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Dancik sells new ERP system to Premier Tile

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 9.49.39 AMCary, N.C.—Dancik has sold a 35-user SaaS license for Navigator, DNav-BI, DNav-Online, and DNav-EDI to Premier Tile—a distributor of tile, stone, LVP/LVT, brick and related accessories that serves retailers throughout the Midwest.

Premier Tile has been utilizing its current ERP system since 2005, but concerns with hardware infrastructure, lack of future scalability and limited hosting options lead them to select a new business management solution.

“Premier Tile chose Dancik for its ERP solution for a number of reasons,” said Kerry Reiss, controller at Premier Tile Corp. “They are the industry leader for floor covering distribution companies, 100% cloud based and offer customer access immediately. Also, they are scalable, allowing us to not only meet the needs of today but to easily scale to the needs of tomorrow.”

DNav is a fully integrated enterprise management solution designed specifically for flooring retailers, manufacturers and distributors. Sales processing, mobile data access, inventory management, business intelligence and accounting are easy to use and fully integrated. DNav’s modern architecture and comprehensive industry-specific functionality make it the easy choice for flooring companies looking to take their business to the next level.

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Technology: New software aims to maximize efficiency

December 5/12, 2016: Volume 31, Number 13
By Lindsay Baillie

Flooring industry software developers are constantly upgrading their programs to help retailers, installers and contractors become more efficient at estimating, measuring, job scheduling and inventory management.

Following is an overview of programs designed to help maximize efficiency for both retail and commercial operations.

American Business Software (ABS)
ABS’s FloorPro III ERP is an industry-specific system designed to handle most office and warehouse functions for flooring, ceramic tile and stone retailers.

“Our software helps automate a lot of the paperwork processes in the front office as well as inventory and warehousing functions in the back office,” said Joseph Flannick, president. “It helps you prepare quotes, produces documents for your customers to take with them, keeps track of orders and helps with purchasing—especially special orders. Our software keeps track of inventory, creates invoices, does sales analysis and handles the bookkeeping. It helps with pricing, gross margin and profit.”

According to Flannick, FloorPro III ERP differs from general purpose software in that the latter doesn’t always handle inventory. “Most off-the-shelf software cannot handle issues like converting between square feet, cartons and pieces, but our software can,” he explained. “Our software is designed to seamlessly handle various dye lots and run numbers of the same SKU.”

In addition to its multiple features and functions, FloorPro III ERP is also customizable based on what the retailer is looking to accomplish. “Few companies do that these days and if they do it costs a small fortune,” Flannick said. “Depending on what it is, we do most custom programming for free or at a reduced cost.”

Comp-U-Floor ERP, packaged with Hosting service along with the web and Mobile solutions, allows retailers to have a complete ERP that can be accessed from anywhere via the web or mobile device. This allows a retailer to have a system that has minimal startup investment and low monthly costs.

“We support thousands of satisfied flooring industry users throughout North America for whom our point-of-sale, order processing, business-to-business, inventory, purchases, installation management and integrated accounting provide the foundation for growth and profitability,” said Mark Wiltgen, sales and marketing manager.

The Comp-U-Floor ERP is available to retailers of all sizes and can be tailored to automate and streamline many processes. Communication with customers is seamless via email. Purchasing can be automatically generated through the sales order and communicated to suppliers via the web using the B2B module. But the best part, according to the company, is the retailer can add more locations and turn on more features as the company grows, at no additional cost. “Our package is unique and can be tailored to various business models in the flooring market,” Wiltgen said. “The user is in total control of how the system functions based on their business requirements.”

Dancik Navigator provides a single, affordable solution for managing a flooring retailer’s business from sales and customer relationships to operations and accounting. In short, the program offers total business management and B2B solutions.

Unlike generic software solutions, Dancik says Navigator supports integrated, industry-specific functionality that encompasses sales, inventory, warehousing, logistics, purchasing, operations and financials. The program, which is mobile compatible, utilizes a point-and-click interface and is adaptable as business needs change.

Navigator also comes with add-on modules to increase showroom productivity. DNav-showroom manager reduces the need to write or extend selections by hand. It manages customer selections by room and area, analyzes product trends and personalizes appointment calendars.

Dancik’s DNav-edi provides B2B solutions that allow the user to create sales analysis transmissions for suppliers and buying groups, provide customized price lists to customers, invoice customers in their preferred units of measure, accept orders, connect to banks, credit companies and other businesses while offering real-time web services.

The MeasureSquare estimating application is specifically designed for retail flooring and can be used both onsite and in the showroom. This app enables onsite measuring utilizing a laser disto and offers an accurate estimate to customers. MeasureSquare estimating software also aims to maximize retail sales associate efficiency where it matters most.

“Measure estimating software is critical to [the retailer’s] sales process,” said Steven Wang, president. “The MeasureSquare estimating app solves [the RSA’s] problem of selling right on the spot. It makes sales reps look more professional to win more sales, which then increases conversion rates.”

According to Wang, the estimating app saves RSAs 60% of their time by measuring with a laser meter while eliminating 80% of manual errors. The application also creates seam diagrams, which are available for customer review. The same diagrams and cuts are also available for installers and are more accurate than hand sketches.

“This program is easier to learn on mobile devices like an iPad/iPhone,” Wang explained. “It works alone but can also be used to collaborate with office and field reps through the MeasureSquare Cloud. The application can also be integrated with management software.”

NivBen Software
NivBen Software offers the Flooring Estimator Professional System 2040 to retail and commercial businesses alike. This program and its many features are designed to eliminate inaccurate measuring and estimates for all types of flooring.

“It’s a program that reduces [incorrect] measuring,” Dennis Benton, president, said. “It can take dimensions off blueprints and lay the blueprint out on the digitizer and then trace the walls. The program will do wood, vinyl, tile, carpet, carpet tiles—it will also tell you how much padding is needed and how much seaming is involved. All of this saves you time and money, and it is much more accurate.”

According to Benton, other programs often fail to show important information such as seam layouts. NivBen’s Flooring Estimator system shows fill pieces, seam layouts and labels. It includes a color-coded feature to identify rooms with different flooring, a proposal/sample management program, a work order form and quick key estimator program. The program also creates more accurate drawings, according to NivBen. “You have a printout that you can give to installers, which is a big [deal],” Benton said.

Pacific Solutions
Pacific Solutions sells three primary products: management, estimating and measurement software. Of the management programs is JobRunner, specifically created for commercial business. What makes this program unique, according to Pacific Solutions, is its exclusivity in introducing a business process to commercial business.

“Quite often in commercial flooring businesses are using Excel to calculate their budgets and determine [the cost of the job],” said Bob Noe Jr., president. “Then they’ll go over to a program like Microsoft Word and type up the bid for presentation purposes for the client. Then they give it to the accounting department, which re-enters the job into a program like QuickBooks. So they end up using three separate systems for the job, which opens up room for errors. When all this information comes together in a project management system it takes the whole business out of separate silos and puts them all together.”

JobRunner’s ability to consolidate information and eliminate errors is what makes this program so efficient, Noe explained. “We give [businesses] a tool that can revolutionize redundant tasks and the passing of information from different departments,” Noe said. That is, of course, if retailers operate within the scope and design of how the system is designed. “If a software system has a streamlined process it can create an efficient path for the job to travel.”

QFloors’ QPro Software, scheduled to be released in February, is a browser-based system offering customers brand new software, customizable features and operational efficiencies.

“Over the last two to three years we’ve put in effort to upgrade to the newest technology,” said Chad Ogden, CEO and president. “We’ve had to completely rewrite our software to run in a web browser. With this new software you can write within Chrome or Firefox, and we’re the first in this industry to attempt to do this. The technology tools we’re using are less than two to three years old.”

Ogden believes most of the software that is flooring specific is getting old and requires multiple clicks. As technology evolves, newer systems are needed to make software navigation easier.

Ted Schultz, national director of sales, said QPro’s easy-to-use nature translates to fewer clicks to complete tasks, which in turn results in greater efficiency. “On a browser-based program all you need is a browser and as long as you have the URL you can access the site,” he explained.

The QPro Software—which was created without sacrificing features, according to QFloors—allows companies to create custom features and transport them into the software.

screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-11-04-01-amRFMS’s Measure Mobile application is designed to streamline workflow while ensuring RSAs use up-to-date pricing and products. “Our Measure Mobile application allows for the mobile measuring of a room, estimating of quantity needed and coming up with a drawing onsite,” said Kurt Wilson, product manager. “The application helps retailers stand out and provide a great experience for the customer.”

For example, when a customer walks into a flooring store and asks an associate for the price of a product, oftentimes that RSA has to walk away from the customer to find out the cost, Wilson stated. Similarly, if the customer asks about multiple products the associate may have to walk away numerous times. “With Measure Mobile the associate can look up prices from a device either in the showroom or the home.”

One of the many benefits of the Measure Mobile estimating systems is the fact that it’s geared specifically toward the retail salesperson. Another key feature of Measure Mobile is it interfaces with RFMS. “Features like the checklist tool and photo feature are designed for quick quote creation and to provide photos directly to customers and installers,” Wilson said.

The RollMaster Property Management Quick Order feature is designed maximize efficiency for property management flooring businesses. This feature complements the software’s RM Web Calendar, an online installation scheduling product.

“One of the most integral features is the streamlined design, which allows for fluid order taking based on the conversation with the property management client,” said Kelly Oechslin, marketing coordinator. “This means the order taker can move back and forth within the program based on the flow of the conversation. The on-screen prior job comparison tool allows for comparing the current order to the last time the unit was serviced, allowing for reduction of errors and duplicate job entry.”

The RollMaster Property Management Quick Order feature is specifically designed to expedite the processing of property management order taking.

“It is further differentiated by the numerous other PM-focused features that are integrated within the streamlined design,” Oechslin explained. These features include a property manager reporting hierarchy, the ability to program multiple levels of special pricing, the advanced template design, the add-on wireless barcoding software and equipment, the inventory projection reports and a customizable web portal.

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Kerridge Commercial Systems acquires Dancik International

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 1.25.20 PMCary, N.C.—Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS), a global leader in ERP software for the distribution and retail markets, has acquired Dancik International. This acquisition strengthens Dancik’s already substantial commitment to the flooring, tile and stone industries; together the two companies will form one of the strongest ERP offerings for distributors and retailers in all home décor and building materials sectors.

KCS will promote the full Dancik product range as well as its own K8 system, each targeted at their respective core vertical markets. Dancik’s headquarters here will become the North American headquarters for KCS.

“The acquisition by KCS brings together two great companies with the desire to deliver focused solutions to markets like flooring that require specialized software,” said Mitch Dancik, founder and Chairman, Dancik international. “The combined resources of the two companies, with four hundred employees, provide a critical mass for us to enhance what we already offer to our customers, while gaining market share through better solutions and better service.”

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New technology enhances retail flooring operations

 Volume 27/Number 21; March 3/10, 2014 

By Ken Ryan

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 11.23.45 AMSoftware suppliers continue to introduce feature-enriched products and enhancements designed to help retailers operate faster, smarter and more efficiently—all in the name of being more profitable.

A number of players showcased their latest wares at Surfaces, where they demonstrated new features in areas such as customer relationship management (CRM), cloud processing technology, inventory and stock checking, and warehouse operations. Following is a rundown of some of the newest offerings.


CDMS introduced several products, among them a reporting tool that allows retailers to track sales and profitability by ZIP code. Also new is an invoice format option for dealers to include the amount owed (including finance charges) if paid past the due date. Additionally, CDMS launched a sales-tracking software tool that includes a special code so retailers can determine which advertising method is creating the most sales.

SCO Cloud allows customers to run their businesses on mobile devices thanks to a cloud (remote Internet storage). “There are many advantages to operating with a cloud,” said Cathy Welsh, operations manager. “You pay a flat amount each month, which covers your hardware maintenance and support for your server in the cloud. You have fewer electrical, cooling and space requirements at your office because you are not housing and maintaining a server.”


Comp-U-Floor’s suite of products includes a business enterprise software system with estimating tools and built-in functionality for the Measure Square engine. The software includes all inventory, purchasing, installation management, business-to-business and financial modules.

Edgar Aya, president of Comp-U-Floor, said the company’s newest wireless warehousing and mobile technology system is in great demand because of built-in efficiencies and cost-cutting processes. “Wireless warehousing automates the labor-intensive tasks of receiving, stocking, cutting and shipping, rendering them more efficient—and with fewer errors—to save time and money.”

Aya said cloud-processing technology continues to redefine the software landscape for retailers and installers. “Our new flooring web portal allows users to place and monitor their flooring jobs online from anywhere and at any time, and makes information available from mobile devices.”


Recently debuted by Dancik is the “game changing” Selection Sheet Manager (SSM), an application designed for showroom sales and  optimized for tablets. SSM is integrated with the Dancik ERP system and intended to empower RSAs to close more sales, upsell and  locate available inventory.

“SSM automates the sales process; it minimizes human error, and the consumer is afforded the luxury of walking the showroom and selecting merchandise on the spot,” said Greg Grady, director of business development. “Consumers may build a selection, then purchase any part while leaving the remainder for future completion. Sales teams can manage appointments, customer contacts, future engagements and project management functions via the integrated calendar and pop-up reminders.” At the same time, management can monitor the close rates of RSAs and identify highest margin items, best sellers and dead inventory.Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 11.23.54 AM

Gartman Systems

Gartman’s DMS tool provides web access for dealers to find information quickly and easily on a distributor’s website. For example, dealers can check stock and pricing, place orders, produce price lists, view past history and view open receivables.

The company plans an initial rollout of Gartman CRM within a few weeks. The first phase will provide reps with account and contact information, price checks and information related to open orders, invoices, quotes and displays.

Gartman also introduced a mobile computer POD system that allows delivery drivers to download their route orders to a mobile device. At the dealer’s store, the driver scans each item being delivered; the dealer rep signs the device and uploads the printed receipt to the distributor’s server.


In 2013, Kashmoo began to focus exclusively on building custom systems for its new customers while continuing to service its existing base. “During 2014 we plan to continue focusing on building custom systems,” said Tim Magnuson, CEO.

As explained by Magnuson, Kashmoo is cloud-based and now has the ability to deliver onsite on the customer’s servers. “We are the only vendor who is fully integrated with QuickBooks with a real-time, two-way connection.”

Kashmoo’s FlooringSoft API (programming interface) can tie into third-party software systems and websites. It recently completed a custom scheduling and business processing system for a large client in Ohio that runs 130 crews on 30 major commercial projects each month. “They went live with the new system in only 75 days,” Magnuson said.

Measure Square

The company’s new iPad/iPhone measure estimating app streamlines the workflow process in four steps, according to president Steven Wang. First, it allows users to draw with a finger or laser disto meter (a speed/accuracy tool) and drag and drop products such as carpet with instant seam layout. The app also estimates the sales amount on the fly and generates a quote that can be emailed to customers. A printed report from the app includes diagram, cut sheet or seam plan.


New offerings from QFloors include Instant Stock Check, a floor covering B2B technology that allows a sales rep, standing with a customer on the showroom floor, to select a particular product from an invoice and instantly connect with the supplier to check availability and pricing.

The use of CRM software is nothing new, but it is starting to take off in the flooring industry, company president Chad Ogden said. QFloors’ CRM tools include numerous functions, among them advertising and promotion tracking, task managers, closing statistics and sales goals. “This information is invaluable to a business owners’ success and profitability,” he said.

According to Ogden, QFloors’ inventory tracking system cuts down on costly mistakes that often occur, such as selling a product that has already been sold or is no longer available.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 11.24.37 AMPacific Solutions

SiteDraw is an iOS (Apple operating system) product designed for a flooring estimator to take into the field, measure a site and create an as-built drawing. “Being on iOS, the user interface has some amazing new enhancements,” said Bob Noe, president. Using the Disto A6 laser range finder, users can walk the perimeter of a room, measure each wall and specify the direction of the measured line; the rooms are drawn to scale on the user’s mobile device. SiteDraw will be available for Android users in a few weeks.

Enterprise Financial Module allows accountants, CPAs and controllers quick access to financial reports; it also enables them to compare financial reporting periods and configure reports to banks and lenders. Accessible on a local network or cloud, the financial tool also lets users review accounts payable and invoices.

Enterprise Scheduler can be used for what Noe calls “predictive schedule,” such as freight deliveries and installations. It can also evaluate crew capacity so subcontractors can determine the right amount of installers necessary for a particular job.


In-Home Solutions serves as a link between RFMS’ mobile floor estimating application, Measure Mobile, and the RFMS server in a retailer’s store.

With In-Home Solutions, an RSA can create a new project by entering customer information or accessing the RFMS customer list. Once the layout and the quantity
have been determined, the RSA can assign products and labor charges to a project directly from his or her RFMS product catalog. “There is a built-in checklist to eliminate any chance of forgetting to add any labor or miscellaneous products needed for the project,” said Maria Cauchon, media services director.


RollMaster’s Associated Products feature, part of the company’s Catalog and Inventory Maintenance system, allows commonly used product groupings to be linked together to assist with quotes and order building.

“B2B products will download into your system ‘pre-associated,’” said Dev O’Reilly, president and CEO.  “There is also a ‘mass association’ tool that will allow, for example, carpet padding and carpet labor to be associated across all carpet SKUs. Overall, Associated Products should greatly speed up order entry while at the same time increasing accuracy.”

RollMaster has also established what O’Relly calls an “FCB2B sand box” where interested distribution companies can test and evaluate integration.

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Software suppliers stress efficiency, speed at Surfaces

QFloors’ Instant Stock Check is touted as an industry game changer that contributed to the company winning the Best of Surfaces award in the technology category.

By Melissa McGuire

Volume 26/Number 22; March 18/25, 2013

With the Surfaces sentiment among many exhibitors including terms such as “surprisingly good” and “better than expected,” flooring software companies were singing similar songs.

“We no longer expect the huge crowds of the pre-economy-crash era,” said Chad Ogden, president of QFloors. “But we experienced a steady stream of traffic at our booth and were busy the entire show. While the foot traffic and ‘just browsing’ numbers are still down from historic highs, those who stopped by our booth as interested and qualified potential customers had actually increased.”

FCNews caught up with software exhibitors at Surfaces to browse the new and notable in flooring programs. Continue reading Software suppliers stress efficiency, speed at Surfaces

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‘Instant stock check’ creates fcB2B buzz

Volume 26/Number 17; January 7/14, 2013

ATLANTA—The latest web services technology demonstrated at the recent fcB2B (Floor Covering Business to Business) annual meeting here was met with universal excitement and enthusiasm.

In a live demonstration, Chad Ogden, president of QFloors, showed how his company’s flooring software could connect with Shaw and several distributors (J.J. Haines and Jaeckle, both using Dancik software) and immediately check stock in their warehouses. Continue reading ‘Instant stock check’ creates fcB2B buzz

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Software innovations help retailers operate faster, smarter, better

The flooring industry has usually lagged behind other major industries when it comes to adopting new operational technology. However, that gap is closing, say software executives, acknowledging that flooring dealers today are more likely to embrace new technology than shun it.

“Ten years ago we were miles behind the other industries but that is changing,” said Chad Ogden, president of QFloors, one of the leading software solution providers. “We are getting a lot closer today.”

With a bevy of new enterprise software products and mobile applications on the market, retailers have the tools necessary to be more efficient and, ultimately, profitable. Continue reading Software innovations help retailers operate faster, smarter, better