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FloorFolio receives first Canadian patent for EnviroQuiet

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 10.10.10 AMEdison, N.J.– FloorFolio Industries was issued its first Canadian patent for EnviroQuiet, moving the company’s total number of patents to three.

“As FloorFolio continues to expand its brand and presence throughout the world, we are truly honored to be awarded this patent,” said Michael Freedman, president and CEO of FloorFolio. “It is our goal to increase distribution across Canada and this will be a major step in that direction.”

With EnviroQuiet LVT the 3mm underlayment is permanently attached during the manufacturing process and helps to alleviate installation time and costs. The Canadian patent covers the multi-layer acoustical design and method of manufacture. This includes the unique sound reducing features of the tile/plank, as well as the innovative methods FloorFolio uses to manufacture the product ensuring long-term stability and high performance. Securing its place in the flooring industry, EnviroQuiet is a leading product that has cemented its value in providing one cost, one installation and one solution.

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FloorFolio releases new product

EQ-II-press-releaseEdison, N.J.—FloorFolio has released EnviroQuiet II, its newest version of EnviroQuiet. The “II” in new product stands for Instant Install, according to the company.

EnviroQuiet II offers all of the same benefits of the company’s original EnviroQuiet without the delays incurred to acclimate the product to ideal jobsite conditions. While it is still a glue-down product, EnviroQuiet II offers instant access to installation.

FloorFolio now offers four versions of its patented EnviroQuiet: Standard, Premium, Commercial and now EnviroQuiet II.

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FloorFolio expands wood line of LVT

MapleWood_725-460_Multifamily_Closeup_HQ-minEdison, N.J.—FloorFolio will be increasing its wood vinyl offerings with the addition of the Maplewood collection.

“We are excited about this new exclusive design,” said Michael Freedman, president and CEO, FloorFolio. “It is one of many new products that we will be launching to help secure FloorFolio’s place in the industry that leads in quality and design.”

As a staple for natural wood elements, the Maplewood collection bridges the gap between classic and contemporary patterns. This new edition presents a crisp clean visual that fits any environment. The Maplewood collection is showcased in 12 popular colors and a larger scaled plank of 7.25 x 48.

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FloorFolio celebrates 10 years

screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-1-50-29-pmEdison, N.J.—FloorFolio has reached a milestone this November, celebrating 10 years of business.

Since its inception in 2016, FloorFolio has chosen to make some industry-leading choices when it comes to innovation and quality, which include offering an 8-mil wearlayer, and a standard urethane coating on all products for increased durability. The granting of two patents for FloorFolio’s innovative EnviroQuiet product has been a major milestone for the company as well.

“I think a big part of our success is that we never lost sight of our core values,” Michael Freedman, founder and CEO, said. “We have always stuck to selling a premium product at a competitive price without sacrificing any quality in an extremely price-driven industry.”

The company’s goals are to make sure its customer base is provided with quality products at the competitive prices and choices that FloorFolio is known for and to continue expanding its presence in the United States and throughout the world as a domestic manufacturer.

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FloorFolio strives to break tradition

By Nadia Ramlakhan

floorfolio groupKnown for going above and beyond for its customers, FloorFolio Industries will celebrate its 10th anniversary next year as a favorite among its distributors and contractors. With the opening of its first U.S. LVT factory, two patents for its EnviroQuiet product and the recent launch of its new website in the rear view mirror, president and CEO Michael Freedman said his biggest fear is being a “traditional” company. “We do everything for the customer. We don’t sell what we want to sell or what we think will sell; we give them what they want. We’re very customer focused and customer oriented.”

As such, FloorFolio recently invited 90 of its top customers and their spouses to the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea for its weeklong 2015 Customer Appreciation Getaway in Maui, Hawaii, with plans to host the 2016 trip in Bora Bora. According to its customers, these trips are just one indication that FloorFolio is anything but traditional.

“I like them because they are so versatile and it’s very simple to know all the products,” said Martin Murphy, co-owner, J. Wright & Associates, Dallas, who has been doing business with FloorFolio for about four years. With the company’s customization options, Murphy said he is able to offer any product in any style, size or finish, which helps him close sales. “All the colors have sizes options and come in any finish. Many other companies have this collection and that collection with limitations on size.”

parquet-295-2As a dealer, Murphy explained how many different types of product he is bombarded with each day between marketing and advertising. He said FloorFolio makes it easy not only for him, but his customers as well. “It’s my go-to. I’ll sit with the designer and I’ll say, ‘You can do whatever you want—4-inch, 6-inch, 36-inch—whatever you want and we can dial it up or down from there. If you don’t like polyurethane, for another nickel we can get you aluminum. We can change the finish, you can have handscrape, etc.’”

Murphy is currently working on a project in which the client could not afford a 22 mil and said FloorFolio eagerly took the opportunity to customize such a product. “I didn’t think to ask, but we’ve done so much in the last year together that I just said, ‘Hey, have you ever done 12 mil?’ And they said, ‘Sure Martin. We can do that.’”

For Kent Pratt, owner and CEO of Texas Southwest Floors with two locations in Dallas and Houston, a combination of high quality products and strong relationships is what makes FloorFolio stand out amongst the crowd. After doing business with the company for about four years, Pratt said his customers love the product visuals. “They are exceptional compared to what we compete with. We install a lot of LVT because it’s so popular right now and FloorFolio makes a very high quality product, which is what is most important to us. It’s also been a really great partnership. So it’s quality product and quality friendships.”

Pete Larmore, CEO, Bonitz Flooring Group, has been working with FloorFolio since its inception—for about nine years. He explained the first couple of years were rough when the company first got started, but Bonitz stuck with it. Each year after that has “just gotten better ever since.”

Larmore believes FloorFolio’s team is what makes all the difference. “I really think it’s the people. I think that Michael is a one-of-a-kind guy and everybody he has surrounded himself with is incredible from what we’ve seen. We’ve been in several situations in which we’ve had time crunches and we’ve needed product and they’ve turned the world upside down to be able to get that to happen for us. The Regal cinema in Knoxville wanted to kick off a new program and we weren’t sure we were going to be able to get product in time. FloorFolio ramped up and ran a program for us that allowed us to take care of that customer who was wowed because we ended up being early.”

Freedman said a lot goes into keeping his customers happy and part of FloorFolio’s success can be attributed to the fact that it “never says no,” whether a customer wants 4-inch vs. 6-inch or one texture vs. another. He has also always viewed the company’s products as quality-driven rather than a commodity, which has helped in the creation of unique styles, designs and innovations.

michael pete“We’ve always chosen to take the products to the better level vs. the cheaper level,” he said. “And then we’ve chosen to create design and value together, so we offer customers choices without sacrificing anything. We have products that range from commodity to premium, but we give architects and designers options all at the same price. Where a traditional manufacturer might offer six or seven choices of LVT in the multi-family segment, we offer everything we have. If a customer really likes our commercial product and asks to use it in multi-family we of course offer that option.’’

FloorFolio takes pride in giving the end user what she wants as opposed to what it thinks she wants. “FloorFolio has no desire to be an Armstrong, Mannington or Tarkett; we’re perfectly happy where we are and we want to be able to service and provide for our customers on a timely basis with whatever they need. And because of that we’re able to give the flexibility that no else can.”

Looking ahead, FloorFolio plans to officially launch Lake House and Cabin before the end of this year. Cabin is a true rustic visual offered in 7.25 x 48 planks, the newest size offered by FloorFolio, while Lake House was designed to break the mold from traditional luxury vinyl tile. Offered in nine colors, the tile features individual planks within one square.

“From the way Lake House is made to how it was designed—it’s all very specialized,” Freedman explained. “And if you’re a company that does a billion dollars worth of business you can’t do that. It’s too much money to invest for a smaller return but we’re not worried about that. We want to make sure we have niche products that can fit into niche markets. It’s all about giving our customers choices.”

Over the next six months FloorFolio will roll out over 100 SKUs to be showcased at The International Surface Event in Las Vegas and officially launched at NeoCon in Chicago. Additional initiatives for 2016 include an entree in accessory and complementary products.

I think an important point is this is our business,” Freedman continued. “We’re a luxury vinyl tile manufacturer not a carpet manufacturer that got into LVT. We’ve been in it for a long time and we understand the business.”

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FloorFolio launches redesigned website

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 9.36.56 AMEdison, N.J.—FloorFolio Industries has revamped its website ( The new site is designed with a fresh look and provides ease of navigation for its users.

With improved functionality, high definition SKUs and a responsive layout, the website offers an optimized look at FloorFolio products. The new site also features a Room Designer that allows users to view a collection of flooring in a specific environment. Users can also browse an integrated social media gallery of commercial, multi-family, health care, student housing and retail installation shots from customers.

“We wanted a place that could help our customers, both new and existing, get to know us better,” said Michael Freedman, president and CEO. “If you take a look around the site you’ll get a pretty good idea of who we are and what we do as a company. FloorFolio has been synonymous with forward thinking and offering solutions to the flooring industry, and this website is meant to reflect this.”

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FloorFolio expands presence in Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 9.44.26 AMEdison, N.J.—In an effort to meet increased demand, FloorFolio Industries is expanding its presence in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

The expansion consists of additional sales personnel as well as a newly contracted distribution center. By launching more than 50 new colors and patterns that span across LVT and the company’s double patented EnviroQuiet, FloorFolio is stepping up momentum to meet the needs of customers.

“For businesses interested in FloorFolio Commercial Flooring, the advantage is in their hands,” said Michael Freedman, president and CEO. “Our sales representatives can handle all questions, pricing and ordering with the ease of direct communication.”


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FloorFolio opens first U.S. EnviroQuiet LVT factory

May 11/18, 2015; Volume 29/Number 3

By Nadia Ramlakhan

ribboncuttingEdison, N.J.—FloorFolio Industries has officially made the move to manufacture its patented EnviroQuiet LVT in the U.S., bringing with it a slew of benefits for both the company and its customers. For starters, having the location of the new factory near company headquarters in Edison, N.J., provides FloorFolio with the ability to have control over the manufacturing process and ensure high quality production of goods.

“We had the opportunity to take this space, so we took it,” said Michael Freedman, president and CEO of FloorFolio. “It just made sense. EnviroQuiet is a patented product for us, so we wanted to control the process even more. Our customers were asking to decrease the lead times and have more product locally made, so we took the step to bring manufacturing to the U.S.”

EnviroQuiet has seen a major increase in demand in recent months, so the inauguration of the new facility couldn’t have come at a better time, according to Doug Tunnell, president and CEO of Liberty Flooring, a Pennsylvania-based distributor servicing the tri-state area.

“It’s going to enable us to get product faster without having to wait for it to ship from overseas,” he said. “It will allow us to get LEED points on certain projects that are looking for it and it’s just going to offer a lot more flexibility that we didn’t have before. With a job that’s 100,000 to 200,000 square feet we’ll be able to get about 20,000 square feet from this space and the rest will come over without any wait time; we can ultimately get the job done sooner.”

What makes EnviroQuiet so popular is its production process of permanently attaching a 3mm sound reducing underlayment to the LVT, eliminating the need to install an underlayment and significantly reducing installation time and costs for the end user. With more than 100 patterns and colors to choose from, EnviroQuiet has garnered two patents for its unique method and design.

“We do a lot of multi-family housing and there is no other comparable product in the market,” added Tunnell, who explained that EnviroQuiet is one of his best-selling products. “Along with the various options it offers an end user as far as its customization capabilities, it American-made is going to be a big selling point.”

FloorFolio has also made a commitment to go green and help keep the American environment clean and safe. As a result, the company has adopted a new packaging system as part of a sustainability initiative at the new LVT facility. In an effort to reduce waste, FloorFolio will package 60 boxes worth of product material in a single container; the goal of this new system is to eliminate the use of excess cartons while saving time for installers.

As far as the future is concerned, Freedman is already hoping to expand. “The goal is to get this facility up and running 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And if we can do that, we feel we can go anywhere from about 5 to 7 million square feet a year, maybe even up to 10 million square feet a year. This is really stage one of hopefully what will be a multi-stage process.”

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FloorFolio celebrates ribbon-cutting ceremony for first U.S. factory

Factory - Image 2Edison, N.J.—FloorFolio Industries has inaugurated its first U.S. manufacturing facility for its double patented EnviroQuiet LVT.

“I am truly proud to be cutting the ribbon for our new factory,” said Michael Freedman, president and CEO of FloorFolio. “Not only will this increase our overall capacity for EnviroQuiet, but it will bring jobs and production back to the USA. This will be our first step of many more to come for FloorFolio as we continue to expand our presence in the USA.”

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Resilient: FloorFolio – Building a brand one customer at a time

January 5/12, 2015; Volume 28/Number 14 

By Steven Feldman

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 12.56.42 PMEdison, N.J.—FloorFolio may not be the largest supplier of resilient products to the U.S. commercial market, but that’s just fine with president Michael Freedman. In fact, that’s just the way he wants it. A strong customer focus has allowed the company to transform itself in eight short years, with 2014 as the high water mark.

“We have no desire to be Armstrong, Mannington or Tarkett,” Freedman said. “We just want to support our customers. We treat them as partners. When a customer calls and asks us for something, the answer is never ‘No.’ That’s our philosophy and that’s what makes us unique: total flexibility. We do not limit any customer on his or her choices. Each customer is part of the process from beginning to end, and never treated as a number; all customers have direct access to an individual customer service rep with whom they feel most comfortable, and we never let a phone call go to voicemail.”

FloorFolio targets the commercial side of the business, particularly health care, multi-family, student housing and retail. “When we first formed the company, we were importing homogenous and heterogenous sheet goods under their respective brands,” Freedman said. “We were a value-driven company. We had aggressive price points and could be competitive with anyone in the marketplace.”

While value remains a hallmark for FloorFolio, several years ago the decision was made to transition from a master distributor of other companies’ products to a manufacturer of its own goods. “We transformed the company into an innovative product line,” he said. “We wanted to create the FloorFolio brand.”

And, with that, Freedman took the approach that FloorFolio was going to be built on four core values: innovation, quality, design and value. “Those are the principles that guide this company today. We don’t charge more for design, and we offer value throughout our standard product line.”

Innovation was illustrated a couple of years ago in the creation of the double patented EnviroQuiet, an LVT with an attached 3mm sound-reducing underlayment, which Freedman believes to be the only such product on the market today. “The story is one cost, one installation and one solution. You are not paying to install the underlayment, and then glue the LVT to the underlayment. So you save 50% of the time to complete an installation.”

Ease of repair is also a big part of the EnviroQuiet story. “When you have a problem, all you have to do is rip up a plank and replace. With other products, you have to take up an entire area. End users understand the time and cost savings.” EnviroQuiet also meets IIC standards for most structures, he added.

How successful has EnviroQuiet become? It has grown exponentially to the point where not only has its factory expanded capacity more than five times, but FloorFolio is currently building its own facility in New Jersey. Product is housed in five warehouses—three in New Jersey that equate to about 100,000 square feet, one in Long Beach, Calif., and another in Dallas.

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 12.56.31 PMThe fourth core value, quality, is evidenced via FloorFolio’s decision to manufacture its LVT using solely virgin material. “When we started the company years ago, recycled content meant everything to the industry,” Freedman said. “We could offer recycled content but felt it would compromise the quality of the product. That’s why we offer our products with pure virgin material. We always believed a pure product would be a stable product. There are fewer issues with shrinking and expansion.”

While EnviroQuiet is generating some buzz, FloorFolio’s traditional LVT business is also strong. But its business model is anything but traditional. “We offer everyone a choice, and we don’t limit those choices. For example, we introduced a 3mm LVT in an array of colors and patterns, and instead of following that up with a 2mm product in a limited range of six or eight colors, we offer every one of our colors or patterns with no upcharge.”

Freedman added that FloorFolio LVT’s portfolio has morphed from commodity-driven products to “highly designed products at competitive price points. We elevated our design but never changed the price points.” Examples of this include the new Seascapes and Sands of Time collections, which offer unique visuals in an 18 x 36 module. Incidentally, also unique is that FloorFolio offers just one price point for its entire LVT collection.

Extending beyond LVT, FloorFolio recently got back into the heterogenous sheet vinyl game with Nature’s Way, which features a wood grain visual. “Customers drove that decision,” Freedman said. “We created what we believe to be one of the nicest wood grain products out there. We own the patterns, embossing rollers and engraving rollers. It’s a premium product at a competitive price.”

In fact, FloorFolio is creating all of its patterns going forward. “We are creating the artwork, buying the rights and copywriting them way in advance, before they become a physical product,” Freedman explained. “The goal is to freshen up the line every six months to stay ahead of the industry. We don’t want to introduce “me-too” products, but rather cutting-edge products to remain relevant to the A&D community.”

How FloorFolio provides solutions

As previously mentioned, FloorFolio’s products provide solutions for retail, health care, student housing and multi-family.

For retail installations, Freedman said, “We come at it a lot better than others from a service standpoint. We offer premium visuals and tremendous choice. One retail chain asked us to commit to maintaining 400,000 square feet of inventory without a purchase order. They asked us to change the size. They asked us to change the texture. We look at everything we have not as standards but as options.”

For student housing, Freedman said EnvrioQuiet is the perfect solution. “To the designers and architects, there were limited choices, but we went into the market with unlimited choices, so we were able to raise the bar on design.”

As for multi-family, Freedman said it’s also all about EnviroQuiet in that market. “There seems to be a million LVT manufacturers, and many entered at one price point. We always knew we would be competitive but also provide solutions. EnviroQuiet meets the standards for multi-family. Until about six months ago, we never spoke about it publicly; it was always word of mouth. We have some of the largest architectural firms specifying it, and we have some of the largest builders using it. They have contacted us.”