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Mohawk with ArmorMax named to 2016 ’30 Most Innovative Products’

Mohawk Hardwood with ArmorMaxCalhoun, Ga.— Selected for the combination of smart function, seamless style and cutting-edge technology, Beautiful Kitchens & Baths magazine named Mohawk Hardwood Flooring with ArmorMax Finish to its fifth annual list of “30 Most Innovative Products” for 2016. The list unveils editors’ picks for their favorite kitchen and bath design products and was formally announced in January at Meredith Corporation’s annual Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas. All of the winners will be featured in the Spring 2016 issue of Beautiful Kitchens & Baths.

Meredith Corporation received over 150 product entries—the highest response rate ever—for this year’s list. Mohawk Hardwood Flooring with ArmorMax Finish allows homeowners to follow their design instincts while providing ultimate wear-resistance and superior durability.

“Innovation is no longer just appreciated but expected by consumers and designers alike, and Mohawk has answered the call with a new surface that defies expectations both in terms of style and performance,” said Samantha Hart, group editor of Luxury Home Design. “ArmorMax Finish has set the flooring standard for what it means to be truly innovative.”

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Mohawk Armormax wins Best Indoor Feature at IBS

Dalton The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) awarded Best of Show Indoor Feature to Mohawk’s ArmorMax Finish Technology at the 2013 International Builders Show (IBS) in Las Vegas.  With a total line-up of more than 900 exhibitors in attendance at IBS, Mohawk’s exclusive hardwood finishing technology, ArmorMax, stood apart from the competition. The panel of judges, which consisted of independent reporters and building professionals, gave out Best of Show awards in five categories. ArmorMax received top recognition within the Indoor Feature category for its combination of design, functionality and innovation.  Continue reading Mohawk Armormax wins Best Indoor Feature at IBS

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Mohawk’s focus for 2013: Soft, stylish and tough

Wear-Dated Embrace is not only soft, but offers the body that is missing from some soft nylons.

Highlights include Wear-Dated Embrace, Armormax 

By Steven Feldman

Volume 26/Number 19; February 4/11, 2013

Las Vegas—Soft is all the rage when it comes to carpet introductions across all fiber platforms, and Mohawk is at the forefront. While hosting its Western regional in conjunction with Surfaces, the world’s largest flooring manufacturer not only introduced Wear-Dated Embrace—heralded as the softest nylon carpet on the market today and backed up by third-party testing—it took the wraps off four SmartStrand Silk additions.

While much of the conversation over the past few years has surrounded triexta, nylon is still about 40% of the marketplace, according to Eric Ruppert, product director for residential nylon. “As a company we had not put the innovation toward nylon as we had with other fiber systems. So, we took what we learned with Silk and applied that technology to Wear-Dated Embrace and target [retailers] who have built their business models around nylon.” Continue reading Mohawk’s focus for 2013: Soft, stylish and tough

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Mohawk provides multiple ‘Solutions’ for aligned retailers

Floorscapes, ColorCenter dealers ‘Embrace’ new nylon, Silk 

By Steven Feldman 

Volume 27/Number 15; December 3/10, 2012

Orlando—Is it possible to charge more for a product, make more money and create a more satisfied customer? In a word, yes, and Mohawk Industries showed its Floorscapes and ColorCenter aligned dealers exactly how to do this here at its recent Solutions convention.

At the forefront of selling higher-margin products are four additions to the breakthrough SmartStrand Silk franchise as well as the introduction of Wear-Dated Embrace, billed by Mohawk as the softest nylon carpet on the market today and supported by third-party testing. Continue reading Mohawk provides multiple ‘Solutions’ for aligned retailers