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Cain & Bultman names Kirk Sandifer chairman, COO

Jacksonville, Fla.—Cain & Bultman has promoted Kirk Sandifer as chairman of the board and COO. The company stated that Sandifer will lead all sales, marketing, logistical and operational responsibilities for the company. Furthermore, he will also assume the responsibilities of leading the board of directors for the strategic planning, growth and profitability of the corporation.

Sandifer’s leadership roles for the last 10 years, from director of marketing to EVP of sales and operations, has prepared him to lead the company for the foreseeable future.

“Approximately 10 years ago, we set a plan for succession within our company and Kirk has embraced all aspects of our distribution company,” said Mike Sandifer, CEO and chairman emeritus. “His relationships with our manufacturing partners along with his personal relationship with our employees has prepared him for his new responsibilities.”

Kirk started as a territory representative selling carpet in the late 1980s. For the last 10 years, his role took on more responsibility from marketing, product development and critical decisions for the betterment of the company.



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Cain & Bultman: True partners in business

April 10/17, 2017: Volume 31, Issue 22

The following feature is the fourth installment in a series highlighting the 14 distributors that constitute Bravo Services, a group comprising many of the top flooring wholesalers in the country. Here we focus on Cain & Bultman, which was founded in 1924 and has been in the flooring business for more than 80 years.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.41.00 AMCain & Bultman, based in Jacksonville, Fla., got its start in flooring in 1935 when it was named the distributor for Armstrong Cork Company. Since then Cain & Bultman has grown its relationship with Armstrong (it is now a separate division) and expanded its reach across Florida and most of Georgia.

Purchased in 1960 by Norwood Sandifer, today Cain & Bultman is a third-generation, family-owned business under the leadership of Mike Sandifer, chairman and CEO; Buddy Faircloth, president; Kirk Sandifer, executive vice president and vice chairman; and Alan Kimball, vice president and general manager.

When it considers its competitive advantages, the wholesaler starts with its people—a seasoned group of professionals that averages 20 years of service, with a sales and an executive team that averages 22 years. That experience has enabled Cain & Bultman to develop long-term relationships with customers, dealers and suppliers. “Within reason and good business judgment we continue to grow this relationship to serve them as a true partner in business,” Faircloth said, echoing the company’s motto “Partners in Business.”

Faircloth said one of the biggest challenges Cain & Bultman faces is obtaining dealer showroom space. As such, the distributor must make sure it has the right products, programs and displays at a reasonable cost. “We can provide the very best flooring solutions for our customers and open up the best selling opportunities for them to sell and service their customers.”

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.41.05 AMGeographic coverage:
With the Armstrong product line, Cain & Bultman covers Florida, excluding the Panhandle, and 34 counties in southern Georgia (from Savannah south).With most of its other product lines, it covers all of Florida and Georgia.

Brands: Armstrong, Bruce, Homerwood, VPI, Kahrs, Stauf, Wicanders, Bella Cera, Nature, Floor Muffler, H.F. Designs, Norwood Hill, R B Rubber Krono Original, Aqualok, Struxtur, Pinnacle, Greenfield.

Cain & Bultman’s north Florida location allows it to provide next day delivery service to customers throughout the state of Florida as well as Georgia. Its cutoff time for next day delivery is 11 a.m., however Faircloth said there are many occasions in which a dealer calls after the cut off time and asks for next day delivery. In virtually every instance Cain & Bultman is able to fulfill that request.

For more information on Cain & Bultman, call 904-356-4612 or visit For more information on Bravo Services, contact John Carney at 214.215.2880 or visit

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Cain & Bultman commemorating 90 years with town hall meetings

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 12.11.14 PMJacksonville, Fla.—Throughout 2014, flooring distributor Cain & Bultman has been celebrating 90 years in business with a series of town hall meetings spanning from north Georgia to all of Florida. To date, it has held nine such events that have attracted more than 1,200 flooring dealers.

“We have had wonderful turnouts,” said Buddy Faircloth, president, adding that the events help strengthen existing relationships. Meetings were held in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm, Fort Myers, Tampa, Orlando, Ocala, Tallahassee, Jacksonville and Savannah.

With the motto “Partners in Business,” Cain & Bultman has strived to build a business based on the key fundamentals: honesty, integrity and best business practices. Faircloth said the company has seen the highest highs and the lowest lows of the flooring industry and has been able to react to the changing landscape in order to grow and maintain its business.

“I think our people are proud of what we have accomplished as a company all of these years,” he said. “Since 2006, it has not been easy, especially in Florida. It was a really tough time, but in many ways we emerged even stronger and well positioned for growth. Our goal is to be the best floor covering distributor in Florida and Georgia; have the best flooring lines, give a fair return to our stockholders, pay fair wages to our associates and deliver the market for our manufacturers.”

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Armstrong celebrates with Cain & Bultman on its 90th anniversary

From left, Dave McClatchy, Buddy Faircloth, Mike Sandifer, Kirk Sandifer, Cain & Bultman; and Kevin Biedermann and Tom Mangas, Armstrong

Lancaster, Pa. – Armstrong Flooring celebrated the 90th anniversary of distributor Cain & Bultman, as well as the strong partnership that it has maintained with the company through 80 years of business.

“Armstrong and Cain & Bultman have been solid partners for more than 80 years,” said Kevin Biedermann, senior vice president, Armstrong.  “They have an outstanding track record of strong sales support and service commitment to customers. The team is committed to providing exceptional service, value pricing, strong inventory and quality sales representation in the field.”

Cain & Bultman, Jacksonville, Fla., opened for business in 1924 and is consistently listed among the industry’s top flooring distributors. It was Armstrong’s Distributor of the Year many times throughout the years.

With the motto “Partners in Business,” Cain & Bultman has strived to build a business based on the key fundamentals–honesty, integrity and best business practices. The company has seen the highest highs and the lowest lows of the flooring industry and has been able to react to the changing landscape in order to grow and maintain its business.

Cain & Bultman takes pride in the quality of service given to its customers, including sales and installation assistance. The company has 19 account executives, 16 sales-service professionals and installation specialists on staff.

“I think that our people are really proud of what we have accomplished as a company all of these years. Since 2006, it has not been easy, especially in the state of Florida. It was a really tough time and we are all pleased to come through this [time], in many ways even stronger and well positioned for growth,” said Buddy Faircloth, president, Cain & Bultman.

“Our goal is to be the best floor covering distributor, serving customers in Florida and Georgia–having the best flooring lines, giving a fair return to our stockholders, paying fair wages to our associates and delivering the market for our manufacturers,” Faircloth said.

Faircloth also explained that the company’s partnership with Armstrong has been strong and will continue to be a major influence through the coming years.

“Armstrong has been a tremendous partner,” he said. “It is our largest supplier and it is really one of the finest flooring companies in the business period. They have always worked with us and we have some really tremendous sales representatives. We really do feel as though they are our partners in business and we want to continue the growth with Armstrong.”

“We are excited to celebrate with the Cain & Bultman family and congratulate them on this important milestone,” Biedermann added. “We are excited to see how we will grow together through, hopefully, the next 80 years and beyond.”

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Distribution: Laminate

Innovations sustain category

By Ken Ryan

Oct. 21/28 2013; Volume 27/number 13

Despite several down years, laminate flooring is far from a dormant, forgotten category. All it needs, according to distributors, is a few good products active on the market.

The idea of popular laminate is not as far-fetched as it seemed not too long ago. “Laminate is not dead at all,” said Buddy Faircloth, president of Cain & Bultman, Jacksonville, Fla. “If you have the right product, people are going to buy it. Ask Armstrong if you want proof of that.”

Faircloth spoke highly of Armstrong’s recent introduction of Architectural Remnants, a 12-mil laminate that features striking wood designs inspired by reclaimed hardwood floors. With its unique whitewash finish, the product is taking off in coastal Florida. “It really sells here. It has generated a lot of excitement,” he said. “There is nothing out there quite like it. It’s an important product that has hit our marketplace at the right time.” Continue reading Distribution: Laminate

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Resilient: LVT innovations continue to drive category

By Ken Ryan

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) continues to be the runaway success story of the flooring industry. LVT is such a big hit, in fact, some distributors consider it a category unto its own rather than a leading segment of resilient.

Indeed, as the flooring industry slowly recovers from the deepest trough many veterans can ever recall, distributors continue to add a greater percentage of LVT to their resilient mix. For example, resilient now makes up 65% of Cain & Bultman’s business, up from 60% two years ago. The Jacksonville, Fla.-based distributor has realized healthy double-digit gains thanks to LVT and sheet vinyl products like Armstrong’s StrataMax. Continue reading Resilient: LVT innovations continue to drive category

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Laminate: Hope for lagging sector

By Ken Ryan

The laminate category has been on a steady decline since 2007, hurt by eroding prices that have stifled profit potential at the low end and the popularity of luxury vinyl tile (LVT) products. While there remains a vibrant market for higher-end laminate, especially 12mil offerings, the middle and bottom have eroded significantly, distributors say. Continue reading Laminate: Hope for lagging sector

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Distribution: No stopping resilient’s momentum

In a black universe, vinyl is the shining star. That was the assessment of Elias Wilf president Jeff Striegel, who like many of his brethren sees resilient products as the beacon of light amid the darkness. In recent years, many of the leading flooring distributors have increased their percentage of resilient offerings, from the high single digits to low double-digits.

New construction and printing technology continues to elevate the category. “Vinyl has always been a value product, and today’s product, with the new technology, is better than ever,” said Jeff Garber, vice president of sales and marketing at Ohio Valley Flooring, Cincinnati. Continue reading Distribution: No stopping resilient’s momentum

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Distribution: Laminate continues to get squeezed out of share

A year ago, Cain & Bultman president Buddy Faircloth was singing the praises of his high-end laminate business, reporting double-digit increases from 2007 to 2008 and a slight increase in 2009. At the time, he said, “We have more displays out in the marketplace, more feet on the street. It’s all tied to higher-end business with the Armstrong and Bruce laminate lines.”

Fast forward to October 2010 and overall business conditions in Cain & Bultman’s market have grown more ominous. “Business in Florida is really tough,” he said. “We were the first in and will be the last state out of this major slowdown. We don’t see any real opportunity coming our way until the first quarter of 2012.” Continue reading Distribution: Laminate continues to get squeezed out of share