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Technology gives consumers more options

By Louis Iannaco

An example of its traditional bamboo offerings, Wellmade’s Cognac French Bleed, above, features a solid horizontal construction. Mohawk’s Hilea, shown at right in Natural Bamboo, is one of the mill’s strand woven collections.

In recent years, the bamboo segment has been one of the industry’s most dynamic, growing exponentially in popularity. Whether it’s the idea of bringing the outdoors inside, an increasing sense of environmental responsibility or designers using a myriad of new applications, flooring manufacturers have answered the call with more options. Continue reading Technology gives consumers more options

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Dasso: building a brand

by Emily J. Cappiello

Dasso is on a mission: To build its brand recognition among consumers.

“When people think bamboo and green flooring, we want them to think Dasso,” said Avery Chua, CEO. “We want Dasso to be in the consumer’s mind, not just known within the industry.” Continue reading Dasso: building a brand

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Improving economy gives hope

by Matthew Spieler

While every flooring category has been hit hard by the recession, perhaps none more so than wood—in the five years following its high water mark in 2006, the segment is down 40%. So it should come as no surprise as the economy shows signs of steady improvement manufacturers feel the slide is finally over. Continue reading Improving economy gives hope

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Dasso signs exclusive distribution deal with Galleher

Following a year-long search to identify the ideal distribution partner for its signature strand-woven bamboo (SWB) line, Dasso USA went west to sign an exclusive deal with Galleher to cover California, Arizona and Nevada.

“We choose our distributors wisely and carefully,” said Mickey Davis, vice president of sales at Dasso USA. “This is not bamboo; this is strand-woven. It’s like a Yugo and a Mercedes. It’s that big a difference.” Continue reading Dasso signs exclusive distribution deal with Galleher

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Bamboo’s latest, greatest product styles

Bamboo flooring has been around for generations, but as the growing number of dealers who have added it to their product mix in recent years know, the segment now offers a huge variety of textures, styles and colors. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, the applications and design options for bamboo have grown exponentially, giving specifiers, homeowners and interior designers more choices and solutions than ever before. Continue reading Bamboo’s latest, greatest product styles

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Surfaces 2011: Hardwood blends style and performance

Although hardwood is one of the oldest categories of flooring, it never fails to evolve with consumer tastes and innovate to meet her needs. Her tastes gravitate toward softer character looks and texturing for unique and authentic visuals, while her needs are for a floor that will withstand a busy, often demanding lifestyle without the need for refinishing or touch-ups. Mills came forward this year to meet both those needs simultaneously with fashion-forward styling and finishes that promise to look as good as on the day of install through its life. Continue reading Surfaces 2011: Hardwood blends style and performance

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Bamboo: What to look for, what to avoid

Because of its green story as well as its durability, few flooring choices have been more popular than bamboo. And while this alternative has been around for decades, it is only now that so many are learning of its attributes. But it is just that surge in popularity and lack of knowledge that certain unscrupulous manufacturers are trying to take advantage of as they try to pass off low-grade, inferior product as quality flooring. Continue reading Bamboo: What to look for, what to avoid