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Beaulieu launches Bliss consumer sweepstakes, manufacturer's rebate

July 22/29; Volume 27/Number 7

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 3.55.12 PM
Beaulieu’s Bliss contest is
promoted online and in-store
with POS materials.

Dalton—To support the rollout of the Bliss Indulgence super soft solution-dyed nylon collection, Beaulieu America recently announced the launch of a consumer sweepstakes promotion, which started in July and runs through Sept. 30. Continue reading Beaulieu launches Bliss consumer sweepstakes, manufacturer's rebate

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Beaulieu offers dealers gift card program

Dalton — Beginning January 24 and continuing through December 29, 2012, Bliss dealers will be able to “clean up” thanks to Beaulieu’s new and expanded American Express Gift Card Incentive Program. For every 200 yards of qualifying Bliss styles, qualified dealers will get a $200 American Express Gift Card, redeemable in thousands of retailers, restaurants, movie theaters and hotels. Continue reading Beaulieu offers dealers gift card program

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DALTON—Beaulieu officials announced critical acclaim for, thanks to its reception in recent business and communication competitions. “We designed and built our new website to not only be beautiful, but to perform beautifully from a business perspective, especially for our dealers,” said Jeff Meadows, chief marketing officer for Beaulieu. “But it’s also nice to have top communications professionals from around the world from some of the top companies and agencies say so, too.” Continue reading attracts visitors and awards

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Beaulieu's senior VP of marketing takes leave of absence

DALTON—Citing the need to find a balance between the demands of her career and of her family, Patricia Flavin, a major contributor to the Beaulieu of America and Bliss brand marketing efforts, is leaving Beaulieu and taking a leave of absence from her career. Ralph Boe, president and CEO of Beaulieu of America, made the announcement to company associates this week. Continue reading Beaulieu's senior VP of marketing takes leave of absence

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How brands help retailers close sales

Brands are considered an interface between the company that makes the product and the end user. People can more easily identify a range of offerings if they have recognized labels, which, in turn, boosts sales for retailers, experts say. In addition, branded products can command premiums since they are considered a step above commodities in the consumer’s eyes. Continue reading How brands help retailers close sales

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Beaulieu’s new website educates, entertains

DALTON—Beaulieu of America is completing its own home makeover—its home on the Internet, that is. Slated to launch in time for Surfaces and the spring selling season, Beaulieu’s new website under the Bliss brand has been in development for several months.

“The entire purpose for this new website is quite simple,” said Patricia Flavin, senior vice president of marketing. “We want to support our dealers with the best website possible to entertain and educate the floor covering customer about Bliss products and drive them to Bliss dealers.” Continue reading Beaulieu’s new website educates, entertains

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Beaulieu announces changes for 2011 to help dealers

Dalton—Almost every aspect of the Bliss brand has gotten a makeover to turbo-charge sales performance on the showroom floor and will be formally unveiled at its mega-booth presence at Surfaces.

Beaulieu will retire its current site for Bliss, developed soon after the brand was launched in 2008. The new Bliss site, slated to launch mid-January, will engage, entertain and educate the consumer who does most of her flooring research online. Continue reading Beaulieu announces changes for 2011 to help dealers

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Perceived value, soft fibers drive category

Consumers these days are opting for the comfort, warmth and perceived value of carpet over hard surfaces for their homes. So said some of the industry’s major suppliers.

Emily Morrow of Shaw Industries certainly thinks so. Morrow, the director of color, style and design for residential broadloom and hard surface, said consumers sense they are getting more bang for their buck with carpet. She has seen enough examples in 2010 to suggest this is more than just happenstance. “The pendulum is shifting back to carpet because of its value and comfort and the aesthetics. It’s more affordable. There’s a wonderful feeling you get with carpet that you don’t get with anything else.” Continue reading Perceived value, soft fibers drive category

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Beaulieu’s ‘Bloomin’ Spring’ promotion is biggest yet

Bliss by Beaulieu spring promotionDalton—Beaulieu announced greater incentives for retailers this month. Starting April 2 and continuing through May 29, qualified Bliss dealers can earn a $100 American Express gift card for the first 100 yards of Bliss carpet sold, with the exception of Bliss for Kids.

This is in addition to the promotion of $200 American Express gift cards for every 200 yards of Bliss sold. This campaign, however, doesn’t expire until July 3.

“For the next eight weeks, qualified Bliss dealers can earn $300 or more selling Bliss,” said Mike McAllister, vice president of marketing information systems at Beaulieu of America. “This is undoubtedly our best promotional program ever.” He added for further details vendors should contact their representatives, visit the Web site by clicking the promotion graphic or call 800.227.7211.

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Domotex asia/ChinaFloor: U.S. mills expand into Asia as Eastern mills grow in west

SHANGHAI—Massive earth-quakes. Powerful hurricanes. Countries struggling to survive economic collapse. Many would say the world is turning upside down. This is certainly so in the world of flooring—but unlike world events, it is for the betterment of everyone, it seems.Domotex asia show floor

While China remains the most important sourcing market for all kinds of products (73% of the country’s exports end up in the U.S.), flooring including, there is an interesting trend that was played out among the 8.5 football field-sized halls that made up the 12th annual Domotex asia/ChinaFloor (DACF) here last month. Western-based manufacturers continue to see mainland China as a major opportunity for sales of products bearing their brand, while Chinese mills that have set up shop in the U.S. have seen their market share grow as retailers and distributors look for alternatives in this tough economy. Continue reading Domotex asia/ChinaFloor: U.S. mills expand into Asia as Eastern mills grow in west