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DuPont expands sustainable carpet offering in European market

Hanover, Germany – DuPont Sorona has announced further expansion into the European market with three key carpet and rug manufacturers, including The Balta Group, a global market leader. The Balta Group is officially launching the Amaize carpet collection, made with DuPont Sorona renewably sourced polymer and patented DuPont fiber technology.  HBC Bulckeart and Fletco Carpets have also launched carpet and rug styles made with DuPont Sorona. The carpets and rugs were on display during the Domotex Hanover – World of Flooring Show, Jan. 12 to 15. Continue reading DuPont expands sustainable carpet offering in European market

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Al’s column

By FCNews staff

Volume 26/Number 16; Dec. 17/24, 2012

BELATED WISHES: Floor Covering News would like to extend a belated Happy 50th Anniversary to internationally renowned textile designer Elke Arora, who began her professional career in October 1962 with German carpet manufacturer Besmer. Since FCNews’ inception, Arora’s husband, Rolf, has been our foreign correspondent in Europe, and Elke herself has contributed many color and fashion trend stories. Arora, who is German born, was one of the first to understand fashion is global. She has maintained a residence in Dalton since 1969, a year after opening her own studio in Canada. However, since the 1970s she has worked from her home studio in Hannover, Germany, home to Domotex. Continue reading Al’s column

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Remember when…

FCNews Volume 27/Number 12, October 22/29, 2012

Back in 1986, the fiber stain war was just getting started as yarn suppliers began introducing their versions of stain-resistant nylons to the market. But things were about to turn upside down with the start of Major League Baseball’s playoff sea
son which featured the 
New York Mets taking on
the Houston Astros in
the National League pennant and the Boston
 Red Sox playing the California Angels for the American League championship. DuPont would 
use this national stage
 to launch its historic commercial, “Landing,” which featured a cute, curly-haired boy sitting in his highchair with his dinner in a tray shaped like an airplane. Filled with chocolate milk, a bowl of cherries and other carpet staining agents, the boy happily flings the plane full of food from the highchair and onto the carpet. After showing each item splash in slow motion, the mess is quickly wiped clean by a female hand holding a sponge as the voice over eases viewers’ minds by telling them how certified Stainmaster carpets can stand up to life’s messes, “Because you never know.” The commercial fades with the kid pushing off a racing car shaped tray full of food with the sounds of engines roaring.

This commercial was part of a $40 million marketing launch by DuPont and earned Stainmaster a place in history as the commercial and campaign are regularly cited among the top 100 of all time, not to mention having been used as a case study by the prestigious Harvard Business School.

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DuPont Sorona enters commercial market, revolutionary fiber combines environmental, performance stories

There’s a new player in the contract carpet fiber arena, one that has potential to challenge the traditional branded and unbranded fibers of the world. The fiber leverages the powerful DuPont brand with both a performance and environmental story. The recent Hospitality Design Expo in Las Vegas served as the commercial coming out party for DuPont Sorona, the revolutionary, bio-based material that has been a home run for Mohawk since the company launched it residentially five years ago. The fiber is so unique that last year the Federal Trade Commission granted a new generic classification—triexta—putting Sorona in a class by itself (FCNews, April 6/13, 2009).

What makes Sorona so unique? Better yet, what makes DuPont believe the contract market is ready for a new fiber? Environmental angle? Check. Sorona is constructed of 37% bio-based or renewable materials. Performance story? Check. “With Sorona you get durability, color and design, and permanent natural stain and bleach resistance that will not wash or wear off over time,” said Dawson Winch, global brand manager, DuPont Sorona. Continue reading DuPont Sorona enters commercial market, revolutionary fiber combines environmental, performance stories

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SmartStrand success contributes to DuPont facility expansion

LOUDON, TENN.—On the one- year anniversary of the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) ruling to approve Triexta as a new class of fiber (FCNews, April 6/13, 2009), DuPont Tate & Lyle announced an expansion to its Bio-PDO facility here. Investments made by both DuPont and Mohawk to market the first new carpet fiber in half a century are paying off for the two companies—and for consumers and flooring retailers, noted Tom Lape, president, Mohawk Residential. Continue reading SmartStrand success contributes to DuPont facility expansion