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Ardex introduces S 28 Microtec super-format tile mortar

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 10.55.58 AMAliquippa, Pa.—Ardex Americas’ S 28 Microtec rapid-set, rapid-dry, super-format tile and uncoupling membrane mortar is now available for purchase at Ardex distributors throughout North America.

Formulated with Ardex proprietary self-drying technology, Ardex S 28 is fully dry in just four hours when installing even the largest, most dense tiles. Suitable for interior use, Ardex S 28 is a high-performance rapid setting and drying, thin to medium bed mortar with a unique semi-pourable consistency for ease of application and a much easier ability to obtain full coverage when installing large and super format tile.

Ardex S 28 is highly flexible with virtually no shrinkage and delivers an unmatched open time for a rapid set mortar (45 minutes). Its semi-pourable consistency also makes Ardex S 28 the perfect choice for installing Ardex Flexbone uncoupling membranes and most other uncoupling membranes.

“We’re excited to be releasing Ardex S 28, because of its unique self-drying technology, semi-pourable consistency and revolutionary open time of 45 minutes,” said Russ Gaetano, marketing manager, tile & stone installation systems, Ardex. “There simply isn’t another product like this on the market. We feel that this product will become an industry benchmark.”

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DriTac’s Easy Clean usable over cutback adhesive

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 3.08.42 PMClifton, N.J.—DriTac Flooring Products’ Easy Clean “Green” MS Polymer Adhesive can now be utilized to isolate old cutback adhesive residue for hardwood flooring installations.

Specialized formula design enhancements now enable this multi-functional, eco-friendly wood flooring adhesive to consolidate subfloor preparation and allow for a faster hardwood flooring installation process. It generates time and cost savings by eliminating the need to skim-coat or patch over the top of cutback adhesive residue.

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"Green" pressure-sensitive flooring adhesive: VersaStick

Suitable for use on subfloors and against floor being laid

Norfolk Neb.—MP Global Products, a manufacturer of fiber acoustic underlayments, introduces VersaStick premium “green” pressure sensitive flooring adhesive for luxury vinyl tile/plank and multi-ply engineered plank hardwood flooring over approved substrates. Continue reading "Green" pressure-sensitive flooring adhesive: VersaStick

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ATSM D7799: Carpet adhesives get national testing standard

Hicksville, N.Y.—For the first time since glue was used to install carpet, a national testing standard has been developed by ASTM International.

Known as ASTM D7799, or the Specification for Tufted and Woven Broadloom Carpet Adhesives Without Homogenous PVC or Non-PVC Backings, it establishes minimum requirements for adhesives used when adhering carpet “directly, and permanently, to a structurally sound and recommended substrate.” Continue reading ATSM D7799: Carpet adhesives get national testing standard

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Education, technology combat moisture challenges

Identifying problems key to finding solutions

by Louis Iannaco

With the advent of fast track building, structures and facilities are erected quicker than ever before, but the age-old problem of concrete moisture remains just that—a problem. Adhesive companies are addressing moisture issues, both in new and existing structures, with education and new technology leading the way. Continue reading Education, technology combat moisture challenges

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Johnsonite introduces glueless flooring system

Chagrin Falls, Ohio– To offer designers, installers and building owners greater flexibility, speed, sustainability and return on investment, Johnsonite, the commercial arm of the Tarkett company, introduced its new SlideLock glueless flooring system. This unique system installs easily and does not require adhesive, so tiles can be removed and used over and over again. SlideLock can be a temporary or permanent solution for many commercial applications and can be repurposed for other locations, returned to Johnsonite for reprocessing or even donated to a charitable organization at the end of use. Continue reading Johnsonite introduces glueless flooring system

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MusselBound launches peel and stick adhesive line

BostonMusselBound, an innovative manufacturer of adhesives and sealants for demanding applications, announces the launch of a new line of peel and stick adhesives membranes for setting tile.

MusselBound tile adhesive membrane, powered by Tri-Elastomer Technology, is a double-sided, high-performance, PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) specifically designed and tested to set, re-position, and permanently adhere all types of tile including; ceramic, stone, porcelain, glass, and marble.  MusselBound is a 100% solids, no-VOC, visco-elastic adhesive designed to provide a faster, easier, and more economical installation method for interior wall tile projects. Continue reading MusselBound launches peel and stick adhesive line

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Taylor introduces Meta-Tec MS-Plus Resilient MBA (Moisture Barrier Adhesive) for Resilient Flooring

Capitalizing on the success of Taylor’s Meta-Tec MS-Plus Advance Wood Flooring Adhesive in replacing archaic urethane adhesives, Taylor now introduces Meta-Tec MS-Plus Resilient MBA, a true environmentally safe 100% solids solvent & isocyanate free one component modified silane polymer moisture barrier adhesive to replace twopart urethanes and epoxies in the resilient flooring market. MS-Plus Resilient MBA is designed to install a broad range of vinyl, rubber, fiberglass and polyolefin backed resilient flooring products, as well as recycled content products, over both porous and non-porous surfaces. Continue reading Taylor introduces Meta-Tec MS-Plus Resilient MBA (Moisture Barrier Adhesive) for Resilient Flooring

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Innovative, resilient solutions in glue are here

Back in the day, flooring adhesives were, well, were adhesives for flooring. The offerings in this segment were just as broad as the floorings available; basically, glue for carpet and the rest, with not much emphasis on the rest.

Nowadays, in the modern age of specialization—not unlike how in baseball relief pitchers have evolved into closers, seventh- and eighth-inning men, left-handed relief specialists (who usually face only one batter), and middle relief/spot starters—adhesives are produced specifically for each flooring segment on the market. Continue reading Innovative, resilient solutions in glue are here