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Tarkett unveils new floating LVF

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 1.52.32 PMSolon, Ohio—Tarkett has announced the launch of Johnsonite’s Transcend with SureSet technology and Click with FreeSpan for commercial use. Transcend is also available for residential applications under the Tarkett brand. Both Transcend with SureSet and Click feature product design and installation breakthroughs that promise a true floating floor installation.

Transcend with SureSet technology features a thin layer of pressure-sensitive adhesive applied to the unique sculpted wave design backing system, which makes direct contact with the subfloor. The channels on the wave-design backing are free of adhesive and allow air and moisture in the subfloor to breathe. With two layers of fiberglass for best-in-class dimensional stability and an adhesive backing, the product will remain in place, yet can also be repositioned when needed.

Microbeveled edges and a UV-cured urethane finish create luxurious wear surface details. As part of Tarkett North America’s sustainability measures and commitment to people-friendly spaces, all of the Transcend products are phthalate free and recyclable.

Click with FreeSpan Locking Technology is the latest generation of locking LVT from Tarkett. FreeSpan is a tongue-and-groove, click and patent-pending locking system that easily installs without the need of glue. Click LVT is an ideal choice for residential projects and perfect for any room in the house.

All flooring products within the Transcend collection are available in modern colors and textures to suit any workplace or home design. The flooring installs quickly, without the need for glue, and can be repositioned on the fly. Once installed correctly, Transcend floors withstand rolling loads.

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Underlayment: The softening of hard surface flooring

by Louis Iannoco

Every salesperson in the industry should know the importance of underlayment on the soft surface side, but with more and more hard surface products gaining popularity and market share, the emphasis and focus have shifted.

But what exactly should sales associates know when it comes to underlayments and hard surfaces? Does it really make a difference what is used beneath them? Continue reading Underlayment: The softening of hard surface flooring