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Eternity Flooring scores a ‘trifecta’

Wood, WPC and laminate lines please dealers

July 4/11, 2016; Volume 30, Number 27

By Reginald Tucker

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 4.09.00 PMMovie stars and celebrities abound in North Hollywood, Calif., but among many specialty retailers based here Eternity Flooring is the star of the show. Specifically, the company’s dealer partners are reporting brisk activity with Eternity’s engineered hardwood, laminate and WPC lines.

“Across the board, the Eternity Flooring lines are excellent,” said Abe Bashir, owner of Flooring Town Group in North Hollywood. “It’s clearly one of the best I’ve ever had.”

Beyond the trendy colors, designs and patterns, Bashir said his customers are increasingly gravitating to the performance attributes of the various offerings. The WPC products in particular are generating a lot interest and traffic. “Consumers really like the waterproof WPC right now. With this product you can wash it, drive on it, whatever—it will take all kinds of beatings.”

Bashir is not alone in his assessment. Mike Qudsi, sales manager at Refloors, also based here, is positively smitten. “Eternity Flooring’s lineup is really extensive—they have so many different products,” he said. “Plus, they always ship to me the same day or next day; none of my others vendors do that.”

In his market, Qudsi sees many of the Eternity Flooring lines that he sells going into common areas of the home, i.e., living rooms, entryways, etc. With Eternity’s new WPC offerings, he says those areas have expanded to include kitchens and bathrooms—sections prone to water incursion. At the same time, he has seen an uptick in demand among non-residential clients. “We are also selling a lot of commercial jobs with the WPC, such as retail mall stores and some office spaces and small showrooms. [Eternity] even has a laminate that’s AC4 rated.”

Refloors, which has been merchandising the Eternity hardwood and laminate displays for about nine years, has benefitted from the brand’s popularity in his market. Now, with the addition of WPC, consumers have another reason to come back. “A lot of times when customers come in looking for laminate and WPC, that’s my go-to display,” Qudsi said. “And, once customers who have installed it in one area of the home, they come back asking for it for other rooms Eternity has a good reputation in the marketplace.”

A big part of the allure, according to Doron Gal, owner and CEO of Eternity Flooring, is the company’s laser focus on quality manufacturing. “We deal with a top-of- the-line factory in China,” he explained. “We haven’t had any problems so far.”

What’s even more remarkable, dealers note, is the fact that Eternity Flooring maintains high quality levels and near-zero claims despite relatively low pricing on its various products.


Expansion plans

Eternity Flooring is looking to parlay the success it has achieved in its local market and extend that to neighboring states. The company recently opened a warehouse in Phoenix and is looking to branch out into Utah and New Mexico next year. The average warehouse size, Gal figures, will be in the 30,000- to 40,000-square-foot range.

At the retail level, Gal estimates Eternity Flooring has more than 2,000 displays in place. Naturally, that number is expected to rise as more stocking facilities become operational in Arizona and Nevada.

Meanwhile, the company plans to continue servicing its growing base in California, which has demonstrated a clear affinity for the line.

“I really love the designs they’ve come out with,” Qudsi said. “It’s a great-looking, quality product.”

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Eternity to waterproof entire laminate collection

January 19/26, 2015; Volume 28/Number 15

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 4.02.06 PMLos Angeles—Eternity Flooring will incorporate moisture-resistant technology throughout its entire 100-plus SKUs of laminate flooring during the first quarter of 2015.

While a number of leading laminate floor suppliers have dabbled in implementing moisture resistance into select lines, the additional expense has prohibited the technology from becoming a mainstay offering until now.

Eternity embarked on this course earlier in 2014 with the launch of its Metro and Manhattan lines, both of which feature advanced moisture protection. The immediate success of these two offerings, according to Eternity CEO Doran Gal, prompted the recent decision to make the technology a staple feature.

“We doubled down on moisture protection,” Gal said. “We’re waxing the edges twice. We’re also putting special balancing paper on the back that prevents moisture penetration. It’s much more water resistant than regular laminate flooring. [In 2015] we’re taking these steps further, with all of our laminates featuring this water protection.”

Abe Bassir, owner of North Hollywood, Calif.-based Carpet Town Warehouse, said the moisture-resistant Metro and Manhattan collections have taken his market by storm. “Water is usually the enemy when it comes to any flooring; this new Eternity offering is the solution. And it’s not only beautiful and durable, but it’s also affordable. It’s very competitive even with the added water protection. I’ve already moved a lot of customers over to this product. It’s going to seriously impact laminate market share.”

From its start in 2007, Eternity Flooring has distinguished itself from other California importers by shunning low-ball, thin 7mm profiles to focus exclusively on affordable, upscale 12mm formats. And while many importers prefer P.O. boxes and multi-week, direct-from-factory shipments, Eternity maintains meticulous inventory throughout its four U.S. warehouses.

“Inventory is the name of the game,” Gal said. “People are willing to wait for expensive products that are $8 or $10 a square foot. But we have great pricing and our customers capitalize on that by getting it right now. They get the job because they can get a great product at a great price, immediately.”

Eternity also invested in state-of-the-art inventory control software in late 2014 to better manage the supply/sales process while making product availability completely transparent to its vendors.

“Our products can be tracked from the moment they are loaded onto the ship through the different ports, until they reach one of our warehouses. Our customers can evaluate availability and monitor the status of their materials.”

Bassir, who has been a loyal Eternity customer since its inception in 2007, said, “They always have inventory. I’ve never had a problem with being able to get what I need.”

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Laminate: Neither down nor out

Quick-Step’s quirky vignettes led to a Best of Surfaces award in the large booth category .

Segment gets longer, stronger

By Melissa McGuire

Volume 26/Number 19; February 4/11, 2013

Las Vegas—Laminate may not have been the largest flooring category at Surfaces, but one thing was certain: The product still has a significant foothold in the marketplace. An overall consensus among retailers confirmed that while luxury vinyl tile is encroaching on laminate’s market share, the category not only has staying power, but growing power as well.

“Our business has grown 25%-30% this year alone,” said Doron Gal, CEO of Eternity Flooring. Headquartered in Pacoima, Calif., the company had positive feedback from the show and was very happy with the attendance. “We’ve seen more activity at this show than in years past. Even with the economy still down a bit, we’re seeing people buying.” Continue reading Laminate: Neither down nor out

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Surfaces 2011: Laminate mills play it cautious with intros designed to fill gaps

Las Vegas—In years past, it was easy to define the top design and technological trends in the laminate category as most introductions included one or both. But with the recession taking a major toll on the category, manufacturers at Surfaces were all over the board as they focused on rounding out their offerings in anticipation of more consumers opening up their purse strings as the year progresses. Continue reading Surfaces 2011: Laminate mills play it cautious with intros designed to fill gaps