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Soft offerings ignite segment’s comeback

Beaulieu’s new Indulgence is constructed of PermaSoft solution-dyed nylon.

Carpet revived with new yarn systems

By Louis Iannaco

Volume 26/Number 20; February 18/25, 2013

In the first few years of the millennium, when the economy was robust, the consumer seeking new flooring would often spend her discretionary income on hardwood, ceramic tile and laminate. After all, hard surfaces offered style, texture and pizzazz.

Executives on the soft side knew they had to do something to draw the consumer’s eye back to broadloom. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, mills started producing new textures and patterns. Plus, the luxurious feel of “super soft” yarn systems helped lure that consumer back to carpet. Whether with nylon, triexta and now solution-dyed polyester, the soft fibers wars are officially on, helping to ignite a broadloom comeback. Continue reading Soft offerings ignite segment’s comeback