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Distributor delegation heads to Domotex asia/ChinaFloor


Shanghai, China—For the second year in a row, Domotex asia/ChinaFloor will host a delegation of leading North American distributors to meet with suppliers from China and Asia. The week-long event will include guided factory tours and previews of product and new emerging technologies as well as a chance to visit exhibitors of the 19th edition of the show, which will take place March 21-23, 2017, in Shanghai, China. Building on the success of last year’s program, the goal is to facilitate further collaboration between the two groups.

While Asia is known to be a leader in product development and innovation, doing business in Asia can still be daunting for many North American companies. “This trip is designed to break down the barriers between Asia’s leading suppliers and North American distributors through greater understanding and shared business objectives,” said Santiago Montero, former publisher and editor-in-chief of Floor Covering Weekly, who has been tapped to lead next year’s delegation.

“This first-hand look at the quality and scope of Asian manufacturing operations will help foster new ties with North American distributors. Through a series of guided factory tours and face-to-face meetings, along with frank peer-to-peer discussions among group members themselves, we know we can help distributors deepen their ties with Asian manufacturers to help their businesses grow and thrive in today’s highly competitive market.”

Enos Farnsworth, director of distribution for Denver Hardwoods, noted, “The 2016 distributor delegation trip to Domotex asia/ChinaFloor was the most productive trip of the year. This was my first trip to China and I was overwhelmed by the innovation and quality of the manufacturing facilities. In fact, we scheduled follow-up meetings with three manufacturers; the new partnerships we developed are part of a private label program our Consolidated Distribution Network will be launching in Q1, 2017.”

Jeff Jaeckle, president, Jaeckle Distributors, added, “For me, the trip confirmed that the major factories in China are definitely high-quality operations. I was very pleased with the technology and investment I saw as well as product development. Being there also expanded my education on dealing with China on a direct basis. And just as important, it’s not often when you have the opportunity network and trade ideas with a great group of peers for five days.”

The 2017 delegation will include some of North America’s leading distribution companies, including J.J. Haines, Herregan, A-M Supply and Abraham Linc.

In addition to hosted factory tours, delegates will attend Domotex asia/ChinaFloor, one of the flooring industry’s largest international events. With over 50,000 attendees from all over the world, the event delivers an unparalleled opportunity to see products that are making their debut.

Two attendees will win a spot with the delegation through a dedicated online drawing. The entry is open to qualified owners/executives or buyers of North American-based distributors or retail organizations who fill and submit the participation form. The deadline for applications will be Jan. 15, 2017.

“I’ve attended Domotex asia/ChinaFloor for nearly 10 years now and each year I find something new and exciting in product development as well as a renewed effort by Asian suppliers to become more meaningful to their North American business partners,” Montero said. “It truly has been a transformative experience for the global flooring industry.”

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LVT shines at Domotex asia/ChinaFloor

Volume 27/Number 26; April 28/May 5, 2014

By Ken Ryan

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 2.57.19 PMThe 16th Domotex asia/ChinaFloor was all about new products and innovations, similar to any large-scale trade show. But for Thomas Baert, president of Chinafloors/Lamett, this year’s event also succeeded in at least partially shedding China’s image as a low-cost manufacturer.

“Many people still have an antiquated view of China as a producer of cheap product,” Baert said. “The reality is China has become a leader in specialty and innovative products and product development. It is also a reality that we now see manufacturers in other leading countries copying the product ideas and product initiatives coming out of China.” Continue reading LVT shines at Domotex asia/ChinaFloor

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15th Domotex asia/ChinaFloor: Market shows increasing impact on global flooring market

by Jim Gould

(Editor’s note: Industry veteran Jim Gould graciously provided FCNews with the following report on the 15th Domotex asia/China-Floor [DACF] show held the last week of March.)

I left Domotex asia/China-Floor (DACF) last week with two distinct impressions: One having to do with the evolution of the show and its increasing impact on the industry and the other with the innovation and development of products that impact the U.S. market. Continue reading 15th Domotex asia/ChinaFloor: Market shows increasing impact on global flooring market

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Innovations under the spotlight at DOMOTEXasia/chinaFLOOR 2013

Trade shows prove to be one of the most-effective ways of promotion to the flooring industry, an important help for companies to tap into a new market safely, to establish themselves as main players within their competition, to diversify their export sales, and to open their future perspectives. Indeed, Asia is one of the most attractive and promising markets to pursue all the above mentioned objectives and DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR is the best platform companies could ever use to develop their business in the whole Asia Pacific region.    Continue reading Innovations under the spotlight at DOMOTEXasia/chinaFLOOR 2013

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Optimism reigns as U.S. economy slowly improves

by Matthew Spieler

Shanghai—With the U.S. economy starting to once again show signs of life and the Asian market continuing its strong growth trend, the 14th annual Domotex asia/ ChinaFloor (DACF) was filled with plenty of optimism.

The upbeat spirit was seen by both visitors and exhibitors and across all product segments on display—even by those who were not selling or buying products. “It’s been too busy,” proclaimed Bert Van der Stock, managing director of Flooring Industries, the division that handles the Uniclic licensing for Mohawk/Unilin. “I haven’t been able to leave the booth for the entire show.” Continue reading Optimism reigns as U.S. economy slowly improves

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Domotex asia/ChinaFloor now part of larger format

Shanghai—Visitors to the 14th annual Domotex asia/ChinaFloor (DACF) show March 27 to 29 here will have far more to see as organizers have expanded not only the show’s floor space but also the context within which Asia’s largest floor covering show takes place.

With China, and all of Asia for that matter, continuing to outpace the rest of the world in overall growth, DACF will be held concurrently with China Building Construction Expo (CBC), the oldest major construction event in China, and R+T Asia, the region’s most important trade show for such things as wood plastic composites, doors, gates, roller shutters and sun protection. Continue reading Domotex asia/ChinaFloor now part of larger format

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Wood Flooring Forum presenting ‘Forces of Change’

SHANGHAI, CHINA—Anyone interested in learning about the growing flooring demand in Asia; the differences in channels—Europe vs. U.S. vs. Asia—environmental and legal issues affecting the industry, including an update on the ITC investigation; the growing pressure, opportunities and influence of sustainable building, or why marketing the environmental advantages of wood flooring is more important now more than ever should attend the Wood Flooring Forum (WFF) on March 21 here. Continue reading Wood Flooring Forum presenting ‘Forces of Change’

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13th Domotex asia/ChinaFloor shaping up to be largest ever

SHANGHAI—As the Western half of the world continues to mostly muddle its way out of the recession, conditions on the Eastern side of the globe are vastly different. China’s economy, for example, grew an estimated 9.5% in 2010 and is showing no signs of slowing down. Mirroring this growth is the Domotex asia/ChinaFloor (DACF) trade show, as officials are expecting the upcoming event to be the largest in the market’s 13-year history. Continue reading 13th Domotex asia/ChinaFloor shaping up to be largest ever