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Bloomsburg Carpet introduces four commercial carpet products

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 2.26.54 PMBloomsburg, Pa.— Bloomsburg Carpet, a maker of highly styled and superior woven broadloom carpet, has introduced four sophisticated products through its Tuva Looms line: Broadcloth, Veneer, Lineage and Visage. Each product is made with Zeftron nylon, a fully renewable nylon 6 fiber that offers the best in style, performance and recyclability.

“Our mission is to develop great looking products that perform to the highest standards and are environmentally responsible,” said Jim Cody, vice president of sales for Bloomsburg. “With Zeftron, we are able to achieve all three criteria. By fully utilizing Zeftron’s outstanding color palette and styling versatility, Broadcloth, Visage, Veneer and Lineage will have an incredible lifespan while maintaining its sophisticated color and appearance. Designers will also appreciate Zeftron’s multiple sustainable attributes.”

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Bloomsburg Carpet unveils Zeftron nylon products

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Bloomsburg Carpet’s new patterns are made with Zeftron, a renewable nylon 6 fiber. Metal Edge is shown here.

Bloomsburg, Pa.—Bloomsburg Carpet has introduced two new patterns through its alliance with Tuva Looms: Metal Edge and Structure. Both products are made with Zeftron nylon, a renewable nylon 6 fiber. The new styles, which integrate high fiber luster levels and advanced fiber processing, reflect the natural patina and visual depth of woven metals. The result is a wire-like cable weave that the company said creates a clean, modern aesthetic. Continue reading Bloomsburg Carpet unveils Zeftron nylon products

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Wools of New Zealand, Bloomsburg aid Pa. flood victims

Marietta, Ga.Wools of New Zealand and its Wools of New Zealand Brand partner Bloomsburg Carpet joined forces to aid victims of the September 2011 flooding in Pennsylvania. Thanks to a generous donation of 21,000 square yards of woven and tufted carpet, 329 families are now able to re-carpet their once flooded homes. The donation is valued at more than $300,000. Continue reading Wools of New Zealand, Bloomsburg aid Pa. flood victims