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Bamboo: Strand-woven, wider planks, vibrant colors

Volume 27/Number 23; March 17/24, 2014

The bamboo flooring market is moving in unison to strand-woven, an engineering process intended to make floors harder and more durable while creating a visual that closely resembles hardwood.

Today’s bamboo companies are combining that strand-woven look with styles (wide planks and strips) and colors (pink sand to jet black) that have refreshed the segment and, in some markets, given flooring dealers a differentiated selling option.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 11.21.31 AMBamboo Hardwoods

David Keegan, COO, said that in response to market demands, Bamboo Hardwoods has responded with a variety of looks, including distressed, hand-scraped, hand-woven and French bleed.

“We’re always approaching [design] from what the market wants rather than us saying, ‘Hey, we think this is cool. Why don’t you sell it?’” Keegan said. “We are listening carefully to our dealers and then responding so this is not some crapshoot.”

Driftwood, featuring gray tones, and Tawny, with its warmer brown/nutmeg look, are popular within the company’s Arcade and Suite collections. These bamboo products are available with a wire-brushed look or French bleed on the edges.

In June, Bamboo Hardwoods will launch Chalet, a hand-scraped line with a strand-woven wearlayer and multilayer plywood core. “Customers on the East Coast, West Coast and South into Texas have been asking for these looks, colors and construction,” Keegan noted

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 11.21.51 AMECOBamboo

Developed and offered exclusively by Dasso, EcoBamboo uses an unfurled format to press the round bamboo canes flat instead of cutting them into strips for the traditional formats or shredding them for the strand-woven styles. The process leaves the natural outer skin on the face, which is the hardest part of bamboo; this becomes the floor’s natural finish. Products come in a range of widths, including 5-inch planks.


Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 11.22.30 AMEcoFusion

ColorFusion African Safari, a strand-woven engineered plank, is 9⁄16-inch thick, 5 inches wide x 73 inches long. Targeted for residential settings, ColorFusion can be floated, glued or nailed down.



Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 11.22.55 AMTeragren

Moisture problems have at times plagued bamboo, but Teragren’s hot press manufacturing process—in which heat is applied consistently to all four sides of the bamboo—produces a dense, more stable product, the company explained.

In 2014, Teragren will introduce 13 new looks in its Visions and Vantage II lines, including eight colors and a new wire-brushed finish option on the Vantage II engineered platform.The products include a hard wax oil finish that recently came to the North American market after experiencing success in Europe.

Interestingly, one of Teragren’s current best-selling products has been around for 20 years. “Our traditional-style floors have seen a skyrocket in the flat-grain, caramelized color (FGC),” said Caitlyn Kari, marketing communications manager. “This is one of the colors that we launched at the very beginning, 20 years ago.”


Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 11.23.15 AMUSFloors

As with other bamboo manufacturers, USFloors is following the strand-woven trend with its Muse Strand collection of eight plank SKUs in dimensions of 5 1⁄2 x 73 x 1⁄2 inch, and two strip-width products in a 2 1⁄2  x 73 x 1⁄2-inch format.

Muse is an engineered product constructed with an HDF core; as such, it is more dimensionally stable and is designed to handle extreme weather. “It is the all-climate floor,” said Gary Keeble, product and marketing manager. “It will resonate with dealers who like bamboo.”

Muse is further distinguished by its staining techniques and a soft sculpted wire-brush look that provides a more random visual than the typical machine-scraped product. Muse displays ship in late March.


Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 11.23.34 AMWellmade

Strand-woven continues to drive Wellmade’s bamboo programs through all sales channels, with the company’s engineered strand collection the big seller. It features a seven-ply eucalyptus base and 4mm thick-sawn wearlayer, and is targeted for residential and commercial use. “Best of all, it can be used on any level of the project and performs in any climate, from humid to arid,” said Steve Wagner, director of sales and marketing.

Wellmade’s Old Growth Series features reclaimed visuals applied directly to a bamboo core, using the company’s high definition Clear-Tec bamboo imaging process.

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ECOfusion is no longer the new kid on the block

Volume 26/number 28 June 10/17, 2013

by Rebecca Carson

Strand bamboo flooring became an instant hit in the U.S. more than a decade ago, but the product has not been without its issues, among them cracking and cupping, particularly in dry climates. Few suppliers have survived the gambit of scrutiny, “knock-offs” and product defects, but Anji Hefeng Bamboo and Wood Industries is one of the survivors.

The 18-year-old company has been marketing ECOfusion Flooring since January 2012. Many dealers became familiar with the product when it was sold through EcoTimber from 2006 through 2011. The company not only gained a loyal following during these years, but also earned the Best Prefinished Solid Flooring ranking three years in a row in a nationally recognized consumer rating guide.   Continue reading ECOfusion is no longer the new kid on the block

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Latest looks in Bamboo

By Jenna Lippin

Volume 26/Number 22; March 18/25, 2013

In recent years, bamboo has become a prominent topic of discussion in the flooring industry. Thanks to technological advances, especially HD imaging, bamboo visuals have reached new levels of realism. With a variety of fresh styles and designs, bamboo players have released their most innovative offerings to date. Continue reading Latest looks in Bamboo