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Carpenter brings neatfreak’s Everfresh probiotic technology to carpet cushion

Richmond, Va.—Carpenter Co., one of the world’s largest producers of cushion products, announces the signing of a multi-year agreement with neatfreak, a home organization products company. The deal gives Carpenter exclusive rights to use the Everfresh probiotic technology brand in Serenity, its latest carpet cushion product.

Serenity carpet cushion featuring the innovative Everfresh probiotic technology lets consumers enjoy their floors without worrying about harmful bacteria or germs. Already available in many neatfreak laundry products, the 100% organic probiotic technology reduces odor naturally, continuously and safely.

“The floor covering industry recognizes the importance of living in a clean home without the worry of germs that pose potential harm to homeowners, said Rob Heuay, senior vice president, Carpenter. “Serenity with Everfresh probiotic technology does just that.” For instance, when pet accidents occur the urine is transformed into water and CO2 which evaporates, leaving no smell left behind and no lingering bacteria.

The key to Serenity with Everfresh is the use of powerful microbes that occur naturally in nature. Carpenter, which has adapted neatfreak’s proprietary science in this new product line, sees this as a milestone for the carpet cushion category and the flooring industry at large. “It’s safe, effective and affordable,” Heuay stated.

The introduction of the Everfresh brand to the carpet cushion category complements neatfreak’s range of home products such as laundry bags, baskets, hampers and closet organizers. “The global market for odor-reducing products has exploded in recent years, and Everfresh probiotic technology by neatfreak literally gives consumers a natural, proven and safe approach for combating household odors,” said John Collins, president, global marketing and sales, neatfreak group.

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