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Wood: Innovations make category ripe for recovery

Direct print cork was all the rage this year, and leading the charge was Amorim. Michael Bennett, right, CEO, and Tim Tompkins, national marketing director, highlight the technology’s capabilities.

Highlights include digital printing, distressed, new strand woven and exotic concepts

By Matthew Spieler

Volume 26/Number 19; February 4/11, 2013

Wood flooring may have been one of the hardest hit categories when the housing and financial markets collapsed, but anyone walking this year’s Surfaces show floor would have been hard pressed to find any signs of a beaten industry. Rather, exhibitors of all sizes came out swinging for the fences with an array of styles and performance attributes to satisfy even the most demanding end users.

On the style side, mills displayed visuals that until now could not be achieved. But thanks to advances in technology, such as direct printing, cork suppliers are now able to offer products that no longer resemble cork but rather marble and tile as well as other types of traditional wood looks. Other visuals took advantage of distressed techniques to give the final product a worn, reclaimed look, such as wood salvaged from an old barn, while others simply took actual reclaimed wood and turned it into unique types of flooring. Continue reading Wood: Innovations make category ripe for recovery

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Salesmaster teams with Lefkowitz for new venture

DEER PARK, N.Y.—Salesmaster Flooring Solutions, one of the country’s leading distributors of commercial flooring products and installation supplies, is expanding into the wood business by partnering with Joel Lefkowitz, former president of Hoboken Wood Floors, at one time the industry’s largest wholesaler. Lefkowitz will serve as the president of the aptly named HW Flooring, which is being billed as an affiliate of Salesmaster. He has put together an experienced team of wood flooring veterans that includes Marty Ackerman, who was Lefkowitz’ vice president of sales at Hoboken; Ken Reilly, who most recently served as hardwood sales manager at Apollo. Continue reading Salesmaster teams with Lefkowitz for new venture

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Surfaces 2011: Hardwood blends style and performance

Although hardwood is one of the oldest categories of flooring, it never fails to evolve with consumer tastes and innovate to meet her needs. Her tastes gravitate toward softer character looks and texturing for unique and authentic visuals, while her needs are for a floor that will withstand a busy, often demanding lifestyle without the need for refinishing or touch-ups. Mills came forward this year to meet both those needs simultaneously with fashion-forward styling and finishes that promise to look as good as on the day of install through its life. Continue reading Surfaces 2011: Hardwood blends style and performance

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Industry's top selling products vary by region

Most products cross all boundaries when it comes to popularity—big screen TVs are in demand in New York as much as they are in California or Florida.

But when it comes to home decorating items like flooring, where a person lives in the U.S. plays a major role not only on the types of products bought but the particular styles used to spruce up the home. For example, houses in the Northeast are often decorated in more traditional looks while those in the Southwest incorporate more of the region’s Native American heritage in their decors. Continue reading Industry's top selling products vary by region