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Emergence of spray, roll-on adhesives taking hold

by Louis Iannaco

Until recently, when it came to laying down flooring, installers had to literally get down and dirty. Down went the floor, and down went the installer with it, leading to a litany of aches, bruises and, in later years, a retirement filled with chronic pain. “There has to be a better way,” was a phrase muttered by mechanics everywhere. Well, now there is a solution. Continue reading Emergence of spray, roll-on adhesives taking hold

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CBC expands adhesive selection

COMMACK, N.Y. —CBC Flooring is adding a new spray adhesive called EcoSpray to its family of environmentally friendly flooring accessories. EcoSpray is FloorScore certified, and packaged in recyclable aluminum canisters and post-consumer recycled boxes. The new adhesive joins EcoBox, launched last year, as another earth-friendly adhesive that reduces product and packaging waste and provides architects, designers and specifiers ways to earn LEED credits on a project. Continue reading CBC expands adhesive selection