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Amorim cork showcased at the Victoria and Albert Museum

AmorimMozelos, Portugal—Corticeira Amorim and FAT – Fashion Architecture Taste, the London- based practice, joined for the first time at the London Design Festival, which ran between Sept. 14 and Sept. 22, as cork from Portugal was showcased again at the international event. This innovative project, just recently unveiled in London, was developed from a natural cork floor covering. The final result was seen on a bridge over the V&A’s Medieval and Renaissance Galleries, the event’s main venue. Continue reading Amorim cork showcased at the Victoria and Albert Museum

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Wood: Innovations make category ripe for recovery

Direct print cork was all the rage this year, and leading the charge was Amorim. Michael Bennett, right, CEO, and Tim Tompkins, national marketing director, highlight the technology’s capabilities.

Highlights include digital printing, distressed, new strand woven and exotic concepts

By Matthew Spieler

Volume 26/Number 19; February 4/11, 2013

Wood flooring may have been one of the hardest hit categories when the housing and financial markets collapsed, but anyone walking this year’s Surfaces show floor would have been hard pressed to find any signs of a beaten industry. Rather, exhibitors of all sizes came out swinging for the fences with an array of styles and performance attributes to satisfy even the most demanding end users.

On the style side, mills displayed visuals that until now could not be achieved. But thanks to advances in technology, such as direct printing, cork suppliers are now able to offer products that no longer resemble cork but rather marble and tile as well as other types of traditional wood looks. Other visuals took advantage of distressed techniques to give the final product a worn, reclaimed look, such as wood salvaged from an old barn, while others simply took actual reclaimed wood and turned it into unique types of flooring. Continue reading Wood: Innovations make category ripe for recovery

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Domotex sees surge in growth

Upbeat attitude seen throughout exhibit halls

Hannover, Germany—While the world’s economy may not be what it was five years ago, there are numerous signs pointing to better days ahead. For the flooring industry, trade shows are a key indicator of what people expect for the coming year. So when a reported 45,000 people attended Domotex Hannover 2012, a 12% increase over last year, it had officials elated. Continue reading Domotex sees surge in growth

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Underlayments: Green by every definition

With ever growing discern, consumers are asking for green flooring products and manufacturers have answered with environmentally responsible solutions. The next step, however, should be giving her a totally green system, right down to the underlayment.

In today’s market, that is not a difficult request to meet. Whatever you or your customer accept as green attributes, there are multiple options available. Continue reading Underlayments: Green by every definition

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APCOR launches cork mobile showroom

NEW YORK—The Portuguese Cork Association (APCOR) kicked off its 16-city road show Sept. 1 in New York City with the goal of educating consumers about the different styles, varieties and benefits of Portuguese cork flooring. The promotion will last 10 months.

The Décor(k) Tour will feature a 53 foot-long mobile showroom designed by “Divine Design” host Candice Olson, one of North America’s leading interior designers. Inside the showroom, visitors will be able to experience cork flooring’s comfort, resiliency and range of aesthetics while viewing different room layouts and flooring applications designed by Olson. Additional displays allow visitors to see how cork stands up to moisture, heavy foot traffic and allergens, providing users with durable, comfortable flooring that can last for years. Continue reading APCOR launches cork mobile showroom

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Retailers find profits popping with cork

Cork, in addition to being an environmentally friendly product, is quite popular right now. While it has been around for decades, in recent years applications for the product Torly's cork flooringhave soared, as have sales. How are retailers selling cork these days? The key seems to be education—not only about its green story but also its benefits once installed.

“In today’s marketplace those who are looking for a floor are looking for a product that is kind to the environment and/or provides a value,” said Ann Wicander, president of WE Cork. “Nobody disputes the green factor of cork, but often the value is not recognized. What floor provides the durability of hard surface, quiet and comfort underfoot, and thermal insulation while being hypoallergenic, anti-static and beautiful? Only cork flooring can tout those characteristics.” Continue reading Retailers find profits popping with cork