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Finalists nominated for Carpet Design Awards 2017

domotexHannover, GermanyA jury of design and carpet industry experts have chosen 24 finalists in eight categories for the 2017 Carpet Design Awards. The winners will receive their awards at a ceremony on Jan. 15, at the Innovations@Domotex area in Hall 17.

The eight categories of the Carpet Design Awards reflect a range of production methods, price segments and design philosophies, and also correspond to various distribution channels and carpet use scenarios. The selection process involved judging the carpets in terms of design and design concept, material, execution, structure and quality, and sustainability and branding.

Following are the nominees for each category:
Category 1: Best Studio Artist Design

  • Chosrau’s Spring Reloaded, Atelier for Textildesign, Beate von Harten (AT)
  • Wrap, Dena Lawrance (AU)
  • Vlisco Recycled Carpet, Simone Post (NL)

Category 2: Best Modern Design Superior

  • Threads, Mariantonia Urru (IT)
  • Dresden Brown, Rug Star (DE)
  • Supermoon, Sterling Rugs (IN)

Category 3: Best Modern Design Deluxe

  • Summit, Wool and Silk Rugs (US)
  • Stalagmite, Choudhary Exports (IN)
  • Rapture 4—the Kundan Pure Silk collection, Zollanvari (CH)

Category 4: Best Traditional Design

  • Kamal from Artisan Originals, Jaipur Rugs Company (IN)
  • Vase Green, Ayka Design (AE)
  • Nandi, Indigo Looms (IN)

Category 5: Best Transitional Design

  • Ariana Barchi collection, Ariana Rugs Hamburg (DE)
  • Shiraz Sabz, Hossein Rezvani Design (DE)
  • Allure, Rug Art International (US)

Category 6: Best Flatweave Design

  • Souf collection BJT-18, Art Resources (US)
  • Scandinavian flatweave 2, R & K (US)
  • Alhambra, Rug Art International (US)

Category 7: Best Modern Collection

  • Unstring by Kavi, Jaipur Rugs Company (IN)
  • Pattern Mix collection, Galleria Battilossi (IT)
  • The Winter Series, Tissage (IN)

Category 8: Best Transitional Collection

  • Marrakesch collection Morroco -21, Art Resources (US)
  • Alasht collection, Edelgrund (DE)
  • Dalga Kilims collection, Kirkit (TR)

All 24 of the shortlisted carpets will be on display at Domotex 2017 in Hannover, Germany. Visitors to the show will be able to view them and vote for their favorites. The carpet that receives the most visitor votes will be presented with the “Best Liked by Domotex Visitors” prize at the end of the show. Houzz will also be running a competition in which members of its interior design community can select their personal favorites. Each participant will go into a prize draw, with the winner receiving a free trip to Hannover to attend Domotex and the Carpet Design Awards ceremony. For further information, visit

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Carpet Design Awards finalists named

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 4.09.15 PMHannover—The finalists of the Carpet Design Awards 2016 have been named. In November, a jury nominated the best handmade designer carpets for the final round of the international competition. Presented in eight categories, the Carpet Design Awards honor the outstanding quality and design of the world’s best carpets. The number of entrants was particularly high this year, with a total of 320 carpets from 21 countries submitted vs. 250 entrants the previous year. Twenty-four carpets have made it through to the final round and will be on display at Domotex Hannover, slated for Jan. 16-19 here. The categories range from studio artist, classic/traditional and modern designs to best innovation. The winners of each category will be formally announced on Jan. 17 in the Innovations@Domotex area. Finalists are as follows:

Best Studio Artist Design

o    Re Orient, Studio Brieditis & Evans

o    Squeeze, Studio Brieditis & Evans

o    Beauty, Ayka Design

Best Modern Design Superior

o    Crystallized – Ice, Creative Matters

o    Aleph, Naziri OHG

o    Emerald 1, Art Resources

Best Modern Design Deluxe

o    Electric Taupe, Hossein Rezvani Design OHG

o    New Orleans from Bruno Moinard, Chevalier édition

  • Taittu, Free Verse, Jaipur Rugs

Best Traditional Design

o    Yildiz, Öz-kent Hali

o    Marta Stripe, Rug and Kelim

o    Suzani, Wool & Silk

Best Transitional Design

o    Secret Garden, Naziri OHG

o    Reflection, Choudhary Exports

o    Persy from Samuel Accoceberry, Chevalier édition

Best Modern Collection

o    Origami Collection, Ayka Design

o    Free Verse, Jaipur Rugs

o    Landscapes Collection, Wool & Silk

Best Traditional Collection

o    Sumak Spezial, Theo Keller GmbH

o    Pine Garden, Rug Star GmbH

o    Ottoman Collection, Wool & Silk

Best Innovation

o    Glow, Zollanvari AG

o    Stereogram, Thibault Van Renne BVBA

o    Canvas, Papilio by Prado Rugs N.V.

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Carpet Design Awards 2015 winners announced

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 10.13.08 AMHannover, Germany—The winners of the Carpet Design Awards presented by Innovations@DOMOTEX 2015 have been announced. On Sunday, Jan. 18 prizes were awarded to the world’s best designer carpets in eight categories by an international jury of carpet and design experts at Domotex, held Jan. 17-20 here.

More than 250 designer pieces from 23 countries were submitted in the competition, with 25 carpets reaching the final round. The carpets were judged with regard to design and design concept, material, finish, texture and quality as well as sustainability and branding.

“This year the panel consisted of people with hugely different skill sets all of whom work in different countries,” said Michael Sodeau, head of the Carpet Design Awards jury. “This meant that everyone’s professional experience was quite different and sharing our opinions was very engaging and informative. I think that has led to an interesting range of results.”

The Carpet Design Awards 2015 winners are as follows:

Best Studio Artist Design

Ayka Design, My secret Garden

Best Modern Design Superior

Naziri, Waves of Colour

Best Modern Design Deluxe

RUG STAR by Jürgen Dahlmanns, Heart No. 01 Original

Best Traditional Design

Art Resources, Classic Revival

Best Transitional Design

Naziri, Nouveau Tabriz

Best Modern Collection

Wool and Silk LCC, Steppe

Best Traditional Collection

Rug Star by Jürgen Dahlmanns, The Great Gatsby

Best Innovation

Ayka Design, Circles of Life

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Carpet Design Awards 2015 finalists announced

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 1.11.06 PMHannover—The finalists in the Carpet Design Awards 2015 presented by Innovations@DOMOTEX have been announced. More than 250 designer pieces from 23 countries were submitted for the coveted award, and 25 have made it through to the finals. The finalists will be showcased at the upcoming DOMOTEX show to be held Jan. 17-20. The winner from each category will be formally announced Sunday, Jan. 18 at 4.30 p.m. in Hall 17.

Under the chairmanship of the renowned British designer Michael Sodeau, the international jury has selected carpets in each of eight categories which promise to deliver an exciting mix of visionary design and traditional craft skills. The judges have assessed the entries for design and design concept, materials, execution, texture and quality as well as sustainability and branding.

“We have seen many examples of outstanding design work—including the best that the market currently has to offer. It’s all about the creative awareness that the designer brings to the carpet-making process. His years of experience in making products or carpets by hand and his extensive knowledge of these matters feed into the production process, and the result is a high-value, high-quality artifact”, says Sodeau.

Categories and nominated carpets and designs are as follows:

Best Studio Artist Design carpets

My Secret Garde, Ayka Design (GB)

Carpet Rich Flower, Hebe GmbH (DE)

Frozen, Beate von Harten (AT)


Best Modern Design, Superior

Kaleidoscope, Choudhary Exports (IN)

Waves of Colour, Naziri OHG (DE)

Century Art 012 M191 LS, Makalu Design (DE)


Best Modern Design, De Luxe

Moon, Jan Kath Design (DE)

Tunnel, Floor to Heaven (DE)

Heart No. 1, Original, Rug Star by Jürgen Dahlmanns (DE)


Best Traditional Design

Classic Revival, Art Resources (US)

Bidjar, Wool and Silk LLC (US)

Ariana Vintage: Tabriz Design 110, Ariana Rugs Inc. (US)

Silver Velvet, Tissage (IN)


Best Transitional Design

Amber, Obeetee Private Limited (IN)

Massal, Edelgrund GmbH (DE)

Nouveau Tabriz, Naziri OHG (DE)


Best Modern Collection

Billboards, Jan Kath Design GmbH (DE)

Skin of Civilization, Rug Star by Jürgen Dahlmanns (DE)

Steppe, Wool and Silk LCC (US)


Best Traditional Collection

Cache-Sexe, Jan Kath Design GmbH (DE)

The Great Gatsby, Rug Star by Jürgen Dahlmanns (DE)

Modernist Kilim Collection, Zollanvari AG (CH)


Best Innovation

Circles of Life, Ayka Design (GB)

Massal Collection, Edelgrund GmbH (DE)

Dürer, Melancholia, Rug Star by Jürgen Dahlmanns (DE)