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Optimism abounds as serious buyers drive traffic, sales

by Louis Iannaco

Orlando, Fla.—Coverings, the nation’s largest ceramic tile and natural stone show, returned to its roots here from April 17 to 20 as more than 800 exhibitors strutted their stuff for the entire A&D community and more to see.

Things seemed to be looking up as reactions from most participants surveyed were very positive. Toward the end of the four-day event, Karin Fendrich, COO of National Trade Productions (NTP), the company that runs Coverings, said the show had exceeded expectations. “We had set a goal for sales a year ago that we would see some growth, particularly over what we did last year in Las Vegas, and we hit our goal.” Continue reading Optimism abounds as serious buyers drive traffic, sales

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800+ exhibitors will bring stand-out goods to Coverings

by Emily J. Cappiello

Coverings 2012 will be bursting at the seams as more than 800 exhibitors from around the world show off the latest and greatest in tile. New inkjet products, eco-friendly offerings and new accessory pieces will be on display as retailers and distributors gear up for the selling year ahead. The following are some of the companies and their launches along with those from the Italian and Spanish pavilions, which were highlighted in the April 2/9 issue of Floor Covering News: Continue reading 800+ exhibitors will bring stand-out goods to Coverings

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Apavisa launches App

Porcelain manufacturer Apavisa has launched a new app that is now available in the Apple Store. The Apavisa app for iPad is focused to help architects, interior designers and individuals. With this application it is now easier to choose the most suitable material for each project. Leaving aside the traditional paper catalog for work in an interactive and eco-friendly way. Continue reading Apavisa launches App

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Coverings 2011 attracts world’s most innovative products

Las Vegas—This year’s edition of Coverings showcased an impressive array of tiles with innovative sizes, shapes, textures and designs. The March 21/28 issue of FCNews covered some of the major domestic tile producers and their offerings. In this issue, it’s all about the best Italy and Spain had to offer.

In line with current industry trends, Italian tile companies introduced a number of wood and stone looks that were as convincing as ever with many manufacturers using digital printing techniques. Others continue to play with the concept and introduced tiles with unnatural or colorful hues and varying “process techniques,” such as saw-cut wood or cross cut and vein cut stone used side by side. Continue reading Coverings 2011 attracts world’s most innovative products