, such as laminate, wood, LVT and WPC.