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Innovations@Domotex 2017 showcase chosen

Innovations@DOMOTEX JurysitzungHannover, GermanyDomotex, a leading trade fair for carpets and floor coverings, will once again be putting the spotlight on the sector’s latest trends and applications. A jury of professionals chaired by Munich designer Stefan Diez has selected 38 finalists to be featured in the Innovations@Domotex display at the show from Jan. 14 to 17.  An overview of the finalists can be seen here.

“We have seen some exciting products that stand out thanks to creative and smart approaches. Of course, there are also some existing products that have been given an innovative and exciting twist by means of clever product development,” Stefan Diez said. The jury’s choices were based on technical innovation, design concept, quality and relevance for the target group.

The innovations chosen by the jury reflect current and emerging trends for both residential and commercial settings. The jury of experts has made out a clear trend towards sustainability as a major selling point and recurring theme across all entries. A lot of emphasis is also being placed on products with a natural look and feel, whose textures, materials, motifs and surfaces take their cues from nature. Individuality also remains a key trend.

The Innovations@Domotex showcase launched in January 2014 has since become an annual highlight at Domotex. The idea behind this special showcase is to lead interested trade visitors right to all the latest and greatest innovations as featured in the Innovations@Domotex areas in Hall 6 (textile and resilient floor coverings), Hall 9 (parquet, laminates and applications/installation technology) and Hall 17 (modern, handmade carpets). Innovations@Domotex thus gives visitors an easy way to grasp everything new on the scene. Not only can they see and touch the products on display, but also compare various offerings and advances while getting in touch with the exhibitors who created them.

Information on the jury can be found here: